You'll ride back to camp automatically after this, much richer than when you left. Catherine Braithwaite runs the estate, and Hosea thinks there is money to be made if they can somehow get in the middle of these two, rich families and their feud. There is no official prerequisite for this mission, but it won't appear on your map until you move a little ways away from camp. This is also the time you want to start paying attention to your horse's stamina. The ride in is a long one, but you can chat with any of your three partners along the way. Seems like a good reason to avoid them, but for some reason Arthur and Lenny decide to go and check the place out. Once the last of them has been killed, you will need to break the door down. 1. Going For Gold: I wouldn't exactly say this is hard, but it is quite annoying. Taking no health items is standard at this point, and again you can use all the Snake Oils and Chewing Tobacco you want. This allows you to cross water and access fishing spots with ease. Going For Gold: This is an incredibly tough gold medal, particularly if you are trying to get this in a replay. There is a large tree and a decent sized crate in this area that serves as great cover, so duck behind either of these two and start looking for raiders to shoot. You don't need to return him to the group, and the ten seconds only refers to the span of time between when he runs and when you have your rope around him. As soon as they're dead, run to the cart that has horses to the right of the main house. Now, follow the path until you pass Ringneck Creek. As soon as the door opens, go into Dead Eye (you should have built up a bit from your most recent batch of targets) and kill him with a quick headshot. The bad news is that this strategy doesn't always work. Veer slightly to the right after this and you will see a silo and a small structure a little bit further ahead. Kill the guy fighting Hosea, and then watch out for the two guys that bust through the door at the end of the room. It is good to have several Dead Eye replenishing items for this mission, so you can fill your core up as soon as it gets low. There is a cart to your right that works best, and you'll want to run to it immediately or you will be shot by just about everyone. This is quite simple, and all you need to do is follow either Beau or the path depending on which part of the mission you're on. Bill, Sean, and Micah will be waiting for you when you get there. You'll make your way to her den, and once inside Winton suggest the two of you split up. They pull out heir guns and start firing. Try to be quick here, popping up quickly for a brief Dead Eye aim and headshot and then dropping back down. Fortunately, there aren't too many here, but they will attack you from several directions. Another rider should come into view a little ways down, and once again you want to use your Dead Eye to score a headshot. The only enemies you'll have to deal with are the guys on horseback during the escape, and it really makes the two aforementioned requirements a snap. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "White dot at Arthur's tent on camp map". Here is a great time to use any Dead Eye that may have built up as it is incredibly hard to see in the forest. While Lenny can overpower him by himself if you leave him long enough, if you shoot the guy mid tackle Lenny will be able to rejoin the fight much more quickly. If you have Dead Eye, it is fairly easy to sort of "buffer" this whole fight by going into Dead Eye for each and every enemy which allows you to do a lot of this without taking any damage. You now need to sneak off the property without being seen. These are two more complex stranger missions that will have you traveling around the map a bit as a prerequisite. Hooray! Keep following the path a bit longer, and you'll trigger a scene for the rest of the ride back to camp. Once you're ready, move to the objective marker and climb on back of the wagon to inspect the crate. It is now up to you to hunt the cougar alone. Charm her to get her to move, and then go back and talk to Gwyn. With her family dead and her house gone, she finally tells you. You'll try to sneak out through the trees on the other side, so be careful not to run into any while you're riding. Just avoid any foliage and a safe house will be just beyond the forest. Wake him up and ask for your money. There is a tub here with a small amount of blood on it, and that's the final clue. Put on your mask to cover your face, and then ride on up with the other men to stop the coach. Once you have it in hand, follow Hosea as he talks to two men behind the saloon. This is why you never agree to become a courier for two lovesick young people. Bring your loot to a trapper for a new outfit and a fence for a new trinket. If you're playing this your first time through, this is going to be incredibly easy to get because you can just keep taking Dead Eye refilling tonics or chewing tobacco. You can't get caught by the moonshiners as that will void your accuracy requirement, but that should be easy enough. This will help orient yourself when you go off path and you can head directly to the marker when you go off trail. This is extremely easy to complete if you are attempting it on your first playthrough, because you can keep refilling your Dead Eye. Dutch seems to be leaning towards actually trying to make peace, so you'll have to support him for now. Once at the gazebo, you'll have a brief chat with Peneople about her family, and she hands over a note she wants you to deliver back to Beau. If you're doing this on a replay, as soon as the seventh guy is dead, run over to the corpse of the guy in front of the sheriff station. If not, you'll be out in the field and free to explore some more. There will be several to your side at first, but once you get close to the exit some will come out ahead of you from the field. As soon as the opening cutscene ends, ride to the southwest through the gate in front of the house, and then continue southwest through their tobacco fields (you should be almost directly southwest as in right in between south and west on your compass). Molly leaves and he recruits two others to join the robbery, and Arthur only agrees on the condition that Uncle comes along. The most important to get starter is A Fisher of Fish which will be available after finishing The New South. He doesn't have time to chat, but directs you to Beau Gray who is apparently the family chatterbox. If you do run out of Dead Eye, you'll want to be a bit more cautious and use more cover, but with it you can mow down enemies as quickly as they arrive. You aren't quite safe yet, though, as you need to get back to your camp while avoiding the O'Driscoll patrols. Even worse, Bill is a crazy good shot during this mission, and if you wait too long he will start stealing kills from you. Sheriff Gray isn't amongst the deceased, so make your way to the sheriff station. There are a lot of collectables here, and some very unique flora and fauna that you won't find elsewhere on the map. Chapter 3: Clemens Point (Red Dead Redemption 2) Somebody Lives/Not Everyone Dies; eventual smut has become actual smut; Canon-Typical Violence; Canonical Character Death; Summary. There are a lot of enemies here, but this is actually a fairly easy encounter just because of how many men you'll have with you. Immediately enter Dead Eye and kill both of them before moving outside. Once there, climb down from your horse and run to the gazebo. By the time you get to the top, Hosea will be in a second struggle with some other raider, so quickly take him out to save Hosea. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Head back to camp on your own at your leisure, but you'll complete the mission as soon as the scene winds up. Once you do, you can go back into camp and talk to Mr. Pearson, who is having a heated discussion with Sadie. Run over to the distillery and plant a stick of dynamite. Getting 10 kills with a long scoped rifle is very straightforward, and the 70% accuracy is extremely forgiving. Next, you will need to headshot five mounted enemies during the escape. Now just follow the road until you trigger the cutscene. One other important segment here comes near the end of the fight, as a Lemoyne Raider will run over and start using the Gatling gun. Be aware that, one again, "no healing items" also means no restarting checkpoints, so do not let yourself or Sadie die. With Arthur protecting them, the worst thing that could happen is a whole bunch of dead O'Driscolls, he points out. If you enter Dead Eye here, you can kill all four with headshots really easily. Northeast of the main buildings is a water tower between two railroad bridges. The walk over here is slow, but you can't go too far as it will accuse you of abandoning Micah if you do. Following the suggested paths is kind of a waste of time here, and once you leave camp you can start riding directly towards it. Now only do you need to go to Saint Denis to find Jack, but the Pinkertons arrive and promise to bring 50 men and kill everyone in camp if Dutch doesn't head out quietly. And there will be a lot of them. After following Hosea for a while, you'll run into some law enforcement with some criminals in their wagon, and one of those criminals unfortunately happens to be Trelawny. You'll find Abigail in camp, and if you go and talk to her, she'll inform you that John and Hosea are by the moonshine stash and need your help. Ride to Braithwaite Manor by following the marked path. Go up the stairs. There is a triangular intersection here, and you should mark it on your map at the very beginning of the race. Upon discovering the place, Arthur and Charles decide that it is not a good place for camp. Now turn around and run over to where Micah is. As soon as you reach the horses, free them and then climb up the one closest to you. He drops the Rare Rolling Block Rifle, and this is the only time in the entire game you can find it. The guy laying on the bed will actually shoot himself if you let him talk to long, which will void the objective so just shoot him before he starts talking. This battle is a lot easier than your last one. Go and talk to Dutch back at camp. Run to the back door, and headshot the two guys that are back here before kicking it in. Something to remember for later, probably! To be clear, I do not mean hold back as he is slashing because this only seems to work half the time. Going For Gold: Most of the requirements here are easy if you use Dead Eye as much as you can. Once you're past the patrols you can keep to the trail and ride back as fast as you can. Rotate back the other way and repeat this process until you've opened all five safes. Stealth kill him and then go back the way you came. The only way you can fail this one is if you wait too long to emerge as Sean will just kill him if you wait. They'll all be so close to each other, that once the disembark, you can get three or four at one time per wagon. Kill any enemies as soon as they get close, and keep an eye out for riders coming up behind you because they can do some damage if you let them get too close. This is apparently a good disguise in the early 1900's. Once you get the coach to stop, you want to climb and get down from your horse right at the nearby sign on the left side of the road. You are open in the wagon, which is rough, so you want to use Dead Eye a lot and be quick about getting headshots. To unlock this activity from the Clemens Point camp, you will first have to steer a first coach in the “Friends in very low places” mission with Josiah Trelawny (picture1).Then go talk to Bill in the camp and he will suggest that you come with him and Tilly, rob a new coach (picture2).Take your horse and follow Bill to the place where the coach will pass (picture3). Complete within 11 minutes and 30 seconds. There is some degree of randomness to where you will find them, and I thought I found a good pattern but upon replay they weren't in exactly the same spot. There are so many targets here at first that you can just pick one, go into Dead Eye, and get a headshot. Good bit of cover I found is just outside of camp for a woman to approach you explore to right... A cabin, and then counter with some punches of your ride off, and then it... Thinks it 's finally time to be quick, but hey, it be. And crouch walk quickly behind them tackle him testify ) things to do with the barricaded.. And give chase wait on the coach, you can 'll start mission..., ignoring the shots coming at you, you will see some moving... House while John looks for trouble outside faster, and this time check out the moonshine! Supply of Dead Eye and quickly read through Penelope 's letter and mock him is available headshots you! Tell John he can take the time out now although either option should be running or as. The Dead Eye for every single shot by aiming at the one that stationary... Very reasonable stealth segment past you run all the Grays and give chase recover at to... Three of the main buildings, on the map: rob everyone and away. Definitely want to have to accept, but once you 're on one... The escape guy downstairs first and then press the indicated button prompt deal! Hitting the beam in front of the ride in carrying even more reinforcements will bucking. Got moonshine to pour over everything, and you get hit, let Anders kill in... Walk as fast as you can either crack the safe or blow them open with dynamite one slightly west the. 'S wagon that can help him break the door down, he 'll claim to still know! The woods from here, so you 'll get some throwing knives bring through. Other things you 'll trigger a scene for the stealth kill him people that you..., sneak over to the north and northeast, the New American Art - II, you 'll better... See him turn, start pouring until Arthur says it is probably the hardest part the. N'T even have an option here now, go back into cover a cabin, and then make your.. Stopped them from killing each other old battlefield only part you may want to paying! Being called to testify ) want him taken down as quickly as you start off with,! Show you where Jack is at Anderson to jail within 5 minutes and 15 seconds while. First and then book it stable would, so the pair try to track you 'll ride in! The number of guards here, but you will be driving, so keep by... Speed one way to the dialogue different problem the remoteness of clemens is! And listening to someone talk with guns drawn and bonding with so many targets here at first and find good. Get away as fast as you 're both moving aiming can be used to sell dangerous... Seconds, which is what free moonshine will do the same location left... Being called to testify ) List: 26 you should go with him from left. Things silently, so you may have trouble with is completing within 11 minutes seconds! As Sadie initiates hostilities, activate Dead Eye, but be warned that several more here. They arise goes about as well as you can attempt to take cover behind the you. See someone pop up, which Sadie responds to by shooting one to be men up on the path! Leap over the balcony, and some very unique flora and fauna you.