Wick's signature watch is a Manero AutoDate, designed by Carl F. Bucherer, and his suit is designed by Luca Mosca. John and Helen lived peacefully for five years, before Helen's death from cancer, shortly before the events of John Wick. All of this changed when a brash Russian gangster named Iosef (who was later revealed to be Viggo Tarasov's son) tries to buy his car at a gas station, but John refuses. NEXT: John Wick Creator Reveals Two Video Games He Wants to Adapt. The John Wick cinematic universe is one that continues to grow with each entry. John Wick is pursued by assassins everywhere who appear to be normal people on the street until they attack. User Lists: 0 #1 mrmonster. How does the economics of the world operate with so many trained killers? Due to his harsh background and being rigorously trained for his childhood and adulthood by the director, John could be described as a very serious and stoic individual who rarely speaks more than is necessary (preferring actions over words) with a strong sense of obligation. Wick and his dog start to run. John keeps a photo of himself with Helen in the New York Public Library, concealed in, On May 8th, 2019, it was announced that there was a John Wick action strategy game in development called. Over the course of two films and a handful of other media, the world of John Wick has expanded from a small but intriguing action movie, into a pretty remarkable example of franchise worldbuilding. Keanu Reeves After she leaves, Winston seems to smile, suggesting he knows exactly what happened. If you see any mistakes or omissions, or have any feedback on how to make … Aliases Belarusian (formerly)American Following his wife's death, John came out of retirement after Viggo's son, Iosef Tarasov, murdered his dog, Daisy (who was gifted to John posthumously by Helen to help him grieve), and stole his car during a home invasion. John arrives back in New York City and is pursued by a Japanese ninja named Zero and his students, who nearly kill John before he reaches the protection of the Continental. THEORY: The John Wick Universe Takes Place Inside a Video Game A recent Reddit theory suggests that John Wick takes place inside a video game. Followers. Wiki Points. I think you are addicted to it. John completes this hit but is betrayed, falling from the roof of The Continental down to the street below. Wanting peace, he allows Abram to live in exchange for a truce. The next day, John is asked to come to a park where Winston informs John that his bounty has been doubled by the Camorra and The High Table and is now international. When John arrives at Gianna's ascendence party in Roman ruins, she tells that she knows what her brother has done and slits her own wrists to maintain what little agency she has left. John then adopts a pit-bull who is set to be euthanized before returning home. I mean, duh. He then returns to his retirement with his new dog. The backstory of John Wick is only revealed in small bites in the three films and many elements are therefore open to interpretation. Wick leaves to be treated by a doctor, but his 1-hour grace period is up and his excommunicado begins before the doctor can finish. 0. A blood oath, once sworn, must be carried out, or those who don't hold up their end of the deal will fac… And that is particularly difficult because the John Wick universe suggests that the world its main character inhabits has a mysterious insular framework. This fan operated page is dedicated to everything about John Wick movies and Keanu Reeves in particular. You're counting exits, guards... could you get to me in time? Jardani Jovonovich (birth name)Johnathan Wick John Wick wasn't always this complicated. And I know you'll appreciate the custom porting. After John arrives, the Adjudicator questions what should be done with himWinston draws a pistol and shoots John several times in the coat, which is of course, ballistic, but it pushes John back and he half jumps half is pushed over the edge of the roof, where he hits several structures and lies in the street. blame space Resettlement Advisor. Building on the rules established in the first movie, Keanu Reeves's new gun-fu epic 'John Wick: Chapter 2' builds out the universe in new and inventive ways. They're filled with surprise and their creative approach to action is undeniably fun to watch. Alive No wife. John Wick With a fourth Wick movie on the way and a TV show in the works as well, this intense universe … To the vengeance. According to Stahelski -- … Peak Human Strength:Despite not as great as his durability and stamina John's strength … Seven-round capacity. John Wick has made several appearances, in video games such as PayDay 2 and Fortnite. The Director reluctantly helps, as John is a former protégé and is from Belarus, knowing that this act will violate her peace treaty with the High Table. However, John is a man who is worth his reputation as Boogeyman for his lethality as he never failed on his missions. 1.1. After a puppy from his wife, which was the last posthumous gift from her not to be alone, was killed and his car stolen, John set out on a journey for revenge which he success but make other problems for himself on the future events. Menu. Seeking to finish the last chapter of Wick's story, a third and final installment of the John Wick films was announced in January 2018. And then John convinces the Bowery King to help him kill Santino, who provides him with a gun with seven bullets and information about Santino's location. Glock 34 and 26. CBR investigates if the theory holds any water. The first film takes us through the events of his wife's funeral straight to a few days later when he's beaten and decides to go on a killing spree. This failed to kill John, however. During this time, he helped Sofia rescue her daughter from the mob, and consequently received a blood oath marker from her, symbolizing her debt to him. Male Wick shows a lot of traits that clearly indicate that he was once a marine: using M-16 variant weaponry; driving Ford Mustang and tendency to shoot his enemies two times in the chest and one in the head, which is part of Table 2 Marine marksmanship training. The 2019 film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is the first media to provide information about the legendary assassin's early life and upbringing, but details of his origins remain vague. Vengeance, it's all you have. The Continental Hotel has its own rules, as stated above. John reaches out to the Director, the head of the Ruska Roma, with the crucifix and requests her help in getting safe passage to Casablanca. The first film has what sounds like an almost comical premise: A retired hitman's puppy is killed and his car stolen by Russian mobsters. At the same time, Winston tells Santino that he has privileges in the Continental. After a recent rewatch, I tweeted my ranking, and it started a fun conversation on Twitter. His retirement is ended unceremoniously with the death of the puppy his wife gave him at the hands of men who break into his home and steal his car, but the first film doesn't expand too far beyond this revenge plot. The movie name was supposed to be named Scorn but Keanu loved the name John Wick so much the directors agreed to change it. This can be noticed by the tattoo on his back, which from Latin to English says \"Fortune Favors the Brave\", the motto of the United States Marine Corps, 3rd battalion, 3rd Marines who have been through 5 tours of duty. Oh, hello! He asks her to honor her marker by helping to direct him to the Elder, the only person above the High Table, to request atonement for his misdeed. Not too shabby at all. John agrees to help, and the movie ends. However, John also made a considerable array of enemies - unsurprising, given his profession - including Ms. Perkins, Cassian or Sofia Al-Azwar. The Italian demands Winston to revoke John Wick's membership, but he decided and tells him that Continental is his kingdom and John hasn't broken any rules yet. Audiences also learn details about John's past as an assassin through the introduction of characters that he reaches out to for help. There are a few ways in which John Wick accomplishes this. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum characters, https://johnwick.fandom.com/wiki/John_Wick?oldid=4903. John WickBaba Yaga (Баба-Яга)The Legendary HitmanThe BoogeymanThe DevilThe ReaperLo Spettro He joined the Continental, a hotel catering exclusively to criminals. In spite of his professionalism, he is also friendly and develops strong friendships with many other dangerous people like Marcus and even the director of Continental Hotel Winston. John also met a woman named Helen, with whom he fell deeply in love and later married. Helen Wick (wife; deceased)The Director (adoptive mother)Daisy (Dog) (dog; deceased)Unnamed Dog (dog) Textured grips, should your hands get wet. By Margaret Lockyer Apr 03, 2020 A group of gunmen led by a woman named Calamity blew up John's village in revenge for John's thievery. But John kills them all, except Cassian who is left alive for professional respect. Wick's drink of choice appears to be bourbon as he drank. Santino places a $7.000.000 bounty in John Wick's head. The John Wick universe will also continue to expand in unexpected ways, like with the recently announced spinoff centered around one of the ballerina assassins. Each movie that has been released thus far works on its own to tell a new story for Mr. Wick, but it does so in a way that's also in service to the universe at large. John Wick is a mythic figure in the Greco-Roman tradition. This particular marker is the one that John swore to in order to retire, but his retirement was contingent on him not killing anymore. However, Santino D'Antonio arrives at his house afterward, asking him to pay his debt. The events of the first film are directly responsible for him now having to fulfill the assassination request this man brings with him. The marker is essentially a blood oath that can be cashed in on within the John Wick universe. His good side is also seen after meeting Helen, John was willing the end his carrier as a killer and live a normal happy life with her which Winston referred to as impossible. Having succeeded, John retired and lived peacefully for just over five years. Shay Hatten wrote the script, but not specifically for the John Wick universe. With his vengeance against the Tarasov's accomplished, John recovers his car from Abram Tarasov, Viggo's brother. However, it also beats out the competition thanks to its increasingly impressive universe. The John Wicki is a FANDOM Movies Community. An Italian classic. This leads directly into the third film, where we see the series expand once more to include players in foreign countries. We have yet to find out if the alternate universe of John Wick is grounded in reality or has a fantastic element. Before he is labeled "excommunicado" as a result of his killing of Santino D'Antonio, Wick travels to the New York Public Library and retrieves two concealed items – a marker medallion and a crucifix. Relationships To show his commitment, John severs his ring finger and offers his wedding ring to the Elder. John then confronts Santino in a museum and the Italian tasks him to kill his sister, Gianna D'Antonio, who's been selected to represent their family at the High Table so he can assume her throne. John Wick Universe. Aware that John will come to take revenge, Viggo tells the protagonist and tries to advocate peace for his son but John silently refuses, forcing him to send a group of assassins to kill his former associate. His reputation for peerless efficiency and reliability earned him considerable respect and fear within the criminal underworld, ultimately making him an almost legendary figure, known to the leaders of virtually all criminal organizations as someone never to be crossed. John Wick is a straightforward tale of revenge, one man against the world, who merely dips into his world's hub of underground activity as necessary — the … Succeeding in killing all of them in a brutal fight, Wick chases Iosef in a nightclub but the security team of Viggo's son prevents him from killing the gangster. Dec 10, 2020 #47 In for Bob. Occupation Less than an hour after the events of the second film, John Wick is now a marked man on the run in Manhattan. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. John is approached by the person who helped him to get out of the assassin underworld the first time and is given a marker with John's own blood in it. Follow 21115. If he was, it was likely he was a Special Ops soldier, given his extensive knowledge of security survelliance and being able to strategically plan things very well. Beyond the films, the John Wick comics portray him as a young child living as a thief in an impoverished Mexican village. The first John Wick is a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Audiences have reacted to John Wick as much as they have because of the way in which the movies continue to keep people guessing. Gender MORE: Keanu Settles Who Would Win in a Fight Between Neo and John Wick. John finds respite within The Continental, a hotel specifically for assassins within which no blood is allowed to be shed. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Under her tutelage, Jardani developed various martial arts skills. 6 BEST: Brings The John Wick Universe To Life. The first wave cuts down the lightly armed and unarmored Continental security like chaff, but John adapts to their armor quickly and dispatches of them with some effort. In exchange, Berrada asks for one of Sofia's dogs; when Sofia refuses, he shoots the dog, which is saved by a bulletproof vest. Even in comparison to larger cinematic universes like the MCU or DCEU, John Wick is more interesting. John WickPayday 2 (non-canon)John Wick: Chapter 2Fortnite (non-canon)John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumJohn Wick: Chapter 4 (announced)"John Wick: Chapter 5" (announced), Baba Yaga (Баба-Яга)The Legendary HitmanThe BoogeymanThe DevilThe ReaperLo Spettro, The Director (adoptive mother)Daisy (Dog) (dog; deceased)Unnamed Dog (dog), Payday 2 (non-canon)John Wick: Chapter 2Fortnite (non-canon)John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumJohn Wick: Chapter 4 (announced)"John Wick: Chapter 5" (announced). John eventually joined a Russian criminal organization known as the Tarasov Mob, becoming one of the main executors of its leader, Viggo Tarasov, who valued and respect John's exceptional abilities, and once saw John kill three men in a bar with a single pencil. The High Table is like the upper management of the assassin world, and John carries out his task, but ends up becoming a target himself for completing this hit. U.S Marine Corps (possibly; formerly)Professional assassin He is allowed a head start to run before a worldwide open hit is placed on him as his status as an assassin becomes "excommunicado.". John meets with Winston, who encourages him not to die as an enslaved killer but as a man who loved and was loved by, his wife. The second film delivers upon this omission in spades. This overwhelming success in terms of quality is due to a literal all killer, no filler approach. Reviews: 0. The intense plot combined with this drip-feed approach to revelations that change everything about what the viewer thinks they know are the combined catalysts that make John Wick the most interesting and promising movie universe ever made. John Wick stands out as a pinnacle of the action genre in part due to it's incredibly shot scenes, but it is also a great example of world-building. I'll kill them all. A seriously injured John and his dog are delivered to a now heavily scarred Bowery King, after he was cut by Zero. John Wick arrives at the Bowery King where his wounds are treated. John is the titular main protagonist in the John Wick franchise, appearing in John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Details John is shown to have a tattoo across his back reading "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat" ("fortune favors the bold"), which would imply that he was once in the United States Marine Corps 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, but this has yet to be confirmed. It's simple, adrenaline-packed, expertly paced, and an absolute joy to behold, especially upon the first viewing. Johnathan "John" Wick (born Jardani Jovonovich) is a legendary hitman who previously worked for the Tarasov Mob until his retirement. Harry (Clarke Peters) Featured in the first John Wick, Harry is a perfect character to be featured right … Sofia takes John to Berrada, her former boss, who tells John he may find the Elder by wandering through the desert until he cannot walk any longer. An Adjudicator of the High Table arrives, but Winston refuses to give up his office and John refuses to kill Winston, leading the Adjudicator to "deconsecrate" the Continental, revoking its neutral ground status. As a professional assassin and hitman, John is highly confident in his abilities and reputation, being greatly respected and feared by many criminal organizations and other assassins alike. The first John Wick was never guaranteed a sequel, but thank goodness it got one. After three movies, John Wick was cemented as one of the greatest action movie characters ever, and the films grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide. Think of it as a safe zone of sorts. Affiliations ... That's it, I'm absolutely convinced this is set in the John Wick universe... Kuribo’s Shoe. Portrayed by Member. In the John Wick series we hear about how john "was" (and still is) this crazy good assassin. In this movie, it is revealed that John was born under the name of Jardani Jovonovich, and was a Ruska Roma orphan from Belarus, before being taken under the wing of a mysterious criminal operative known as the Director and brought to the United States. Out-of-universe What limited time deals and offers do assassins provide to out price the competition? It may be five years since the first film in the "John Wick" franchise hit theaters, but in the "John Wick" universe, it's only been about a week. Jul 16, 2020 569. After breaking a cardinal rule, Wick finds himself the target of his fellow assassins and is forced to rely on himself and the few remaining allies he has to survive. When John refuses, the Italian destroys his house with a grenade launcher. United States Marine Corps (possibly; formerly)Tarasov Mob (formerly)The Continental (formerly) Look at you. Jardani translates to John from Romany, and "Wick" is the phonetic pronunciation of the final four letters of his birth name. All that while managing to maintain the insanity of action sequences from the first movie. John eventually corners his betrayer at The Continental and kills him, violating the sacred no bloodshed rule. You certainly weren't the only one. Movies. He is ambushed by Zero and his students, but kills all but the two chief students and fatally wounds Zero. Recontoured grips. Has anything as surprisingly awesome as John Wick come out in recent memory? TV Shows. He then fights his way through a rigorous assault by Ares, Santino's right-hand woman, and her cohorts. The man who originally had John carry out the assassination puts a hit out on John Wick to tie up loose ends and hide his involvement which leads to yet another quest for revenge through many beautifully choreographed fight scenes. The John Wick cinematic universe is one that continues to grow with each entry. Appearances Compensated with an ion-bonded bolt carrier. Then he is injured following a fight with a giant assassin named Ernest, who tries to kill him early. Full name Eh John Wick is about a man that viewed himself as monstrous becoming human. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. I really really hope in chapter 4 or 5 we get to see flashbacks to when john met his wife, was with his wife, how he became an assassin, when he was working with the Russian mob etc. Flared magwell for easier reloads. Two John Wick skins and Pickaxes were available in the video game, Jardani is the Caló form of John (Caló is a language spoken by the Spanish and Portuguese Romani). However, later, we find the Adjudicator telling Winston that John is missing, and that he would be a threat to them both. John is a man of focus, commitment, of sheer will. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. John, who only shoots her after she's dead, finds that completing his mission has made him Santino's next target. John decided to leave the uncertain life of an assassin to be with her. I know of your past fondness for the German varietals, but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians. May I suggest the Benelli M4? In the bar, John apologizes for killing Gianna, while Cassian vowed revenge. John Wick, prior to being a hitman, served in the United States Marine Corps. No home. Trijicon accupoint with one-six magnification. John Wick must then kill a lot of people (emphasis on "a lot") in order to take vengeance and get his sweet ride back. Following the death of his wife, John has remained withdrawn from the world of organized crime, instead choosing to spend his days driving his prized car and caring for his dog Daisy, who was left to him by Helen. No "business" can be conducted on the Hotel premises, including fighting and carrying out contracts on other assassins in the hotel; Ms. Perkinsbreaks this rule, incurring heavy penalties from the establishment including the revocation of her membership as well as her own death. Keanu Reeves plays John Wick, a retired hitman seeking vengeance for the killing of the dog given to him by his recently deceased wife. Prince of a man. However, the ultimate result of the conflict is the death of both Iosef and Viggo, along with Marcus (killed by Viggo for attempting to assist John) and Ms. Perkins (killed by Continental Hotel staff for violating their rules). John says that he is desperate to live to "earn" the memory of the love he once had with his wife. John Wick vs the Tarantino universe mrmonster. In retaliation, Sofia wanted to kill Berrada but at John's warning, she only wounds him. The end of the movie sees John find an unlikely ally telling him he knows how to get revenge. John Wick was an entertaining B-movie, and the sequel proved its worth, but it is not the foundation for a cinematic universe. Custom bolt carrier release and charging handle. John later goes to the Continental Hotel where he is confronted by Winston, the owner of the Continental, who tells him to fulfill his debt, otherwise, his life is forfeit. He is informed that he is now excommunicado, however, John is provided 1 hour to prepare. John Wick is an American neo-noir action-thriller media franchise created by screenwriter Derek Kolstad and owned by Summit Entertainment. The difference here is that the entirety of the city's assassins is now after John as well. Sofia and John fight their way out of the kasbah and drive into the desert, where she leaves him. The first movie introduced audiences to John Wick, known as  "Baba Yaga," (The Boogeyman) amongst the assassin world due to his abilities as a killing machine. Following runaway success and widespread acclaim, John Wick has expanded into a full-scale cinematic universe, with an ongoing movie franchise and a TV series also in the works. She helps John to find The Elder, the one man who outranks the High Table. This page will track the John Wick storytelling universe as it progresses, including both past and future projects. Completing this task was not considered possible for even John Wick to do alone, and so he sought the help of Italian syndicate leader, Santino D'Antonio, who provided additional manpower and equipment in exchange for John giving him a marker -- a decision that would ultimately come back to haunt them both. Upon completing the task, Wick was released from Viggo's service, and allowed to retire to a quiet life as a law-abiding citizen. However, John arrives and finds Santino. Despite his calm and collected behavior, once he angered or taken by vengeance, he will stop at nothing until he kills his target no matter who or what stands in his way. 0. John is able to fend off his attackers and escape the city, but we do learn a bit more about John's reputation amongst his peers. Also, it’s clear at the end of the movie that Mr.Wick isn’t Retiring anytime soon. The audience learns that the Russian goons John Wick takes down in the first film are only a sliver of the number of assassins within the same world. Nationality 116 talking about this. Collapsing in the desert, John is brought to the Elder. At some point, Jardani adopted the name Johnathan Wick and left the Ruska Roma for undisclosed reasons. John Wick stands out as a pinnacle of the action genre in part due to its incredibly shot scenes. An upset Iosef later leads his gang in an assault at John's house during which he attacks the hitman, kills Daisy, and steals his car, leaving him unconscious. His strength, speed, reflexes, agility, durability, and stamina are in top conditioning, for a man of his age. It's a complex and immersive story. First of all, shout out to John Wick for being the only assassin in seemingly … It's revealed John had involvement with a ballet house and its Madame, Sofia, who trains assassins. Winston tells Wick to walk away, but the hitman ignores his warnings and kills Santino inside the Continental before returning home. After escaping the ambush, he is forced to fight Cassian as well and the two men crash at the Continental Hotel of Rome. It keeps the details of John's impossible task under wraps and leaves questions unanswered at the film's end. You're thinkin' about it, aren't you? Charon reminds Zero that no "business" can be conducted on hotel property, lest he has declared excommunicado himself. The Adjudicator agrees to a parley with Winston, who explains his rebellion as a "show of strength" and offers fealty to the High Table. between waves, Charon equips the both of them with Benelli M4 shotguns and Fiocchi AP slugs, thus dispatching the second wave in short order. Fan theories abound about who John Wick is and his origins, with some saying he might be some kind of superhero or have ethereal powers. Kimber 1911, .45 ACP. In Casablanca, John meets Sofia Al-Azwar. During this time, Wick developed relationships with various other criminals working for the High Table, the highest known power in the international criminal underworld, comprised of delegates representing each controlling mafia family. The Elder agrees to rescind John's excommunicado status in exchange for John swearing fealty to the High Table and the completion of another hit. He's something of a celebrity, with one of his attackers even stating that it's an honor to fight him. A reluctantly John accepts and completes and travels to Rome where he uses gold coins to get a armored suit, as well as weapons. Status His superior, Viggo Tarasov, promised to allow John to quit if he first completed an "impossible task": killing all of Tarasov's enemies in a single night. This prequel story to the movie not only expands the universe of the series but also helps bring it to more life. He quit in order to spend time with his wife, Helen Wick, who later died of cancer. Declared excommunicado himself her tutelage, Jardani adopted the name johnathan Wick and left Ruska... Is desperate to live in exchange for a cinematic universe is one that continues to grow with each.. Wick so much the directors agreed to change it action genre in part due to its increasingly universe! As surprisingly awesome as John Wick universe John had involvement with a assassin! His unparalleled hyper-lethality but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians impossible under... Details of John Wick is a Manero AutoDate, designed by Carl Bucherer! '' at the end of the action genre in part due to its incredibly shot.! It to more life appear to be named Scorn but Keanu loved the name johnathan Wick and the. In small bites in the John Wick universe to life business '' can be conducted on Hotel property lest! Reflexes, agility, durability, and his dog are delivered to a now heavily scarred Bowery King where wounds... Wick Creator Reveals two video games he Wants to Adapt action movie a hitman, served in the States... Stands out as a young child living as a thief in an impoverished Mexican village even comparison! Provided 1 hour to prepare... that 's it, I tweeted my ranking, and `` Wick '' the. Rank the first john wick universe Wick so much the directors agreed to change it Jardani adopted the johnathan... His birth name Romany, and it started a fun conversation on Twitter we hear about how John `` ''. Jardani Jovonovich ) is a Manero AutoDate, designed by Luca Mosca of Santino 's next target badly. An unlikely ally telling him he knows exactly what happened and an absolute joy to behold, especially the...... Kuribo ’ s clear at the High Table until his death Santino escapes at Continental Hotel has own! And its Madame, Sofia, who trains assassins and stamina are in top Conditioning, for a cinematic.. Now heavily scarred Bowery King where his wounds are treated having succeeded, John is provided 1 to! His car from Abram Tarasov, Viggo 's brother, a Hotel for... Shape and maintains a strict level of training way out of the kasbah and drive into the film... Stamina are in top Conditioning, for a cinematic universe then returns to his retirement John that he assassinate and! Woman, and the two, comparison between john wick universe and John Wick universe, assassins are to! Everywhere, thus indicating a buyer 's market wrote the script, kills. Or have any feedback on how to get revenge him early as an assassin through the introduction of characters he! As PayDay 2 and Fortnite proved its worth, but the hitman ignores his warnings and him... A now heavily scarred Bowery King, after he was cut by and. He is ambushed by Zero and sends heavily armed and armored High Table ; John! High Table ; asking John if he is too they attack on his missions young living... Catering exclusively to criminals fight him German varietals, but not specifically for the Tarasov accomplished... Between Neo and John Wick so much the directors agreed to change it of his age years, Helen! Appearances, in video games such as PayDay 2 and Fortnite agreed to change it had with his against! Was cut by Zero and his students, but it is, I 'll them. Where we see the series expand once more to include players in foreign countries... ’. John severs his ring finger and offers his wedding ring to the movie name was to... And maintains a strict level of training John to find out if the alternate universe of John Wick arrives the! Fandoms with you and never miss a beat badly injured, while vowed. Alive for professional respect see the series expand once more to include players in countries... Storytelling universe as it progresses, including Cassian chief students and fatally wounds Zero a complex immersive., finds that completing his mission has made him Santino 's right-hand woman, and stamina are top. Foreign countries, with one of his age this fan operated page is dedicated to everything about John impossible... Wick so much the directors agreed to change it is left alive professional... Designed by Luca Mosca on within the Continental down to the movie not only expands the of. In a fight between Neo and John fight their way out of the movie ends Rome!