Hearing the difference, which was minute when he was playing single notes but very different when actually playing it, made me hurriedly cancel the Lennon harmonica and switch to the Special 20. I like the special 20 but it dosent last as long as a Lee Oscar. Is it ok to use in your lessons or should I use a more proper type of harmonica? So I sit here, moments from watching video number 1 online (as my DVDs are a couple of weeks and a continent away) struggling to believe I will be able to play this instrument LOL. The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. Overall Lee Oskar in my opinion is the best, with the High “A” that Synde makes ranks #2l. Hohner Special 20 Shivam. If you not technically inclined and you want to go the most economical rout I recommend you try any of the following harps as the are all fantastic instruments for learning how to bend on: # Hohner Special 20 (Rated 10!) And, do you think a beginner can learn to bend the notes on a chromatic? More Picture. Check out the Special 20 and see if that helps. I’d like to play some Bob Dylan tunes with it. Instead just focus on having fun playing the harmonica. I am going to try the b flat this week. Give it a go without and see what you find out – that’s going to be the best way for anyone because what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. I guess from now on I’ll buy the special 20s though. , Hey Jodi, not sure what happened to your post, but thanks for reposting. Just a casual hobby. Emil – I’m a 52 yo woman just getting into it so I got 10 years on ya for that one So if I can do it, jump in with both feet and one for the son too – learn together – make it a tradition and then when your son grows up, you and he will have a great “reunion” when getting back together for visits when you both pull your harps out of your pockets , Oops, that should have read ‘a young son’ , question i just received your lesson bundle,have gotten thru first two videos and with the techniqes demonstrated with the tongue ,the harder i try seem worst isound.so would like to know are teeth important i have none.also having trouble with single notes and forming my mouth thanks. ckk. And good luck, Mark! Thank you for giving me the confidence to take this first step, Right on James!! I love your site, it has a lot of great tips and tricks! I am learning to bend notes. Hey JP, i am a beginner and i am planning to buy US BLUES HARMONICA FOR BEGINNERS IN C (that’s what the site says) here is d link- http://www.honkin-harmonica-shop.co.uk/us-blues-diatonic-harmonica/ Would this harmonica model be good for my initial musical training? Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2015. jp, Hawaiian Harmonica Retreat With JP Allen A musical harmonica vacation… a time for resting, relaxing - and playing a whole lot of harmonica! Thanks for your question, Jordan. The wood sounds better than plastic. I’m looking into a jambone three-pack of harmonicas They come in all lat sharp and natural keys. Select Your Cookie Preferences. So thanks for the recommendation and my apologies if my post did show up but was too much for posting. If it’s a diatonic harmonica in the key of C it will work great. I been at it maybe 3 weeks. #1 SEYDEL 1847 SILVER IS #1 OVERALL: This is my #1 favorite harmonica, but you will probably need to have it customized by a professional as explained below. I use Turbo lids on them and it makes them perform better than anything. So I went out and got a Special 20 and you’re right! Guess I’m getting okay, can bend and all that. Get yourself a Hohner Marine Band. I have been happiest with several Seydel 1847’s and Hohner Crossovers (which are worth the extra cost). I will admit that i am addicted. I regret having sent the previous CD’s back to you and now I find that it is impossible for me to order a new set as the interest rate on the Canadian $ is now 20%. Andre. I just read your message that you bought a harmonica in China Town in Chicago and fell in love with it. I found a box in my garage that contained some items from early childhood years. Sounded great out of the box but was pretty dirty. For durability my favorite harp so far is the Seydel 1847 silver its a bit more expensive but Ive been playing the crap ouy of one for over a year now and it hasnt failed yet and it sounds soo good. Hats off to “Harmonica Frank Floyd.” I’m sure he’ll be smilin’ down at you when you lose yourself in some ecstatic rhythmic harmonica groove. Later, when you wish to learn to play in the key of G, or in the key of F-sharp, the differential won’t be so great. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. With the money I save I will be able to take a holiday in Hawaii and take that jam walking the beach. You can learn in any key, I just teach my lessons in the key of C, so if you want to follow along with my lessons it would be easiest for you to have a harmonica in C. jp. I have a sweet spot in me for helping young people, so please let me know if you have any requests of me, and I’ll do my very best to support you. Good luck! jp. Why do you rate it lowest out of all the other Diatonic Harps? Can you tell me what it mean? Before giving you my humble opinion here, please be aware that there are many factors which may affect your choice (e.g., style of music, heavy breather, light breather, “over-blower”) so I’m giving you a simple response to a potentially complex subject. Can you help me out? The Lee Oskar minors sound pretty good too. I’m pretty pleased with several Special 20’s and Seydel Session steels. Just because I have all of these does not mean I have mastered what I would like to. I also love the low-tuned harmonica for chugging. Please suggest which model will be best for playing indian classical music. Harmonicas can be played in many types of musical genres. So I would say the answer is yes. Hey, really like the site. But, I cannot understand the difference between “Progressive” Special 20 and “Marine Band” Special 20. 0 comments: Post a Comment. I got hohner silver star C , it is good for beginner ? Great volume, easy out of the box bends, a tight, solid construction. I was about eleven when he taught me how to “do a freight train”, and I’m wondering if I could still do it. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Poslal bych vám nahrávku ale nevím kam ji mám vložit. It seems several months back Hohner discontinued offering the sp 20 in key of D natural minor among others for reasons unknown to me. I’ve had a Seydel 1847 Silver for four years, it’s still in tune, and plays like a champ. You could very well be overblowing Henry…that can make your notes sound thin and even squeaky. I’m advancing to where I’m able to incorporate a little bending into my playing, but I’m finding it really difficult to hit some of the notes (particularly draw 2 bend). So I have two suggestions for anyone who wants to really accelerate their progress: (1) START WITH CORE TECHNIQUES, NOT SONGS: You will benefit greatly by waiting a while before learning songs and instead focusing on developing good habits, while playing the core essential beginning-level techniques. The Jambone gets its professional sound from brass reeds that are recessed into its shell. Thanks a bunch for your articles and videos, JP!! They teethed on harps. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. I play mostly single note and would like to be able to add the blues technic..and how to bend. The only brand for me now. I agree completely with your recent recommendations. Thanks again Laurel Anne ….. What’s your take on the Fender Blues DeVille harps? But there are two versions or say models available, one is 1501BX and other is M559S. hey. This article was very helpful, although I found it too late. I actually do remember talking you you and I’m glad to hear you still going for it with the harmonica. As a side note, a lot of teachers make harmonica more difficult than it really is, so please be aware that if it’s not coming easily to you, it’s probably not your fault …make sure you find a harmoinca teacher who you like that makes it easy for you. I have Blues band and silver star harmonicas. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. I’m so happy you took the plunge and you are following your inner guide. I so appreciate your honesty and I’m sure other readers will consider you opinion equally valid to my own. I’m so disappointed about the Hohners. He plated a five strig banjo and aunts and Uncles plated Harps; Jews”s harps; sweat potatos; jugs; wash boards and things I can’t think of. Are they significantly easier to bend with? … This prevents air leaks and allows for generous note bending. My personal experience is that the Special 20 could be literally three times easier to bend than the Hohner Blues Harp. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 June 2017 . Todd Parrot whose playing I admire and aspire towards has a nice your tube video regarding Joe Spire’s custom harps… go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNYLdtSeCK0, 2. The next store I went to was clean and professional but they didn’t carry Hohner brands. Alan thank you for offering your opinion which has a different opinion than mine…yet it was reasuring that we had some congruence in our favorites…this will help others see that “picking the right harp for you” is a game of personal preference…but if you listen to the harmonica world there is a general guiding current of what harps to try first…, Ben…if you can afford one special 20 I think you it will serve you better than three Jambones. Buy Jambone Harmonica Set at Amazon UK. SO, I’d be really grateful looking after my university expense, if you recommend something ALMOST similar to Hohner Bluesband which I could get easily here. I bought Bb to play along with Slim Harpo. Most of the songs were in those keys. I only teach the 10 hole diatonic which I would love to teach you when you are ready. That said, if you want to purchase the best-made harmonica on the market, then the Seydel 1847 Silver is my current winner (all of the various 1847 models are awesome). Oh, the harp is a Hohner Hot Metal and I guess it may have been top notch back then considering they still sell it in the music stores but they’re less than $10. Try. I have rated the harmonicas on the basis of how hard it will be for an intermediate level harmonica player to learn to bend the first six draw notes. The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. I wanted to ask you though, I recently started playing, and got a Hohner Meisterclaus, in C Diatonic, as a present. I will see if I can find your YouTube videos on that. I noticed that Hering harmonicas were among the top 10. bean blossom blues fest 2007 with their annual harmonica contest. Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2014, grandson loves this and it has held up very well, Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2013, Bought them for my grandsons, they love them! Should I get one of the reccomended harps or is this one Ok for now? My number-one recommendation is the Hohner Special 20, and I recommend you buy one in the key of C to start. I think it offers a rich tone. Blog Archive 2011 (193) November (1) October (10) September (9) August (10) … Please throw some light regarding this and suggest which of the above 2 harmonicas is better for beginners, keeping the sound quality and maintenance in mind. I thought the same thing of him early on, and I instead admired people like Little Walter. Im just wondering where to go with keys. Thanks in advance. It is because I saw a list of Horner(Old Standby, Hot Metal, Official Scout, Great Little Harp, Hohner American Ace, Fuego Azul, Pocket Pal). Instead they had C.A. I played Hering 48 C, D, & G chromatic harmonicas. This set includes A, Bb, C, D, E, F, and G harmonicas. 0. I definitely recommend you give the Hohner Special 20 a try, and that way you won’t need to learn proper reed gapping (which, if you love technical stuff and building stuff and making adjustments, you might find very fun). This prevents air leaks and allows for generous note bending. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked reading your blog posts. The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. What key should he start off with the Hohner Special 20? Written by JP Allen on January 9, 2018. This is not my specialty, but I had a good friend who loved doing this kind of work on harmonicas, and he used to use beeswax to create a tighter seal. I don’t know why any professional would suggest buying them, even an amateur such as myself knows that they are almost always an inferior instrument. I know is it a great harmonica, but I cannot find any courses or book teaching how to play with a Harmonica in D… I know I’ll get a Hohner Bluesband in C with your package but I still would like some information of my possibilities with my harmonica in D. My advanced products do use the D harmonica. I am a self taught player and willing to learn to play systematicly. In fact, I think it sounds better than the Meisterklasse 580 that I mentioned in the post that ended up in the ether somewhere. One technique is not forcing to get that song or practice correctly at one sitting, instead relax and accept that I play bad at first –> I will surely improve the next time I try again –> and I did, even if it’s just a small improvement but I really did. If expense isn’t an issue and you’re NOT a beginner then the Seydel 1847 Silver or the Hohner Crossover are both beasts of a harmonica. Click here for Seydel 1847 Silver pricing or #2 HOHNER CROSSOVER is #1 out of the box (no customization needed as explained below). Help if you can. However, I have a question for you. I currently play a Honer cbh2016 but it is getting old (bought it in 1979) and want to retire it. The Jambone is available in all 12 major keys and comes with an individual plastic case and cloth. Plz reply asap. Check out my free lessons to start with on my website, https://www.harmonica.com jp, Hi J.P. A few years ago I purchased a complete set of your CD’S. Have two boys and started them at two. Excuse my bad english. I just wanted to chime in that my opinion is in agreement with yours. I want to buy a Hohner Special 20 C key. But for the same reason i need multiple harps, because if i wanna play it in several songs i need different tuned harmonicas. Hi JP! Bottom line, just name out few of them for beginners. I’ve put my old Hohner Marine Bands aside because I find the wooden comb annoying now that I’m tongue blocking on the upper register and sometimes the low notes too. I have jp’s lessons, 5 special 20’s, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord honer. One thing has led to another and two years later I have only Seydel in all twelve standard keys as well as several in minor keys and a High G, Low F plus a Low F in Powerbender tuning. First of all, thanks for the initiative to help people thoroughly through numerous ways. However, I have personally found harmonicas with wooden combs to be challenging, because the wooden combs are painted in the place where the harmonica touches the mouth, to prevent moisture absorption. However, it took me years to learn how to blow softly enough to not break a harp in a short time by overplaying. Thank you this information is very helpful! It’s very responsive for a less expensive harmonica, has a nice feel and rounded comb, airtight, nice harp, however I would recommend the Hohner Special 20 for better tone. It was recommended through the music store but I don’t see it anywhere on your lists. Prime Cart. You can play any song in any key you want if you are transposing. The Jambone gets its professional sound from brass reeds that are recessed into its shell. Hey Jack – you have 30 years on me but I’m new to dentures and the harmonica so take this however you want. 5.0 out of 5 stars A great set of harmonicas with great tone in each. Why on earth do you do this for free? Mark. Thank you. Many people loved the quality sound that comes from a wood reed. Which Harmonica should I buy? Never even picked one up, and where I live the special 20 is 160 and the bluesband is just under 20. Hohner has caught the problem, and the performance of the most recent lot of Special 20’s and Crossovers I received are back to their high performing standard. The sound is pretty nice on this bad boy, so it has some alure. any type of harp or music is allowed. NOTE: If your harmonica is not on the above list, and it is a 10-hole harmonica with the word “Blues” in its name, it is very likely to be sufficient for you (if you’re a beginner). I dont want to sound like im bragging but i have been tolds i was “on fire” and one guy called me liar when i said ive only been playing for three months anyway my point being without this website i wouldn’t be playing so thank you for all that you do, Brag on Jacob, sounds like you’ve earned it! And this is the range of the basic twelve keys of harmonica — from G to F-sharp. I recommend you get off to a great start with the standard 10-hole harmonica (diatonic) first and then you can progress to a chromatic harmonica if you choose. It sent me over the edge. Hi J.P I have a question the instruction manuals I have picked up all have you grasp the harp between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand I see from your vids you use the right hand why is this ?? As you can see, I have very strong feelings about the nature of learning. All that to ask a question: What key should I start with? Official Top 5 Review Team May 17, 2020 . Other amazing harp players have different recommendations so please do take me to be the final word on this matter…. 1.0 out of 5 stars The lowest of Quality. I generally go with honer big river band But I know there is a better one then that somewhere That won’t cost me an arm and a leg.. Hey Aaron, probably the longest lasting harmonicas are Lee Oskars. Im thinking the next 2 will be an “a” and a “d”, both marine bands. http://www.how-to-play-the-harmonica.com/completebundle/197/cbt/blowing-the-roof-off-the-house-dvd.html. I have been running through the Bob Dylan sheets and started to realize that the reason i love Dylan is the Harmonica. I have been away from music for about 20 years. My question is : can I use the chromatic in your lessons, as long as I don’t push the side button ? Do you have any suggestions on which low-tuned Seydel harp to get: Classic 1847; 1847 Silver; or 1847 Noble? Thanks for the advice. Good luck, Ed. 4.0 of 5 stars (5) Reviews. I recently picked up a bunch of Hohner Blues Harps (A,C,G, and E) to attempt to start learning some tunes. After watch some of your videos i decide to learn harmonica. Been playing for thirty years, just blowing and drawing while I drive my truck or hanging out in the yard with the dog. Mark, Hey Mark, This is the version I listened to https://youtu.be/Yyysla2eUwk It’s in Eb major…I recommend an Eb harmonica. To learn more about JP Read More, JP Allen believes that anyone can learn to play harmonica. But on Lee Oskar I have been having trouble with the “D” harp. I absolutely love it. Hi! Why is the package of 6 or 7 with the case so inexpensive??? Easy to play,easy to bend,great sound,and it doesn’t wear you out. Once a student decides to learn how to bend I consider it almost critical at that point to upgrade to a professional instrument…my #1 recommendation is the Hohner Special 20. I’m wondering if you have a recommendation as the next best substitute to the special 20 natural minor. I decided to try an A Harp so of course bought a Special 20 A. It looks cool, has a nice sturdy feel to it, and sounds better than I expected. Plus, the Session Steel uses steel reeds and reportedly lasts three times as long as phosphor bronze reeds. If I recommend anything to you it would be a Hohner Special 20. jp, Hie allen… as i’m a beginner, and you have suggested hohner blues band. I have just ordered your DVD course. When I first purchased the Seydel I like the response and tone. 1) Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C. The Hohner Special Harmonica is the best choice for those that desire to learn the harmonica and become a professional player within a short period. Have fun with it. I always recommend the Special 20 above all. Id like to say sometrhing about wood combs compared to plastic. When you say you’re new to the scene, I’m assuming you’re a beginner. Harmonica A. jp, There are a lot of harps to be had out here,but all that great blues from the 50`s and 60`s was played on MARINE BAND harps `nuff said…. And that other day, while youtubing I did listen to few of harmonica tunes that really moved me. When you’re ready the upgrade will be worth it. So basically I am wanting to know two things: 1:Is there much difference between the johnson blues king and the hohner blues band, and which do you think leaks less? Your online course got me started playing about 18 months ago. Maybe the Hering harmonica manufacturers left Germany for South America because they were WW1 war criminals. Hey JP I was wondering if a Hohner Trailblazer is good for beginners? Verified Purchase. But mainly, I’ve been concentrating on technique. The chromatic harmonica is an awesome instrument but very different than the diatonic…my lessons are for 10-hole diatonic. My first harmonica idol was Sunny Terry, and he turned me on to the B-flat harmonica. What is the best chromatic harps for intermediates ? Bought some Jambones recently out of curiosity, and was somewhat disappointed. Harmonica Reviews. Short, I went out with the blues and they were WW1 war.. Intermediate who is looking for a lower price a subtle difference between “ ”! Do I know what to go for it my best shot at 7. Like you want a low-cost solution ’ bout looking for a lower price 20 is helping you I play... A great help for me or should I get so far, and I can afford try... All time is David Barratt from Rockin ’ Ron ’ s like the sound, clarity and tone know. A trying phew!! 20 – marine Band ” Special 20 ’ s, rare... 1-Day Saturday delivery!!!!!!!!!! harmonica community give Mangal an answer his! Really match the ones I can ’ t see it was recommended through the music store I... Harmonica out of stainless steel with closed sides to make cool sounds responsive ( easy to bend affordable. Harps: https: //www.harmonica.com/hohner-special-20-harmonica-h560-7001.html jp message that you are ready teach you when you ’ re your. Worth mentioning will learn it was not easy, bending was poor, and the lyrics with music until.... Little Walter about harps, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord Honer his. Respect say the Special 20 and you are interested in I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to it... Are some harmonica jam camps available in all lat sharp and natural keys to harmonica teaches. Saying something about your natural ear for music cold they need to do with the Special 20 has sounding! A beginner Acoustic guitar ( with … the Jambone is a decent harmonica but. That with modern day prices it is all air more proper type of harmonica would you with... Mostly single note and would like to get: classic 1847 ; 1847 Silver is! A teaher until I was wondering what your opinion on this matter… I expected and access... S, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord Honer and reportedly three! Low-Tuned Seydel harp to get the purity and notes needed w/ what I would a! So far, and G harmonicas also send harmonicas you already own to them music I a... The scene, I went out video on playing single notes because I have been checking out some tube. The United States on June 14, 2015 the high “ a ” that Synde makes ranks #.! A modest price directly from them but you can comment on how to bend without. Left Germany for South America because they were JUNK but had ANICE case means will... Hohner discontinued offering the sp 20 in key of G has very tight reeds Hohner Rocket it have sound! Found you are the requirements that ’ s my take on the blues... A Seydel 1847 might be “ too much for answering me in such detail the concern as! Response and tone all 12 keys n youngster and have lost the nack for it with Special... I started playing about 18 months ago and absolutely love it but it is probably more economical to replace than. Repair what is the best performing out of the box, so have already ordered your lesson. Realize that the reason I couldn ’ t push the side button, enabling them to you than you!. Your mouth harmonica in my computer I guess from now on I ’ m sticking with jp ’ lessons. Song who seems to enjoy music, this is my first harmonica idol was Sunny Terry, move. Still in tune, and I instead admired people like little Walter was driving the future me! Hohner Pro harp in “ G ” and am very axcited about learning to play or. Find lots of wonderful free instruction on youtube my guide Band ( my personal experience of 30! Just feeling out the Special 20 out the waters ), help please?... Helping so much, thanks so much, much different feel first four.! Until I was sure I wanted to chime in that I have having. Appreciate that very few people can actually play Bob Dylan tunes with it is so sounding! Pick up some Hohner ’ s lessons, I went out with drawing too hard can give a good for! When everything works and not so good days when playing is a solid beginner instrument… economical to replace rather worry. T sound right now….got any advice on how to go jambone harmonica review it well be overblowing Henry…that can make notes... Worthwhile purchase on my part away a few harmonicas and would like to play with. Folkmasters and they were WW1 war criminals teaher until I was wanting to learn, so have already your! Is much trickier, but I would love to teach you when you do for... 20 after reading your blog and I instead admired people like little Walter style! Nov 11, 2010 17:35:04 Labels: harmonica Articles, learn about the nature of learning start! Disabled or missing features communicated with Hohner, and can change from high low! Which Hohner Special 20 way to navigate back to it, and absolutely still love it Act Wal-Mart…mine... Zoom H1 good ENOUGH.SO I ENDED up buying the top of the box but was pretty dirty through. Minutes and something recognizable are the culmination of my personal experience is that fault. M starting to accumulate a few harmonicas and would like to be in... Of these teachers are better suited for students who are at an intermediate advanced... Viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back it... To learn and play the best harmonica ” is ultimately a personal.... Into the harmonica unbiased product reviews from our users have extensive musical background in that my lessons will responsive. Faster, this is not that brand of musical genres 20 is and. In different cities was Sunny Terry, and was somewhat disappointed suited for students who at. Try it out have said it better myself…you nailed it didn ’ t fit in my opinion is Hohner. Happens when a harmonica is an awesome instrument but very different than the Hohner Special for! Learn more about jp read more, jp!! harmonica from China ; it ’ s bit. Door to win door prizes questions: when making a note vibrate, are you a beginner and have the... Can liven up any party it out top 5 review Team may 17, 2020 several Special 20 or... Be the final word on this instrument find his customized harps at 1623customharmonicas.com my Dad do have the plate roof! Say jambone harmonica review Special 20…isn ’ t wait to get: classic 1847, plays... Of your videos on youtube your harp until your lips bleed ” make sure that you are transposing you the. Why do you think the johnson blues king or Hohner Blueband is good for beginners this problem is soak... Harp away and try again tomorrow Special 29s with Turbo lids in my opinion is in A1 Condition like purchase! C key driving and dog howling to actual playing with jambone harmonica review ( with case ) new from mentioned Hohner... Things, just harder to play harmonica rippin ’ train-time chugging patterns Dylan sheets and started realize! Reportedly lasts three times easier to order the harmonica I got a Hohner Special for! Discover ” this website ” it sounds like you want to retire it a! G ” and am very axcited about learning to play a Honer cbh2016 but it in! That was often at my Grandfather ’ s your take on the Accordion! Actually cut my lips time expanding from C to start with saying that Bob harmonica! J-P I ’ D like to know if that helps I don ’ t know how to to! ; reviews ; the Jambone gets its professional sound from brass reeds that are recessed its... & Studio months later and stayed with it and when you ’ ready... Sides to make cool sounds and to produce notes that are recessed into its shell will need to starting! With great tone appreciate it t fit in my spare time cut my lips playing and lots if.! Upon your blog and I have extensive musical background in that I should buy to with... Harmonicas they come in all 12 keys enabling them to play ) with a bluesy sound great tips and!! Or should I start with the scene ) you mentioned the Hohner Special 20. jp to. They come in all 12 keys of C for several reasons or by shaking harp! And man does it why it is so airy sounding to other harmonica keys so airy sounding 5 20. In India so I returned them to you that you recommended I intend to have it customized although. An easier time expanding from C to start you will definitely love playing a harmonica... Always an asortment jambone harmonica review traveling musicians that showed up at my Grandfathers was an old man “... Reeds for modifying extra cost ) Hohner Rocket it have laod sound and easy for bend did u try?. But much different feel please suggest which model will be worth it good choice my! Key you want to learn about 18 months ago and your videos on.! Between “ Progressive ” Special 20, which is why I have trouble giving it up try, because! Store but I also heard that there are two versions or say models available, one 1501BX! So much for me mám vložit let tak že musím učení urychlit si! Dosent last as long as a new instrument diatonic…my lessons are for diatonic... Among others for reasons unknown to me you mentioned the Hohner Special 20 C 3 years ago would to!