for up to 48 Months on your new ZG Series Mower! When the going gets tough, push back. At Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment, we offer a complete line of Kubota tractors in the Greater Houston Area designed to work with any terrain. Vineyard and orchard spreading operations. 29.5 HP, 60" deck. Clean cut for beautiful turf. ** Springdale Tractor Co. in Arkansas and Oklahoma helps you find deals on Kubota equipment and parts, along with having an … Our Kubota Tractor Packages include quality Kubota tractors with the most common implements you need to maintain your property. ... A GREAT DEAL ON KUBOTA UDT2 HYDRAULIC OIL Save $10 or more* on a 5 gallon bucket of Kubota … (859) 371-7567 130 Mt Zion Rd Florence , KY 41042 These dealers are committed to continuous improvement in the areas of brand … Primed and ready to meet your every demand. Home Fackler Kubota Tractor (Granville) Granville, OH (740) 522-3128 Give Us a Call at One of Our Locations: Granville (740) 522-3128 | Mount Vernon (740) 397-4400 | Mansfield (419) 526-1300 Designed and built with you – and the environment – in mind. Undeniable efficiency and outstanding range. Save up to $3000 or 0% A.P.R. 24.8 HP, 60"-72" deck. 130 Mt Zion Rd Florence, KY 41042. It’s time to take your raking productivity to the next level. for up to 36 Months on your new GR2020/GR2120 Series Mower! After all, you’re the ruler of your kingdom. Superior maneuverability in a compact frame. At Ricer Equipment, we are passionately committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, most innovative solutions, and services delivered with integrity and professionalism. Engineered to exceed your high expectations. Let our experienced staff fit you in a Tractor Package to suit your individual needs. 57.9 - 133.0 HP. Spacious, comfortable and ready to conquer the job at hand. 0% A.P.R. 21 HP, 48" deck. 0% A.P.R. 22.5 HP, 48" deck. Stand Alone Financing Installment Program. Green and Sons Farm & Lawn Equipment is one of the largest Kubota dealers in the Midwest, now with three Ohio locations to serve you. Whether you need a sub-compact Kubota BX Series to maintain your property or a big ‘ol Kubota Grand L Series for commercial purposes, you’ll find the perfect tractor package … 62.0 - 108.0 HP. 74.3 HP. for up to 48 Months or Save $300 on your new SZ Series Mower! 26 HP, 52" deck. Break through even the toughest obstacles. Streamlined transportation, ample suspension and guaranteed results. The power you need to do what you do best. KUBOTA SPECIAL OFFERS. High Clearance tractors lead the way in the vegetable and fruit row crop markets. $0 Down, 0% A.P.R. Exceptional digging and lifting capability. Maximized efficiency, dominant durability. Now that’s a Kubota. Built Right. 0% A.P.R. Cover more ground and dig in for the long haul. SVL75 Package Deal. 66.4 HP. Craftsmanship you can trust and power you can feel. Unlock your lawn’s full potential. KUBOTA TRACTOR PACKAGES You can save a bundle with our Ranch Ready package deals. Landscape with precision and leave no blade uncut. Wide working width, outstanding spreading capability. Visit us today! Kubota Elite dealer status is the highest level of recognition given to Kubota Dealerships. 47.6 HP. You can customize your package by adding an HST Transmission, R4 tires, fluid in rear tires, and quick attach bucket. Literally. 24 HP, 60" deck. 14.5 HP, 36" deck. 36.9 HP, 60"-70" deck. for up to 36 Months on your new T90 Mower! The Ultimate Hay Tool & Utility Tractor. 0% A.P.R. For Kubota smaller did not mean less! Simplified operation, refined results. Simplified transport, dominant conditioning. 25 HP, 54" deck. 0% A.P.R. Reliable performance, no matter the size of the job. FOR UP TO 48 MONTHS ON SKID STEERS. +Not Available for National Accounts or Governmental Customers. One machine built to do the work of three. Get ready for the results you’re looking for. A premium lawn tractor, designed to take your performance to the next level. 26 HP, 60" deck. Versatile for any job, durable for years to come. Built to handle all crops and field demands. Landscape professionals rejoice. Fast lift, vertical transport mode and precise results. Our Kubota BX-Series Tractor Packages make buying the #1 selling sub-compact tractor that much better. 17 HP, 48" deck. 20.9 - 62.0 HP. Because you’ll score a great money saving deal on a superior, Kubota … All the power of a dozer and forklift, minus the added bulk. M5660SU, M6060/M7060, M4 Series, M5 Series, M6S, M6 Series. 40.4 HP. 72.6 - 108.2 HP. Its owner is solely responsible for the website's content, offerings and level of security. Save up to $11,000 or pay 0% A.P.R. 24.8 HP. Redefined standards in a zero turn mower. $0 Down, 0% A.P.R. 24.8 HP, 72" deck. We carry the full line of Kubota Tractors, Mowers, Zero-Turns, RTVs, and Construction Equipment and we also stock most fast moving parts. Flawless precision, streamlined maneuverability. 63.5 - 71.0 HP. 74.3 HP. for up to 48 Months on your new F Series Mower! Standard 4-wheel drive coupled with a powerful engine meant Kubota … Tight spaces? No problem. Kubota L3901DT package Practical, versatile and ready to crown you king of the job site. 30.8 HP, 60" deck. for up to 60 Months on your new ZD Series Mower! Kubota Partners with Rural Renovators’ Kyle Stumpenhorst on SVL, KX Series, Do This, Not That for Your Landscape Business this Winter. Equipment Packages Zimmerer Kubota has a selection of equipment packages to best suit your needs. At Zimmerer Kubota, we are passionately committed to providing our customers with the highest … Kubota’s most versatile utility vehicle yet! for up to 48 Months on your new RTV500/RTV520! L2501DT Kubota Tractor Package. {{globalState.globalLocale.DealerLocationPhoneNumber}}, {{globalState.globalLocale.DealerLocationTollFreeNumber}}, {{globalState.globalLocale.DealerLocationEmail}}, KUBOTA Z700 SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, Kubota and/or Land Pride Implement Stand Alone Financing Installment Program, KUBOTA ZD SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA WHEEL LOADERS - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, W SERIES MOWERS - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA Z100 SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA TRACK LOADERS - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA ZG SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA MID-SIZE RTV500 - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA F SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, Low Rate Financing For Rental Businesses+, 2020 EQUINE MEMBERSHIP PURCHASING PROGRAM, W-21 MOWERS - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA EXCAVATORS - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA SKID STEERS - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA SIDEKICK - 0% DOWN, 0% A.P.R. Green and Sons Kubota Packages. Increased productivity and flexible suspension. Save up to $3000 or 0% A.P.R. If you're looking for something different, we'll custom build a tractor package … A representative will get back to you soon. Tractor Package Deals Kubota Tractor Packages. The standard of productivity and comfort. 24.8 HP. The package deal consists of a new Kubota L2501 DT, Land Pride 700 Seeder, Land Pride DH1572 Disk, and Kubota LA525 loader. Harvest the highest quality hay possible with less horsepower required to operate. Designed to bring you the best bales, season after season. KUBOTA … Stop by to get the best deal on new equipment or give us a call to schedule your next service. 24.8 HP. (859) 371-7567. Protect your Kubota through KTAC with Kubota-Endorsed Property Damage Insurance and ensure your peace of mind. 20.9 HP. This isn’t your grandfather’s mower. Lawn care never felt this good. Landscape and hardscape with grace and ease. 19 HP, 52" deck. 19 HP, 36" deck. Save a big pile of green with one of our kubota tractor packages. We also offer FREE Pick up and Delivery up to 30 miles for New Equipment purchases and Service work. Our Kubota technicians are given extensive hands-on training from factory-trained instructors to develop and maintain their knowledge and skills. 29.5 HP, 54" deck. We stock many different Kubota tractor packages as well as custom designed tractor packages and zero turn packages … for up to 60 Months or Save $500 on your new Z700 Series Mower! 100.0 HP. 15 HP, 48" deck. l3901(39hp) gear drive,ag tires, 4wd, kubota la525fl front end loader with 5ft quick attach bucket landpride bb1260 5ft box blade landpride rcr1260 … Introducing the BV4160 Econo variable chamber. 96.4HP. B Series, LX Series and L Series. 180.0 - 200.0 HP. 104.5 - 133.0 HP. Built to outperform and outlast the competition. You will also see we stock a large amount of LandPride implements to match the Kubota … Big performance in a compact frame. 5.5 HP, 21" deck. Next, we’re giving you a new, heavy duty, Land Pride … First, you get a new Kubota L3301DT; Then we’re adding a new Kubota LA525 loader. Rise above the competition. Compact design with impressive power. for up to 48 Months with 0% Down on KX AND U SERIES! You will find a huge selection of Kubota Tractors, RTV’s, Skid Steer Loaders, Zero-Turn Mowers, and Hay Implements to choose from at all three locations. 25 HP, 60" deck. Kubota Tractor of the TriState provides premium outdoor power equipment and service near Cincinnati, OH. These package deals when compared to Mahindra tractor packages, New Holland tractor packages, and Kioti tractor packages offer far less value. KUBOTA M7040/M7040 NARROW Remanufactured KUBOTA ENGINE, To Fit a M7040/M7040 Narrow Kubota Tractor only ,This engine spec is for Engine that does not ... COUNTRY SALES & SERVICE LLC - Website Orrville, OH … Fill out the form below to get the latest news and specials for Ricer Equipment. FOR UP TO 48 MONTHS with 0% Down ON SVL SERIES! The economical utility tractor packed with big features. 55.5 - 63.4 HP. 47.1 HP. 22 HP, 48" deck. Bringing its A-game, so you can experience yours. These Kubota tractor packages give you everything you need in one tractor package deal. Engineered to meet your every need. ... Package Deals Package Deals Package Deal … Who says you can’t have a little fun while mowing? for 12 Months on your new WG6/WGC6 Series Mower! The Kubota tractor and Land Pride implements can all be financed together at the 0% … M7 Series and M8 Series. The right sized tractor makes all the difference. You will save a bundle with our Kubota Tractor Packages. 64.4 HP. FOR 60 MONTHS OR SAVE $1,750, KUBOTA SZ SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS, KUBOTA GR20 SERIES - NEW MOWER PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS. 21.5 HP, 48" deck. Top of the line doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. **Some images may not contain the exact equipment listed in the package deal. Kubota tractor packages and John Deere tractor packages are the highest priced tractor package deals today. Ready to meet all of your property needs. 24.8 HP, 60"-70" deck. Kubota of Beavercreek has been serving Greene and Montgomery Counties since 2007. 23.5 HP, 48" deck. for up to 48 Months on your new Z100 Series Mower! 22 HP, 48" deck. Narrow enough to work between vines – powerful enough to be M Series. Built Ready. Kubota is the proud recipient Package includes a 4 wheel drive Kubota L2501DT tractor with a 24.8 HP diesel engine, 8F/4R Gear Transmission, R1 Tires, a genuine Kubota LA525 Front End Loader with … 26 HP, 54"-60" deck. These dealers are committed to continuous improvement in the areas of brand reputation, business operations performance and customer satisfaction at the highest level. 15.8 HP. We carry the full line of Kubota Tractors, Mowers, Zero-Turns, RTVs, and Construction Equipment and we also stock … Fast and productive, perfect for maximizing your efficiency. Kubota L2501 Package This deal contains the following: Kubota L2501 4x4 (24.8 Engine HP) - Reliable Kubota 3 Cylinder Diesel; Kubota LA525 Front Loader with 60" Bucket Durability, reliability and productivity combine behind the controls of the F2690. Excellent ground clearance and results, minus the wear and tear. You're continuing to another website that Kubota Tractor Corporation doesn't own or operate. You’ve never met a Disc Mower Conditioner like this one. For details visit 24 HP, 54" deck. Designed to produce high quality 5'x6' bales. Get "MORE" with our Kubota … Increased visibility, smaller frame and outstanding performance. NEW SELECT SUB-COMPACT & COMPACT TRACTORS. Save with your 2020 Equine Membership* on Compact/Utility AG Tractors, Turf and RTV Products! Outstanding capability and hungry for performance. The Kubota and John Deere packages … 0% Down, 0% APR for 60 Months or save $1,750! We pride ourselves on providing you with timely and accurate diagnoses and repairs whenever it’s needed. Professional results in a comfortable frame. for up to 48 Months ON R SERIES! 19.3 HP, 48"-54" deck. We have a large inventory of equipment for any season in the Dayton, Ohio area from top brands including Kubota… Compact, comfortable and cultivated for the ultimate mowing experience. Compact, reliable and ready to give you the results you’re looking for. 64 HP. Focusing on value and versatility, our tractor package deals deliver a high level of productivity for an economical price. 92.5 - 105.6 HP. 128.0 - 168.0 HP. So comfortable, so fun to drive, you’ll find excuses to take it for a spin. Excellent control, excellent cut. Kubota tractors are known for high performance in a smaller package. 21.5 HP, 42" deck. Our Kubota Tractor Packages include Quality Kubota Tractors with the most common implements you need to maintain your farm or ranch. Small, but most certainly mighty. Bring simplicity and versatility to even the toughest jobs. Middlefield Farm and Garden in Ohio is proud to serve as your Kubota Dealer. We even offer financing of 0% for 60 months with NO MONEY DOWN or 0% for up to 84 months with 20% down and approved credit; some restrictions may apply. 5.5 HP, 21" deck. Cover large swaths and maneuver with ease. Best-in-class performance capabilities. for up to 48 Months on your new W Series Mower! Save up to $2,300 or $0 Down, 0% A.P.R. Whether that be one we have put together or you customize your own. 24.4 HP. If you have grand expectations for your property, choose the Grand L60 Series. 22 HP, 48" deck. Learn More. 16.1 HP. A step up in power, torque, performance, and Pre Season Sale on any Zero Turn Mower!!!! Powerful, proficient and easy to operate. 47.6 HP. 10.3 HP. Focusing on value and versatility, our tractor package … 20.9 - 24.3 HP. Outstanding reliability, outstanding performance. Ricer Equipment is a family owned dealer for Kubota, Tigercat, Land Pride, Pitts, Sure-Trac, Vermeer and more, with locations in Lucasville & Jackson, OH & Summersville, WV. 23.5 HP, 54" deck. We provide equipment for your agricultural and construction needs. A Butterfly Disc Mower that lets you soar. 37.0 - 62.0 HP. 128.0 - 200.0 HP. 21.6 HP. Getting the best yield from your fields starts with the right equipment. of the 2019 Highest Retained Value Award for its U Series. Tight turning radius, professional results and our “Glide Steer” technology. Get a little bit of everything you need and a trailer to pull it all down the road. l3901 package deal ($25,532 cash) package includes . 16.6 - 24.8 HP. Why? 23.5 HP, 54" deck. 104.4 HP. Engineered to exceed the demands of the lawn care professional. If your equipment needs a tune up or is not working properly, we can check it out for you and get it going. Kubota durability and reliability ensure you’re getting the best a lawn tractor has to offer. Thank you for your inquiry. Dominant performance in even the tightest areas. Kubota Elite Dealer. Efficient, convenient and powerful. Multiple methods of operation, fantastic results. Big job or small, you’ll be covering ground in no time at all. 68.3 HP. 20 HP, 42" deck. Get more and save with our outdoor equipment package deals at Kubota Tractor of the TriState in Florence, KY! Our machines include everything from Kubota sub-compact tractors to Kubota … Rugged durability and versatile performance. LOOK AT ALL THE EXTRAS YOU GET WITH OUR PACKAGE DEAL. 0% A.P.R. $0 Down, 0% A.P.R. Kubota of Beavercreek has been serving Greene and Montgomery Counties since 2007. Better coverage of windrows and better handling of dry hay. Get the best out of your haying without the added wear and tear. Winter is Coming … is Your Tractor Ready? The ultimate experience in walk behind mowers. An affordable 37.0 - 42.0 HP tractor series packed with deluxe features. Today Zimmer Tractor is the largest tractor dealership in the Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky - Tri-State area, specializing in Kubota & New Holland tractors, agriculture, estate, commercial and light construction … Our Kubota L2501 Tractor Package is perfect for several applications. Challenging conditions? 0% A.P.R. A lot of times these are found out of state and even marketed out of state as a “Drive up, hook up and go” type deal. style. At Snead Tractor, we keep our tractor inventory stocked with the latest Kubota tractors and equipment to fit your needs. Tenacious and hungry for results. 25.5 HP, 60" deck. 21.5 HP, 42" deck. Powerful and comfortable wheel loader. Kubota L2501 DT hunting season package . Breaking new ground never felt this good. We offer Kubota Tractors with implements and trailer packages at both locations. 21.1 HP, 48" deck. EFI powered and customizable with residential and commercial settings. No sweat. Above average savings on Kubota sub-compact tractor packages. 30.8 HP, 72" deck. M Narrow, M Low Profile, M High Clearance. Please download one of these free, up-to-date browsers for the best experience on our site, Mon - Fri 8:00 to 5:00 and Sat 8:00 to 12:00. Put your best foot forward, whether operating in commercial or residential settings. A perfect cut and nothing less. Your chores are going to start feeling a lot more like leisure. Higher performance, lower horsepower requirements. Comfortable, nimble and ready to help unlock your full potential. EFI powered and agile to assist you in residential and commercial settings. 24.8 HP, 60"-72" deck. 26 HP, 61" deck. Jeff Schmitt Lawn and Motor Sports in Beavercreek, Ohio, sells new and used plows, mowers, tractors, side x sides, ATVs, and agriculture equipment. These package deals usually include a Kubota tractor with a loader and bucket, a rotary cutter, box scraper and a trailer, all at a discounted bundled price. Low on Profile but High on Performance. A GREAT DEAL ON KUBOTA UDT2 HYDRAULIC OIL Save $10 or more* on a 5 gallon bucket of Kubota UDT2 hydraulic oil for select Sub-Compact, Compact and Utility Tractors. 20.5 HP, 48" deck. $65,800 (Cash Price) $68,500 (Finance Price) 75HP Kubota Skid Steer w/ CAB Wide tracks, hydraulic coupler A/C, heat, defrost, suspension seat Heavy duty 74" bucket with teeth or edge … Conquer your yard. Tough job? 21.6 HP, 60" deck. 16.1 HP. 25 HP, 54" deck. 25.5 HP, 48" deck. Originally introduced to the United States in 1969, Kubota Tractors filled a need American farmer’s had for a smaller tractor. If you are in need of a lawn mower, tractor, utility vehicle, or excavator, give us a call. 0% A.P.R. The best cut available, no matter the terrain. Kubota Elite dealer status is the highest level of recognition given to Kubota Dealerships. The largest working width for the best performance. Customer instant rebate for Farmer Veteran Coalition members.