SCULPTED TO PERFECTION. It's the most highly developed composite structure ever engineered for woodwinds! (I'm not sure what's available in Canada, apologies.) Skip to main Légère Reeds LTD: Reed Strength Chart. I don't think I could play that. Click on your reed below to order! Its sophisticated cutting, sanding, and inspection technology ensures that each reed contains the finest machined blank. Hi, I am wanting to get a Legere Signature reed to try out. The 2nd Generation What is for Woodwinds SYNTHETIC REED? Locate the strength of a familiar reed, and cross reference to the Fibracell Premier Reed. 4.7 out of 5 stars 100. Strength Selection and Comparison Chart; Features of Fibracell Reeds: Why does Fibracell sound so good? Lupifaro, WoodStone, Rigotti, Roberto’s, etc.). Vandoren SR443 Bari Sax ZZ Reeds Strength 3; Box of 5. I find a no 2 Java Green the best for me but looking at the Legere strength chart they start at about 2.5 Java. Share - Bari Synthetic Reed for Bass Clarinet, Medium Strength. Strength Comparison Chart. These two brands are my favourite synthetic reeds and I have owned and played a lot of others (Fibracell, BARI, BARI *, Harry Hartmann, Hahn). Sopranino Saxophone. The Saxophone Reed Strength Comparison Chart. Prime. All Hello, Sign in. The synthetic reed seemed to vibrate and buzz more on my lower lip than a cane reed (at least that is how it felt to my lower lip.) This is a excerpt from a live stream where saxophonist Quamon Fowler demos the Vandoren JAVA Red, Legere Signature, Fibracell, and Bari reeds with the Saxotone Super Stak and Oleg Ligatures. They can both sound like the sort of cane reeds I prefer (Rico Jazz Select or Vandoren Java). Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with Vandoren Paris news and updates. However when they do finally stop working they go from playable to totally unusable almost immediately (hence, always carry a spare). Synthetic reeds are consistent. So the following chart only gives a general comparative insight into reed strengths by brand as accurately as possible. Traditional Reeds. Different Synthetic reeds will sound different among available brands but all are very consistent. While some manufacturers label strength with words, rating it "soft," "medium" or "hard,” reed strength is more frequently indicated by a number printed on the packaging. It is impossible to get the exact equivalent of reed strength between various brands and models in the market. Much like the strengths of different brands wooden reeds, plastics reeds also vary - a number 3 is not always a number 3! So that’s how the strength of reeds work. Fibracell feels (and sounds) like you're playing a real wooden reed! Get it by Tue, Jul 7 - … » The buzz I get from the Fibereed has a … Bari Synthetic Reed for Bass Clarinet, Medium Strength. MILLED RUBBER. Synthetic Reed Recommendations. The proprietary reed-making process uses manufacturing machinery designed and built by D'Addario. MIRI, Corp. 1080 Linda Vista Drive, Suite A San Marcos, CA. Reed Strengths. This Strength Comparison Chart Is ONLY A Place To Start In Narrowing Down Your Search For The Best FIBRACELL Reed For Your Particular Instrument Set Up. Listen to the Legends; Endorsers; Endorser Thank You! Reed Strength Chart; Endorsers. They just play a lot more easily and last a lot longer. Certain makes of synthetic reed are available for exactly these reasons: one plastic reed is the same as any other and they last significantly longer than any cane reed is likely to. Sopranino & Bass Saxophone reeds. We may request cookies to be set on your device. 00. By the way, the reed is a consumable item and must be replaced often. New Reed MATERIAL Made with THE WORLD'S FIRST SYMPHONIC MATERIAL, INVENTED JUST FOR REEDS AMBIPOLYMER Unprecedented Generate WITH FULL, ROUND AND EVEN HARMONICS IN ALL REGISTERS PROJECTION JUST LIKE Wet & Sound 30 SECONDS WET This is sometimes a concern, so, recently, convenient resin reeds that are easy to maintain and last a long time have appeared. This, however, can easily be the case for finding or changing to any other woodwind reed. The primary one for me was middle “E”. 48 $43.25 $43.25. Try. $16.92 Free Shipping. Electronics $34.00 $ 34. Légère Strength Comparison Charts: Légère Reeds produces premium synthetic Clarinet and Saxophone reeds. Subscribe to the Newsletter. Find great deals for Bari Star Synthetic Bass Clarinet Reed, Hard Strength, 4.0-4.5, BSBCH. News. I tried Legere reeds a year ago and was not totally convinced, but they seem to finally have found the right formula with a new model, the Legere Signature. Shop now. Because it's not plastic and it's not cane. 4.9 out of 5 stars 12. I love the Fibracell synthetic reeds! Shop with confidence on eBay! I will definitely continue to purchase these for my saxophones! Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 21. Reeds and More Reed Comparison Chart Vandoren Traditional Vandoren V-12 Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic Vandoren Java Vandoren V-16 Vandoren ZZ Rico/Rico Royal/Mitchell Lurie Rico Jazz Hemke La Voz Rico Grand Concert Select Rico Grand Concert Evolution Rcio Grand Concert Thick Blank Legere Brancher Gigliotti Marca Gonzales Zonda Rigotti Gold Olivieri Peter Ponzol Alexander Superial Traditional Reeds. Vandoren Paris 56 rue Lepic – 75018 Paris Authentication site for your Vandoren products : FIGHT AGAINST FAKE. Tenor & Alto: I typically play between a 2.5 to 3.0 strength cane reed across various brands (Vandoren, D’Addario. Computer Numeric Controlled milling sculpts material into a new solid shape, ensuring the highest level of consistency and … For me, after a bit of experimenting, I ended up going for a quarter size harder on alto and soprano. We recommend that beginners start with a 2 or 2.5, also referred to as “soft” reeds. Lets. FREE Shipping. I use them on my alto, tenor, and bari saxes. With Fibracell You Get: The same "woody" tone as cane but with better sound projection. Synthetic reeds are more expensive, but they last roughly 15 times longer than a cane reed, and many people feel that it's more practical to spend twenty dollars on a reed that will last for a month instead of twenty dollars on a new box of reeds every week. Arrives before Christmas. They're much nicer than the clear plastic synthetics that other brands sell. NEW: Fiberreed HEMP – 80% organic material for a darker, earthy Sound. So I was using a 2.5 on alto, I now use a 2.75. Synthetic reeds lack the 'great' response you find in those few great cane reeds, but also lack the throw away need. The Fiberreed Story; Carbon Onyx Reeds; Materials for Music; Dealer Locator; Search; Menu Menu »Fiberreed sets a new standard in reed superiority!« Legend Tom Scott . First, understand that strength is a measurement of a reed's stiffness. The more experienced a player becomes, he or she will likely move up in reed strength. Fibracell reeds are sold individually and last up to 6 times longer than cane, making them less expensive to use than cane! They are used by players in the world's most prestigious orchestras, including both the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras, as well as … So, how do you know what strength you need? Many thanks to Ray Noguera of Laconia Music Center; Matt Stohrer of Stohrer of Stohrer Music; Jason Dumars of Dumars Engraving; and Curt Altarac of MusicMedic for the generous use of their materials on this site ©2014 Saxgourmet, an outreach of Steve Goodson Woodwinds. A size 2 reed is a great place to start for a beginner. There were some notes that didn’t seem to have the same resonance as they do for me on the cane reed. FREE Shipping by Amazon . More Buying Choices $36.99 (19 new offers) Legere Reeds Signature Baritone Saxophone Reed Strength 3.25. For woodwind players, there are some general reed strength rules. Most beginners start by using La Voz or Rico reeds, because they are the cheapest brands. Subscribe to the Newsletter. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. The only synthetic reed I have found so far that sounds very close to a cane reed, and responds in the same way is the Legere Signature. They have produced a comprehensive comparison chart so you can easily find out which strength in their reeds is equivalent to the cane reed strength you are currently using. Facing success of the V21 reeds for the Bb clarinet, we have adapted the model for the Eb and Bass clarinets, as well as for… Vandoren Paris 56 rue Lepic – 75018 Paris Authentication site for your Vandoren products : FIGHT AGAINST FAKE. You don’t need to do much to them and they play out of the box. Although synthetic reeds are made of composite materials that are designed and manufactured to imitate the quality and sound of cane reeds, most players still prefer the sound (and response/playability) of cane reeds. To change the strength of a synthetic reed, reed makers add or subtract layers of material to change the thickness. Sizing . New state-of-the-art techniques allows for more specifically graded reeds in 10 strengths satisfying a wider range of players. I am hoping it will resolve my problems with cane as a beginner. You'll need to find an appropriate comparison chart (like below) for whichever brand of reed you choose to buy. Reed Strength Comparison Chart. Légère Signature Series Overall Thoughts. Finding the right reed strength for each saxophone player is a process, and highly individual, but there are some common reed types and strengths that are time-tested and proven to work well for beginners. A reed that is great for doublers because it does not require soaking. Reeds with a thickness of 4 or 5 are harder and thus require more skill to sound, but the tone is fatter, bigger, and warmer. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with Vandoren Paris news and updates. Electronics $40.48 $ 40. For some, in the beginning, it can be a real challenge to find the right FIBRACELL reed that will work for them. We use cookies to let us know when you visit our websites, how you interact with us, to enrich your user experience, and … Bari Synthetic Composite Reed for Soprano Sax, Hard Strength: Musical Instruments. Bass Saxophone.