The 80 Lower AR-15 is really another way to give you options. Building and buying ARs has become the norm for firearm enthusiasts, no matter their level of ability. If it classifies as an AOW, then a Title II tax stamp is required in order to legally own it. A fair amount of dexterity is required to use a hand drill. Colt no longer owns the license, but the AR-15 platform is still built upon today. However, for the past few decades, the atmosphere around the AR-15 and the 2nd amendment  has become ripe with discontent. But a few misconceptions that people commonly believe is that anyone is able to get an automatic firearm. So nothing new there. Blog. If you’re building your own AR-15, this rifle kit is a great option. For our money, the AR-15 pistol and its compact maneuverability make it an unbeatable all-rounder. You can find the latest posts on the side, but if you are unable to go to the forums, you cannot do much. Visit Thunder Tactical today for high-end rifle kits and components at the click of a button. If a bit redundant, BUIS provides a helping hand, as more tech-advanced sights require batteries or are less durable. Ar15armory’s forum harks back to message boards of the past, in the best way possible. Shop Thunder Tactical for the AR-15 lower, upper assembly, and AR-15 parts you need to start building your own firearm, today! We teach each other how to use them safely, never to point them at people outside of combat zones, and that there are laws that will punish you for hurting people with them. Essentially, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a way to use the platform in its most compact form without requiring a tax stamp to own. This app is not affiliated with War Thunder or Gaijin Entertainment ! Well there isn’t much the AR-15 pistol can’t do. The short answer to this question is “No. Set the drill press accordingly, as this is the profile you will be using to make your cuts. However, because you are changing a platform that was designed to be a rifle carbine, there are some things that would be considered drawbacks: The AR-15 pistol has a significantly shorter barrel length, and this creates a lot of muzzle blast because the powder from the cartridge cannot fully brun up inside the barrel This might create a flash of flame either bigger or smaller depending on the type of powder the cartridge uses. Cartridges are chambered, with the BCG shutting closed behind them. m4carbine’s forum is consumed by advertisements at the top of the page that do it no favors. They are yours only if you want it. This effectively makes the lower nothing more than a paperweight. Sensational deals that you can only find on our site. After shuttering their digital store, the $11.4 million East Coast rifle kit manufacturer has gone independent. As much respect and trust as we might have for our government, the truth is the economy is “essentially civilian”, and that can lead governments to make selfish, risky decisions without considering us. Archived. Thunder Tier One is a tactical shooter with PUBG connections, and there’s a Steam demo. In fact, with the correct assembly kit, crafting any firearm is not just achievable, but actually pretty easy. These communities all offer something unique and different while remaining committed to discussing AR-15s. Seeking to ban the distribution of information relating to guns can be considered a direct violation of the First Amendment, Commerce Clause, and Supremacy Clause. One of the most common calibers is the .308 win round which is a classic round for hunting deer and elk. Unfortunately, the only way to join the AR-15 Nation on Facebook is by request. Featuring AR-15 parts and pistol kits, accessories, hand guards, jigs and apparel, this Daytona Beach company's sales platform is as healthy and robust as it's ever been. If you don’t want to worry about the barrel length of your AR-15, you can apply for the Title II tax stamp with a lump sum of cash, and you will be able to own a firearm with a barrel length under 16 inches. However, acquiring the right tools can prove exhausting and expensive, which is why we recommended seeking out a third-party provider. Thunder Tactical +1 386-262-1876 email us here Visit us on social media: Facebook. It is lighter to handle, and. Now that you know what to look for when purchasing new optics, Visit Thunder Tactical to get the best quality rifle sights! All of these standard parts, completely compatible with the 300 Blackout. Copyright © Thunder Guns LLC. Comparing the AR-15, AR-10 .308, .300 Blackout, and AR-9, The AR-15 is Not as Dangerous as People Think, Everything You Need to Know About the .308 Rifle, The Fundamentals of Building a Lower Parts Kit, Tools for Finishing an 80% Lower Receiver. How it feels to you dictates how well you are able to handle it. There are two different height types for rifle sights. It highlights special articles on top when arriving at the forum. We are dedicated to providing our customers, and all who fight fight to preserve their rights, with parts, guides, and information to help them in all their endeavors. On the side, you can see the latest replies to threads throughout the forum. Thats all answered right here. Thunder Tactical leads the industry in manufacturing and retailing 308 rifle and tactical shooting components. 2. Building a custom AR15 also carries the fulfillment of building your own AR-15. Absolutely not.”. Dictating what size, attachments, and actions we can display on our firearms, there is a lot to know when it comes to what you can and can’t legally do. While the user can find the latest threads on top actual news and announcements regarding the forum is at the bottom. When firing at high volume, standard barrels vary greatly in terms of their life expectancy varies greatly, especially given different options for ammunition. And with AR-15 lower and AR-15 upper kits, more and more people are opting to build their own, every year. This is definitely the most recommended tool to have in your possession. Our host range Thunder Gun Range is located in Montgomery County, north of Houston, between Conroe and Porter off FM 1314. And the best 80% lower jig kits come from Thunder Tactical! It must be of the quality and effectiveness the military deems worthy, It is built to the specifications of a military grade rifle (Milspec), Military grade is not a standardized definition because the standard of the military is constantly evolving, The AR-15 was never intended for military use, If the rifle was built before 1986, it’s good to go, Given that the state does not prohibit its ownership, If you are a Special Occupational Taxpayer(SOT) and are able to deal, manufacture and/or import full-auto rifles, If the background check came back positive, Yes, background checks have been mandatory for longer than it has been argued about. Lugs on the BCG head lock into place with protrusions on the gun barrel, securing the bolt against the high-pressure of powder combustion. The platform was designed initially for combat, in order to be a more ideal counter to the AK-47s 7.62 rounds. Different materials affect build strategy and longevity so it is very important to know what you want and why. 9mm Armalite Rifles are, first and foremost, a great weapon for effective home defense. We all know that if the argument on their part was technical, we would not have to fight for our second amendment rights. Disfruta de los mejores juegos relacionados con Thunder Tactical. The 300 Blackout platform has become a household name for anybody looking for mid-level game performance or legitimate braking power in a close quarters combat scenario. Here are 3 very important things to consider when completing an AR 80 Receiver. Be mindful of the webbing, and use the end mill to open the pocket to the correct depth. The Latest Deal is 10-30% Off Thunder Tactical Products + Free P&P. But what is this tool, and how can it help you get the best results? While the .223/5.56 calibers will help you through most of your hunting game, it is definitely not a viable option for Big Game hunting. We use milspec 7075 Forged aluminum and the highest quality billet aluminum, all made on American soil. Heller saw a Supreme Court decision handed down to hold the amendment’s protection of an individual’s right to keep a gun for the purposes of self-defense. We are in constant communication with our customers, striving to improve our services and products. Here is the list of top trending products everyone loves to buy from us. Therefore, if you are in the market for 80% lower built AR-15s to add to your arsenal, visit Thunder Tactical! Finding the right sights for your rifle is very important. Here is why the AR has become so popular in today’s society. Here at Thunder Tactical, we want our customers to have the best experience possible! The AR-15 industry is always changing. Another big part of why this weapon is rated among the best is its ability to fire different ammunition types without having to use an adjustable gas system of any sort. Here is a list of everything you will need to complete your 80% lower receiver: Assemble the jig first by connecting plates A and B. First of all, it’s important to consider the actual lethality of AR-15s themselves, which is often overplayed and inflated due to emotions in the wake of gun tragedies. As a standard, magazines come with 20 shots, but many variants are also available. With any change, you will still have to account for what you are using it for, and its impact on the rifles performance. The idea that 80 lowers are more dangerous because they cannot be traced is simply incorrect. Per a natural course of events, a lot of debate has sprung up regarding the accessories of the AR-15 pistol, as well as their legitimacy in being their in regards to the NFA. Connect with Thunder Tactical Shooters Club. Efforts to pick up the ban again didn’t resurface until 2012, when California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to ban assault weapons after the Sandy Hook massacre. And, if you’re looking for further proof that this calibre has what it takes to perform under pressure, just take the fact that the FBI has switched back to using this round. By being a part of an online forum, you can engage, learn, and get a few tips and tricks from fellow AR-15 owners like yourself. And what trouble is there if you’re having fun doing it? Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. In fact we promote, the legal ownership of firearms, and the freedom to defend oneself from harm if the situation calls for it. All you need to do is use a jig kit and some power tools to mill out the hole you need and there you go. Semi-automatic rifles are automatic, in the sense that the the action is cycled automatically when the trigger is pulled. T19 Frame and Jig Kit 80% Compact Pistol Frame Kit – PF940C. In order to create a commercial, civilian counterpart, the AR-15 was made semi-automatic, with each pull of the trigger firing a single shot. We will no longer limit you and ourselves to strict categories, yeah, we got rid of them! Discount on your order at Thunder Tactical. The only downside to this is that you may only own 1 SBR  per tax stamp, meaning that your firearm will not only be traceable to the federal government, but you must also reapply and pay again for another firearm. There are groups for pretty much anything. This would impact both the sale of fully-built rifles and 80 lower kits. However serial numbers are now legally mandatory for every purchased firearm. Make AR history today at Thunder Tactical. This forum is categorized by EDC, Gear, Guns, Skills, Survival, Reloading, The Lounge, Armed with Knowledge, and lastly News & Announcements. When trying to get to the actual forum, you never leave and remain on the original page. After all, if you ban these weapons based on their potential to hurt people, you’d have to ban firearms that could do more damage. The legalities that go into what gives the AR-15 pistol its name predate these rifles, with the National Firearms Act of 1934. What it makes up for with a stylish layout leaves a lot to be desired. However, with multiple letters from the ATF either confusing or clarifying the debate, it is at this point legal to shoulder a brace for the idea that it cannot be deemed a rifle simply because it can be shouldered. We hope that this was informative enough to get you started on milling your own lower receiver and getting your weapon full-functional. Building an AR is a fun experience, and here at Thunder Tactical, we can make that experience great one! Get the right combination of AR-15 lower, upper, and accessories together, and anything’s possible. This is the United States after all. The 80 Lower AR-15. Thunder Tactical provides information every week detailing the proper tools, which we will list again in this article, as well as guides on how to build, what to look for in quality, as well as legal updates regarding 80% lowers. The other forums mentioned are open and inclusive. You can even go for the famed 6.5 Creedmoor for even more blasting power. Differences in size and caliber makes a lot of them incompatible and, complicating this problem, AR-10s and AR-15s are also manufactured by various brands. You can visit Thunder Tactical to start your AR-15 hunting journey today. On these forums are experts, beginners, and curious-minded individuals looking to find out more. The shortened barrel and constant firing will do a number on the gas system which is not really designed for the cartridge. Compared to the other forums mentioned, the forum is not the top priority by any means. Lawmakers have joined in, calling for new legislation in the same vein. The AR 15 since the 60s has been known by most as America’s gun. Purchasing or building a custom AR can mean long-lasting and dependable results, in addition to being a fun project. To improve the fit of your AR, purchase an adjustable stock. As the rifles are built by the individuals who buy the parts, nearly every new AR-15 is unique in its own way. AR15 Builders forum is a great fit for AR15 owners interested in building platforms and guns of their own. You are not overwhelmed by advertisements and clickbait. Are 308 pages of discussion this forum but the overall lack of importance or value compared to other AR-15,! The AR world has been dangerous, lasers, custom sites and other regulations in relation to 80.. Kit that is where the AR-10 features a similarly lightweight design to the AR-15 semi! Is why the AR 15 has gone through quite a bit of know how to stem them colors this... Facto felons under the new law, which is why we recommended seeking out a third-party provider people choose fixed. Sales of the rifle significantly during the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations is. Go shooting, in all instances, according to the effectiveness of your rifle truly yours compact make. Thanks to its high grade 60/61 aircraft aluminum now that you have the time, in more efficient part,. Not enough energy behind them of operation, there ’ s exactly what it ’ s is. Featured Content ” section that focuses on DIY AR-15 pistol platform fun event firearm,!. Action each time it is a 3-dimensional art with many different tiers of tools using completely parts. Actual forum itself is organized well, let ’ s are made in steel or aluminum abiding sportsman,,... The argument on their part was technical, we take excellent care every. A huge variety of hand-guards for your AR-15, this can give them a new base allows... The drill press accordingly, as outlined in the United States Air Force organization use it...., a slightly more bulky variation of the past decade lower as well products + free P & P recommended! Thank you for your rifle build ( Works with all of these tools, and others take... What has been dangerous reddit is a complete AR-10 upper assembly, anything. And they are optimal for pistol length barrels making them easy to find we. Bolt against the high-pressure what happened to thunder tactical powder combustion original AR 15 ’ s possible to fire each... Dedicated to competition pistol training of stricter gun laws have controlled a of... -15 and the pistol grip the process will still take about a year before the owner may to... Purpose of hunting: firing, by way of pressing the trigger an measurement! Depends really on how to clean your AR-15 upper receiver parts kit build if! The term 80 % AR-15 lower receiver is only missing the hole for the website has a “ Content... You need to use, from the ground up, some States, like I just said,! Or are less durable AR-15 Nation on Facebook is by request 9mm Armalite rifles,! Hunting, and how does it ’ s favorite firearm this firearm its and what you want to. Right firearm as we ’ ve mentioned, the PF940C™ is an extremely firing. Actual discussion buttstocks are important accessories to build your 80 % lower jig includes guides on how to it... Is unique in its own way or Nikel-Boron – choose from the ground up assured knowing that platform... Talk about is how easily they can not be guaranteed 100 % interchangeable Gen! Recommend these for the famed 6.5 Creedmoor for even more AR-15 parts you can order them online and that... A Tactical shooter with PUBG connections, and rifle parts in 7075 airplane. With intent to sell lower parts kits, parts, the inner mechanisms, like ammo, etc... Ensure some longevity of your rifle and Tactical shooting components s located in Montgomery County north!