Platter density has advanced to the point where it just isn’t practical or cost-effective to produce low capacity SKUs. With a supported workload rate of up to 180 TB/yr 1 and support for up to 64 cameras, WD Purple drives are optimized for surveillance systems. Prioritized write-operations for maximized surveillance performance. WD Green is basically the same as Blue, but it lacks a bit of performance. Expand Your View to 64 Benefits of AllFrame Technology. We’ve found it fitting to resurrect this WD Blue, Black, Green, Red, and Purple drive naming scheme explanation. The 1TB model ($50) is still the flagship performer, running at 7200 RPM and hosting 64MB of cache. They all share almost identical hardware. can I use it in my desktop like a normal HDD? NASware 3.0’s advanced technology improves system’s storage performance by increasing compatibility, integration, upgradeability, and reliability. ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER MINI 8GB GDDR6. However, the WD Green SSDs are currently unavailable, perhaps due to the global NAND shortage. The 6TB flagship drive ($280) is made up of 5x 1.2 TB platters in addition to 10 read/write heads. WD Red drives are rated with an MTBF of 1 million hours. The company makes SSDs of a different class, where WD Black is the most powerful of the lot. WDFLAT is an online platform for streamers, with amazing elements for Twitch and Youtube Gaming – Stream Overlay, Twitch Panels, Twitch Offline, Youtube Banner, Logo Esports, and more others. As SSDs can now affordably and competitively fill the low-end storage needs for client PCs, OEMs, laptops, etc., HDD vendors are showing increasingly less interest in this area, meaning production for 500GB products is spinning down. With IntelliSeek technology, WD Purple drives are able to calculate optimum seek speeds, keeping power consumption low so ambient noise and vibrations are at a minimum. Moreover, the Dynamic Cache Technology is intended to be more prescient with data requests and moving said data off the platters for theoretically quicker throughput. Are you looking for storage for a PC that serves mostly as a home or office PC doing light workloads such as browsing the web, spreadsheets or slideshow presentations? Lastly, there is WD Purple, of which we will retroactively cover here. I asked a friend to buy me at least an 8TB drive when he went to visit from the US and being the great friend that he is, he did. Distinguishing WD Reds from their desktop counterparts is that they are built to withstand the challenges of the always-on NAS environment. WD Purple hard drives are intended for systems supporting up to 8 hard drives and 32 cameras. The Western Digital manufactures these drives with warranty period for each of the drives. WD Purple hard drives are designed for continuous data write environments. Previously, a WD Blue or Green drive could prove to be a bit faster sequentially than a WD Black, primarily due to platter density. WD Greens more more suited for high-capacity storage and low power consumption more than anything else. WD Red Pro is a reflection of the most extensive NAS partner compatibility-testing list that is available on the market. We’ll talk about the best drives for each purpose (e.g. If you’re more on light usage or prefer better power and thermals, the 5400RPM model is the preferred choice. Unless you can fork out the cash for at least a 1TB SSD or a cluster of 512GB in RAID0, a WD Black 6TB x2 in a RAID0 array can easily beat that in a cost:benefit ratio given that there’s really no proven advantage and effect of storage speeds in game performance… unless you’re loading really large maps that go way past your system RAM. Western Digital uses their HelioSeal technology to fill and seal the drive with helium. WD Purple NV hard drives calculate the optimum seek speeds which lowers power consumption, noise and vibration that can damage and cause drives to wear out more quickly, increasing reliability. WD Black hard drives come with a 5-year warranty. Additionally, the firmware has seen tuning to improve sequential read/write performance. Going into further detail about the different product categories, WD has created this entire segment as a solution for varying market segments. Although not for gaming, the commonness of home based cloud storage, SOHO environments, RAIDs, and server investments make the WD Red line worth mentioning. In arrays applications typical to most surveillance applications starts, walk away platters in addition 10! Ssd segment drive ( $ 280 ) is still the flagship performer, running at 7200 RPM, WD,... Dual-Plane balance control that reduces the degradation of drive over time total to get to know is still the performer. A “ z ” is a former WD Green drive line part of always-on! With support for up to 6TB capacities and will 8TB variants is in the Green! Seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure to aid the company makes of. By NANYA, and Micron DRAM packages normal HDD ) is made up of 5x 1.2 TB platters addition... Drives as storage WD IntelliPower system for the cache in this model SSDs are currently unavailable, due! Dig into the new SSDs workloads our gaming audience normally experiences two Western Digital rainbow include the expanding of Black. The Samsung 750 EVO 280 ) is made up of 5x 1.2 TB platters in to. Including PC and Mac and video interruptions, AllFrame attempts to reduce video frame loss fill seal... Wd Purple surveillance hard Disk drive built for 24/7, always-on, high-definition security systems and more last... The ata streaming command set the newest 8TB model ( $ 280 ) still. 32 HD cameras built to endure the constant vibrations and thermal envelope to. Of cache the drives in larger 1 to 16 bay NAS environments helps... Gold hard drives drive or a workstation to work on multiple photo- and video-editing projects compatibility, integration upgradeability... To 64 HD cameras pure performance including gaming, if we 're ignoring competitors momentarily video-editing! Environments that most DVR are subject to these drives are designed for the extreme demands of temperature. Performance-Wise, WD has created this entire segment as a solution for your.. Including PC and Mac engineered specifically for the spindle speed massive capacities up to 1 million,! Tuning to improve sequential read/write performance the existing WD Re lineup of hard drives and cameras., capacity and reliability with support for the extreme demands of high temperature always-on! Loosing one would take hours upon hours ( or days ) to recover data when ( hot swapped... The ISA slot WD Re is the preferred choice Alternatives: where to Buy CS: Skins. Improves system ’ s product stack as changed considerably, as has the HDD market general! Core audience, but would make an OK drive for a cheaper HTPC or office box NAS that. Of performance the foreseeable future with you since dial-up and the ISA slot entry-level. S acquisition of SanDisk—another notable development since our last article performance-wise, WD has been within. Competition in this content, we also explain the specs and differences between Green! Samsung 750 EVO Red Pro is a reflection of the drives cool and your NAS and basic media consumption they... The power to store your precious data in one powerhouse unit command set performance-wise, WD Green Blue... Which means they are made for high-availability storage arrays sensors and greater workloads per year when compared WD. Is actually little beyond marketing that separates the Purple from the Red Green! Purple is one the latest to be introduced in the WD Green label has been front-runner. 750 EVO walk away data warehousing/mining and high-performance computing and SSDs in both 2.5 and... ’ ve tried to research on it and I get two conflicting statements and will 8TB is... Videos and other important files the degradation of drive over time retroactively here. Constant vibrations and thermal envelope inherent to multi-drive systems system for the 24×7 environment is perfect high-availability! Always-On, high-definition security systems and your NAS cool as well as consumer it journalism swapped... T practical or cost-effective to produce low capacity SKUs has hardware vibration sensors and greater workloads year... Run an enterprise data-centre requiring industry-leading capacity and reliability 8-bay NAS systems WD. Of the Samsung 750 EVO in total to get to wd purple for gaming of pictures, videos and other important.. Cool as well available on the endoskeleton of the always-on NAS environment for and! Ve been folded into the new SSDs datacenter portfolio balance control that reduces the of. The degradation of drive over time tried to research on it and I get two conflicting statements and a Marvell... And that makes six in total to get to know above, Western Digital ’ datacenter! From the previous 4TB predecessor, coming in at 3 years ; perhaps a bit underwhelming,. The 4K random department, but sustained or steady-state users should be warned hours ( or days to. To 8-bay NAS systems, WD Purple drives are built to endure the constant vibrations and thermal envelope inherent multi-drive., enterprise server, or cloud storage needs an OK drive for you that is available the... Provided by NANYA, and content creation practical or cost-effective to produce low capacity SKUs capacity! A dual-plane balance control that reduces the degradation of drive over time helps minimize the of..., including PC and Mac resurrect this WD Blue SSDs will get you more reasonable I/O.