I wonder if Benchmark found that there is a limit to the power supply design or if they found there was a cost limitation in building a more powerful supply section? If you're trying to be non-sexist or non gender-specific, "they" or "their" will work fine, as in: "Someone has left their phone in the break room. The Parasound A 51 amplifier is more than capable of driving All Rights Reserved. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. The Parasound A 21+ offers a lot of low-distortion power and isn't fazed by impedances as low as 2 ohms.—John Atkinson. - Anthem MCA225 Gen2 I actually purchased my A21+ from them. I know you don't want to talk about the Parasound A23 and the Freya, is there … They currently have the 3b3 on sale for $5215.50 while the A21+ is $2995. M22 is very good, but sometimes I feel like the Revels have a little more potential, at least based on what I've read in reviews. thekingbeyond Well-known Member. such a powerful amplifier. I have not had an integrated amp or AVR in house in a very long time. Lägg i varukorg. While overall you appeared to be impressed with the AHB2, you reported that it did not mate well with certain speakers. Regarding tube life, many tube amp users seem to enjoy tube "rolling", so they may well end up changing tubes before they actually need replacing. I measured approx. constraints or probably due to their desire to optimize performance without In his review of the ($3,495) Rogue Audio Stereo 100 power amp, HR stated that the amp in triode mode "delivered bigger, deeper, more CinemaScope soundstages populated with denser, more vivid three-dimensional aural images" and "in my view, the Stereo 100 is everything—sonically, mechanically, aesthetically—that we could hope for in a 21st-century tube amp. Like with anything you get longevity or you get issues. See complete description . I cannot fix that but I will notify someone who can. That one is the XPA-2 both 1st gen. Parasound has been around a lot longer than Emotiva. Thank you! I too struggled to get the sound quality that reviews (Thanks Kal) suggested. The amplifier preserved absolute polarity (ie, was noninverting) with both balanced and unbalanced input signals and with the right channel used as the input in bridged-mono mode, with the outputs taken from the two positive loudspeaker terminals as described in the manual. There were also even-order harmonics of the power-line frequency present, but these are also very low in level. from 20 Hz to 20 kHz which is excellent. with. Good luck. Question, let's say you have the Revel f228be and laying around the house you also have the NAD M22, Parasound A21 and the Parasound A21+. http://rogueaudio.com/Products_Atlas_Magnum.htm There is no headroom with the amp whatsoever, but it still does 200Wpc into 4 ohms, and the monoblocks close to 500Wpc. Greetings, excellent review. Parasound Halo A21+ mängd. @zerodeefex warned me about the Parasound amps. Parasound … ), something the A21+ above avoids completely, due to its far greater power capabilities. If you want to learn about some of the technical and design aspects of your A 21, refer to the Technically Speaking and Parasound A 21 Design Overview sections in the back of the manual. about 65% larger than the one in the A 52. The Movies I Own Samsung UE65KS8000, Marantz AV7703, 2x Nakamichi AVP1 power amps, PMC TB2i l&r, PMC TB2M … The new variant A21+ now has been developed with enhancements (both cosmetic and more fundamentally - internally) by the dedicated team at Parasound, to ensure that where necessary the natural development of benefits can be added … I'm still getting use to the Jc5 as its more amp than I expected in terms of its capabilities but will say it will be with me for years to come. Contributor Banned. (With a class-AB output stage, one-third power results in the maximum dissipation in the output devices.) If I was forced(!) He owned an A21, the better more powerful version of this amp. Still, the Parasound came surprisingly close to the Ref 210’s neutral tonal balance and to the MBL’s highly nuanced dynamic palette. Quality product but one can do better. Many thanks for your thoughts regarding the ABH2. The Benchmarks live in the city where, so far, they have not disappointed. voltage sagged from 116VAC to 112VAC. The Parasound A21+ can be used to stunning effect with the Parasound range of pre-amplifiers such as the JC2 BP, JC3+, the new improved P6 or the larger and flexible P7. Thanks, Great review. Food for thought? Shipping to United Kingdom. Tilføj til kurv. If this amp is 10% "better," that number is not worth testing the waters of diminishing returns. Please note that during the 4 ohm load test, my wall Selected the A21+ based on Kal’s review of the F228Be’s. They can claim it at the front desk.". We appreciate you taking the time to read these instructions and thank you for selecting Parasound for your listening pleasure. Ken is an engineer with FedEx and applies his diligent attention to detail to his speaker and electronics reviews here at Audioholics. Parasound design consultant John Curl has been a legend among audiophiles and electronic engineers for decades. The balanced input impedance was high at 90k ohms at 20Hz and 1kHz, dropping to a still-high 84k ohms at 20kHz. I wish Hi-Fi News still had their old reports and reviews in a different subsection of the website as archives. Parasound Halo A21+ Stereo Power Amplifier B-Stock Full Warranty Changes from the original A 21→A 21+ 250 → 300 Watts (8Ω) 400 → 500 Watts (4Ω) 7... View full details Original price $2,995.00 Boasting classic circuit designs by renowned engineer John Curl and prices that range from just under $1000 to a few … "The Parasound Halo A 21 and A 51 are top rate amplifiers at a great value. Frequency Response 5 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.25 dB. during maximum unclipped power output into 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads indicting that PARASOUND A21 high end stereo amplifier 2x400W (4 . In their eyes, that’s just a bad and rushed design. Fig.4 Parasound A21+, distortion (%) vs 1kHz continuous output power into 8 ohms. Additionally, Parasound’s A21 just won an Editors’ Choice Award in the March 2019 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine, which calls it “an excellent Class AB stereo transistor amp, designed by the redoubtable John Curl.” Conclusion: “The A21 offers a lot of power at an affordable price.” Impressive Performance Upgrades. Notice that the linearity remains even "", https://www.stereophile.com/content/rogue-audio-stereo-100-power-amplifier, http://www.rogueaudio.com/Products_100.htm. See price £ 2 599. eBay. ...a larger (apparent) soundstage, then try a tube amp. I purchased a Marantz receiver to drive my purchased Revels and it sounded wonderful. Parasound tries to create extremely solid designs that last for years as opposed to updates and tweaks every year. I have seen glowing reviews of the AHB2 amp for the most part but in a small number of cases there seems to be mismatches with specific loudspeakers and headphones. If you run into difficulties, the Troubleshooting Guide should help you quickly remedy the problem. ButtUglyJeff Stunningly beautiful IRL Friend. But in the article you linked, this is a direct quote... " Still, for $899. The input impedance at 1kHz measured 48k ohms unbalanced and 91k ohms balanced. Copyright © 1998–2020 Audioholics, LLC. suggest combining the Parasound Halo A 51 with the accompanying A 21 amplifier Fig.6 Parasound A21+, THD+N (%) vs frequency at 20V into: 8 ohms (left channel blue, right red), 4 ohms (left cyan, right magenta) 2 ohms (left gray). purr1n, Jan 18, 2017 #3. I found this out during a visit to Ultra Fidelis in Milwaukee this last week. Well, sometimes the measurements keep us honest. Just curious what you mean by "the dynamics are demo-quality". Another amp which could also be considered ......... AudioControl Avalon G4 ($2,200), favorably reviewed by TJN for S&V magazine ....... 2, 3 or 4 channels, 600 WPC 8 Ohms, 2 channels :-) ........ ... (for $999 each) and still have money left over? Any dealer that's willing to send me the Parasound for comparison, I will gladly purchase it if it's superior! Parasound specifies the A 21+ as delivering 300W into 8 ohms (24.8dBW) with both channels driven and 500W into 4 ohms (24dBW). This is evident by the JC 1 mono amplifier serving as a base and inspiration for the JC 5. The Parasound Halo A 21 and A Each of the Halo's 18 flat-pack output devices stands on a 0.1 ohm emitter resistor; the DC voltage drop across these resistors was 15mV in the high-bias condition. any speaker load in even the most demanding home theater systems. Parasound Halo A21+ Two Channel Amplifier Description The outgoing Parasound Halo A21 is the latest two channel power amplifier in the HALO series to get updated. Fig.3 Parasound A21+, spectrum of 1kHz sinewave, DC–1kHz, at 1W into 8 ohms (left channel blue, right red, linear frequency scale). Does it mean unprocessed like a demo CD that you might find at a band's merch table? Similar power and price. I tried to tell my wife I was gold/silver color blind but it didn't work. I no longer have the Revel Performa F228Be but I bought a pair of the Revel Performa3 F206 speakers for surround channels, primarily. The reasons for this decision were based on several different factors; I can order them online and return the one's I don't like, but that gets tedious. However, given the fact that the A 52 is endowed Joined: Jan 17, 2017 Likes Received: 230 Dislikes Received: 118 Trophy Points: 43 Location: Northern Region, FL. purr1n, Jan 17, 2017 #41. Excellent working order - a few scratches and scrapes on the front and top as per the photos, but doesn't affect the performance. If you say so. In order to do a dealing with sound reinforcement applications may thirst for more power, but Note: Measurements can be found through this link. I … amplifier is excellent at any power level it is operating in, and its freedom . 250 watts into an 8 ohm load and about 400 watts into a 4 ohm load across the Add to Compare. I have been an owner of Parasound amps since the early 2000's with an HCA 2003a then moved to an A21 and as of last weekend a Jc5 , its been quite a journey with these fantastic amps with each taking my journey to the next level. individual cost of each unit, thus giving a rating Their stuff used to look low-rent with the separate endcaps and folded metal faceplate, but adding the gold strip gives a purpose to the endcaps and a nice sense of detail to the face. No discrepancy. I had also tried several other USB cables such as AudioQuest Carbon and Diamond and Kimber Kable CU. I mention this not to take away from the Parasound, but to help people mystified or susceptible to the charms of high priced audio equipment. × Beskrivning Brands Mer information Recensioner 0; Beskrivning. equipment doing the duty it is designed for. So the A21+ is a real all rounder for want of a better phrase, but don't let this deftness fool you in any way shape or form. Greater overall capacity with the monos, obviously. haha. Low-level spuriae at the 60Hz power-supply frequency and its odd harmonics were present in the Parasound's noise floor (fig.3). https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PAC2250V2. Big D Design I've got stereo junk in my trunk. Member; Posts: 156 » Gallery; Re: Parasound A21 and P3. Dunno. « Reply #12 on: 26 Mar 2012, 01:26 pm » I have a Parasound A21 amp used with the Parasound C2 controller. Maybe larger soundstage, fuller/richer mids. Join our Exclusive Audioholics E-Book Membership Program! Vi hjälper dig gärna. I am very happy with my system comprising the above and TEAC NT-505 (Network Player/DAC/Pre-Amplifier). and each reviewer has his/her own system for ratings. The price is nearly identical, about $400 more on the Bryston. you listed it as one of the upgrades made in your article, but did not notice it in person. It's difficult to audition amps. DescriptionThe outgoing Parasound Halo A21 is the latest two channel power amplifier in the HALO ser.. £3,799.00. The unbalanced input impedance was 46k ohms at low and middle frequencies, 37k ohms at the top of the audioband. Parasound Products was founded in 1981, in San Francisco, by Richard Schram, whose mission was to provide value for the money to his customers. Page 1 A 21 Amplifier Owner’s Guide...; Page 2 If you’re eager to get up and running right away, simply follow the basic step-by-step instructions to connect and operate the A 21. I have not heard/used the M22 v2. The shape of the traces in figs.4 and 5 suggested that I examine how the percentage of THD+noise changed with frequency at 20V, which is equivalent to 50W into 8 ohms, 100W into 4 ohms, and 200W into 2 ohms. The rating scale is based on performance/value ratio. I preconditioned the amplifier by operating it at one-third the specified power into 8 ohms for an hour. Yderligere information Farve: Sort, Sølv. If you notice better performing products in future reviews that have lower numbers amp at +/- 3dB from 5Hz to 100kHz at 1 watt. "Doing so has proved that extremely high performance-per-dollar is still possible today when a company leverages decades of experience, and is spearheaded by a legend." I do not have any experience with demo CDs "that you might find at a band's merch table" but it is possible they are comparable. It would be good to have an empirical test of your most reasonable hypothesis. Thank you so much for the hand. We ran 1 kHz, 5 kHz and 10 kHz square wave - Cambridge Audio Azur 851W. Well, it would have to be hypothetically because, although I have used most of these these components before (not the A21), I have not used any two of them at the same time or A/B. of the product in question. I see that you have been using two AHB2 amps in mono. Parasound Halo Series A 21 power amplifier presents the latest advancements in amplifier technology. https://parasound.com/a23+.php. another $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 dollar amp to compare the A 21 and A 51 Parasound specifies the A 21+ as delivering 300W into 8 ohms (24.8dBW) with both channels driven and 500W into 4 ohms (24dBW). The Parasound's voltage gain into 8 ohms measured 29.2dB from the balanced inputs, 29.4dB from the unbalanced inputs. Fig.8 Parasound A21+, spectrum of 50Hz sinewave, DC–1kHz, at 100W into 8 ohms (left channel blue, right red, linear frequency scale). The THD+N was very low in the midrange into 8, 4, and 2 ohms (fig.6) but rose at higher frequencies. Perhaps its one of those things that looks great in pictures, but doesn't amount to much in reality. Thanks, looks interesting...can't find any reviews. Parasound's website lists the dimensions as 17-5/8 inches wide, 7-3/4 inches high, and 20 inches deep. Does this indicate some bias disbalance between two channels? hold the line voltage constant and have at least a 20A dedicated line to power Ken Stein is a contributing writer and reviewer for Audioholics and he really REALLY likes his speakers (which he should, since he spent countless hours hand-crafting them himself.) The Interesting. Ears validate the measurements, not the other way. They have many useful features allowing the amplifiers to be configured for almost any installation. The bass could be more impactful with A 21+ ....... Also, with tubes, you have to change them after certain hours of playing music :-) ....... ... combination such as a Rogue Atlas Magnum II tube amp and a Parasound Halo A23+ solid-state amp, and still be just under the $4K budget limit stated by tlathbury. 1 1 P. pacman9270 Enthusiast. Which one would you recommend? (These figures include the series impedance of 6' of loudspeaker cable.) Me, personally? Logged MichiganMike. Parasound wisely decided not their comparable price range. Manufacturer ... Power measurement are at 120 VAC: 0.1% THD, RMS continuous power, full audio band (20 Hz - 20 kHz) Current Capacity 60 amps peak, per channel. In bridged-mono mode, the gain was 34.9dB into 8 ohms. I will have to take a gander at my local dealer. Fig.7 Parasound A21+, 1kHz waveform at 25W into 8 ohms, 0.01% THD+N (top); distortion and noise waveform with fundamental notched out (bottom, not to scale). I tested the Parasound Halo A 21+ with my Audio Precision SYS2722 system (see the January 2008 "As We See It"). Recently purchased the f228be based partially on your excellent review. Parasound A 21 Design Overview sections in the back of the manual. Because the Marantz was overheating, I purchased the Emotiva and couldn't tell the difference between the 3 amplifiers; all wonderful. You personally. Audioholics.com note: The top panel was also hot, at 116°F (46.7.1°C). They have performed the modification in the past for customers as well. (One can still search for the original re-printed review though.) For the amount of real power the A21+ is capable of, it stands stout. They Without having a VARIAC to hold the line I am down to two amplifiers either a Parasound Halo 21+ or a Bryston 3b3. I'm sure this is a wonderful amplifier, and I know there are significant differences in speakers' quality, but I never see A/B tests among amps (like Revel does with their speakers). Bryston 3B3 is high on my list, but considerably more expensive. Recently sold a P5. The maximum power into 2 ohms with one channel driven was 900W (23.5dBW), while in bridged-mono mode into 8 ohms—the recommended minimum load in this mode—the amplifier clipped at 1100W (30.4dBW). assume this amp will deliver its rated power into all channels at 8 ohms. They have many useful A Parasound NewClassic 2250 2 channel and a Parasound NewClassic 5250 5 channel were replaced with a Parasound Halo A21 and Parasound A52+ respectively. Parasound seems to have attended to every aspect of their design including the Fig.2 Parasound A21+, small-signal 10kHz squarewave into 8 ohms. If the use of monoblocks resolves the reported mismatches, the $6K price of AHB2 monoblocks remain a good value given their transparency and power rating for driving such speakers. I also read elsewhere that if the amp sees tough loads with large voltage swings, there will be issues with amp coping (perhaps the reason Herb's review of the amp with the RAAL headspeakers was unenjoyable? Similar specs wattage-wise to the A21 at 270W into 8 ohms. Measured with the unbalanced inputs shorted to ground, the amplifier's unweighted, wideband signal/noise ratio was 78.1dB ref. The modulation of the amplifier's frequency response, due to the Ohm's law interaction between this source impedance and the impedance of our standard simulated loudspeaker, was therefore minuscule, at ±0.1dB (fig.1, gray trace). Jr. The less powerful Bryston 2b3 is on sale for $3865.50 which still more than $400 than the A21+. The linearity of this I suspect that you have put your finger on the reason for these mismatches. One can pop the feet off and use the supplied mounting kit to secure the A21+ into a standard 19 inch wide audio rack where the mounting height will be four rack spaces. this amp doesn't suffer from slew induced distortion typical of lesser However, I would not hesitate to put them up against other amplifiers in When I had an Emotiva (https://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-51), it did not satisfy me. I hadn't noticed any change. to buy a pair without audition, I would mate the A21+ with the f228Be. But by the time he warned me, it was already a week to late. Bridged/mono power rating is 750W into either 8Ω or 4Ω. I read with interest your previous review of the AHB2 amp. If this amp is 10% "better," that number is not worth testing the waters of diminishing returns. Parasound seems to have attended to every aspect of their design including the excellent build quality internally and externally matched with great looks. Fig.9 Parasound A21+, HF intermodulation spectrum, DC–24kHz, 19+20kHz at 50W peak into 8 ohms (linear frequency scale). The Parasound Halo A 21 and A 51 amplifiers are top rate amplifiers at a great value. This is a natural for my short-list, with this amp joining the AHB2, the Rogue ST-100 and the Belles 150a Reference 2, among others.