I recently visited Mandaragiri again after 5 years. The gradual incline is an easy climb for an amateur or even a beginner. Report. The Hill also known as Basadi Betta locally, best place for trekking with approximately 450 steps. Rayakottai - 74 km 10. So this would be a very short post on the moments of sunset. Log in. Mandaragiri Hills, just 75 km from Bangalore is a wonderful location for a long drive and family day out. As previously mentioned, Mandargiri hills is an easy trek. Mandaragiri hills can also be famously referred to as Basadi Betta, which is roughly 75 kms drive from Bangalore and falls beneath Tumkur district of Karnataka in our very personal unimaginable India. Browse more videos. Search. It was also one of the less explored location and we thought of spending a peaceful day there. There is a Jain temple on the top of the hill and dhyana mandira which resembles a bunch of peacock feathers on the foot of the hill. Antharagange, Kolar - 75 km 11. Watch fullscreen. Mandaragiri hill is a perfect weekend getaway, one of the important pilgrim place for Jains near Tumkur, Karnataka. Avani Betta - 95 km 13. Located around 45 minutes from Kathmandu the Chandrgiri Hills complex give you a good view of the City as well as a unique experience. I would probably write a detailed post on the place sometime later. Those days when there were no convenient travel organizers/groups, you guys put out such good content. Skandagiri Hills - 60 km 8. Carry water and food since there are no food stalls around the place. Mandara Giri hills / Basadi betta. 4 hours ago | 0 view. Mandaragiri hills. I have been to Mandaragiri hills before on a bright day. Library. Mandaragiri Hills is a famous pilgrimage site for Digambar Jains in … Mandaragiri hill is located in Tumkur district, around 70 km from Bangalore. The travel time during early mornings would be roughly 60 to 90 minutes. The Cable Car ride takes about 10 minutes each way, and I was lucky to visit on a day with small crowds-- maybe because it was pretty cool and a little cloudy. SRS Hills, Ramnagar - 60 km 7. Sign up. Mandaragiri Hill is located in the Tumkur District just about 60 kilometres away from Bangalore. So I just wanted to revisit and say thank you :) Reply Delete 4 hours ago | 0 view. Watch Mandaragiri hills - life and true reviews on Dailymotion. However, if you wish to have an overnight camp on the hills, you can do so with the permission of the temple owners. Follow. I had found this gem through your blog. As there are no worthy places near by and we have a hill to climb (around 400+ steps) and a lake near by we didn't plan for any other destination this time. Its short distance makes Mandargiri hills one of the most convenient weekend destination for a quick one-day road trip from Bangalore as it takes less than two hours to reach this Digambar Jain heritage center. On a quick note, Mandaragiri hills a.k.a Basadi betta is an abode of Jainism which dates back to 1000 years. Feels like ages ago that I used to read all your blog posts and make my own road trip plans. Hulukadi Betta - 65 km 9. It's Mandaragiri hills, a Jain temple which is near Tumkur. life and true reviews. Siddara Betta - 100 km 14. Mandaragiri / Basadi Betta - 60 km 6. Google Maps Route to Mandaragiri Hills from Bangalore. Playing next. The pristine natural surroundings captures the heart. Devarayanadurga is a cluster of hills located around 70 km from Bangalore. It has 435 steps that can be completed in a span of 30 minutes as a whole. Bilikal Rangaswami Betta 75 km 12. Madhugiri Fort, Tumkur - 103 km