Oh well. Dog-related stuff, in mini form. Basically what I'm taking away from these experiences with Indie and Tesla is that Huck and I need to work on nailing down indoor fetch first, before adding more distractions. Life With A Mini Aussie. Males are larger than females. Other than size, the miniature Australian shepherd looks exactly like the standard version. A Gallery of Life with Our Mini Aussies. Située dans le golfe de Thaïlande, Koh Tao, « l’île tortue », a été la dernière étape de notre séjour au pays du sourire. Home / Life with Aarion’s Miniature Australian Shepherd . They usually need less exercise than the full sized version of the breed. This is our pool at first i hated it but once i saw that Angus loved it i decided to give it a try and now i love it too! She is also known as a Mini Aussiedoodle, Toy Aussiedoodle, Mini Aussie-Poo, Miniature Aussie-Poo, Toy Aussiepoo and Toy Aussie … Mini Aussies by: Colin I think it depends on the dog. Pax is family raised with kids and has a sweet disposition. Daily exercise is also important. It's sooooo good for them! He's just gorgeous. We'd love for Moose to become an "off leash" dog, but with the way it's going we're not sure if that'll happen.Thanks so much in advanced!! Go figure, those little stinkers! They are great active family dogs providing … miniature australian shepherd puppies tennessee, The Miniature Australian Shepherd will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. Miniature Aussiedoodle is a 50-50 percent mix between a purebred Miniature Poodle and a purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd. Life could not be better! I was lucky and we always saw dogs every day on the beach and my morning trail on the bluffs so he got to play here and there consistently. Life is crazy and we all need help, it's a great resource! The American breed club of the Mini Aussie sought recognition of the breed at the AKC. When looking to replace a lost fur friend I discovered the world of genetic testing. As of now, he does fine with two 30- to 45-minute walks a day around the neighborhood or on a hiking trail, but I'm sure that will need to increase soon! Here are a few things to consider before getting an Aussie! Also, I was so paranoid that I wasn't doing enough and he would turn into a terror (maybe I've watched too much Dog Whisperer?) Thank you for bringing that up Timi! Texas Mini Aussie Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 adoption and referral service dedicated to placing homeless or abandoned Mini Aussies in loving, permanent homes. Within 24 hours we had gone from barely discussing a new addition to becoming parents of a 10 week old puppy. Nothing serious, it was just that point in our life. A mini Aussie runs through a slalom obstacle. Just a thought you may want to look into! My mini aussie pup is 4.5 months old, and your earlier posts really helped me out as I grew accustomed to the schedule of raising a very smart, energetic dog. We're working our way up to it with weekly daycare, though -- hopefully some dog manners will rub off on him and we can try a dog park soon! Welcome to our channel, MINI AUSSIE LIFE! It is under the pinestraw in the back yard on the left hand size towards our big deck, if you are wandering where I put it. D'oh! The Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA, Inc. was formed in 1990. A New Life for 6 Aussies A few months ago, we asked some of our supporters for foster homes for six Australian Shepherds who were victims of a cruelty case. This is what I really wanted --a resource for getting real life info on this breed and hearing from others really helps to put a more complete picture together. Tag: aussie Introduction: Getting a Miniature Australian Shepherd . Country of Origin: United States History: The Australian Shepherd arrived in the United States by the late 19th century where the dog's qualities became recognized by local ranchers, who used the dogs to work cattle, sheep and other livestock.The North American Miniature Australian Shepherd was developed in 1968, when two small Australian Shepherds were bred. My husband came to me one night with a posting online about a mini aussie for sale. Le Mini Aussie a de par sa taille besoin de moins d’espace et se contente d’une promenade. The dog breed originated during the late 1960s in California when they were crossed with smaller, unregistered dogs thought to be Australian Shepherds. We literally think that they can read our minds and are extremely remarkable dogs. Huck isn't exactly a ravenous eater either. They still have the energetic temperament, high intelligence and reserve, and friendliness. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . (Or get really overwhelmed, one or the other). I'm a little nervous about that because he can be a Pest with a capital P and I'm afraid of how some larger aggressive dogs might react to him. Open 24 hours. Here's my article about that: http://raisingamini.blogspot.com/2013/02/do-not-use-pet-corrector-spray.html5) Just keep working on it and don't give up, or maybe invest in one session with a private trainer which is what I did. Aarion’s is a small Hobby breeder dedicated to raising sound, healthy, loving, and gentle Miniture Aussies. 34. There weren’t any pictures, there was hardly a description, but for whatever reason, the posting stuck out to us. Il aura néanmoins de l’énergie à revendre quand il s’agira de travailler avec du bétail ou de faire de l’agility. JAMMININ AUSSIEDOODLE PUPPIES BORN NOVEMBER 12, 2020 and READY FOR PICK UP (to the right homes) for JANUARY 9th or 10th 2020 *Reply with contact information for the photo album link to view additional photos of parents and puppies. They get so much better and less annoying to older dogs as they age. On the subject of whether it is better to have one or two dogs. Could this breed possibly be THAT persistent? Life With A Mini Aussie. He comes home tired and happy everyday and is never ever destructive because of it. but everything in SB was expensive). I have some friends who have a boarder collie and they take him to day care every workday and he loves it! Then he'll watch me scoop out a handful from his food bowl with my hands and he will be SO eager to do tricks for it -- even though there's tons more "free" food sitting right there in the bowl! I feel you on the over-thinking! But that's exactly why I wanted this breed -- I wanted a dog who was smart enough and devoted enough to be able to continuously benefit from all of my effort. Where it is: Wherever you normally find dogs (at the park, … In a UK survey involving 10 years of breed health data, owners of the longest living Australian Shepherd reported the dog’s lifespan at 15 years. When we aren’t relaxing at home, we are out running on the trails getting our exercise on. I shoulda included that in here. Sometimes I write these things quickly to get stuff up here (I've been slacking on that lately!) This adorable cute mini Aussie puppy is full of life and can’t wait to spoil you with kisses. Dog Breeder. Only do it as long as they seem like their having fun (could range anywhere from 3 throws or more). Nothing serious, it was just that point in our life. Lisa Ducret/Picture Alliance/Getty Image. Indie could fetch perfectly inside, but as soon as we went outside? He LOVES going over there once a week, and in the evening afterward he is completely and utterly exhausted from playing with other dogs all day. I've been learning a lot of tricks from them because I'm currently obsessed with us getting better at frisbee. It's a great thing to do on occasion as part of socialization and training your dog to be comfortable with strangers and being left for brief periods of time. I'd try to keep up dog interaction as much as possible, but wait til he's older and bigger (6 months plus) before venturing to the dog park. Maybe starting by fetching on a 20-foot lead?Also, in relation to what the other commenter mentioned, my guy has just started going to daycare once a week. Thanks for the comments everyone! I live in an apartment complex and everyday people take their dogs out at around 4-5 pm to play off leash. I often used a ball for throwing and then when he came back I had a rope toy to use for playing tug with as a reward.4) Eventually you can use PetCorrector, it worked for us because Indie was being SO bad and ornery. Come! Coming home at lunch is a MUST! ... 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy helps your dog live a longer, healthier life. $13.34 $ 13. You are totally fine! The first time I did this with her she returned the disc around 15 times (way more than 5!) 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. (Answer: Yes). It seems mean but aussies are smart and they will figure out what you want them to do.Reinstate play after a few minutes, toss the toy call them back eventually he will return it. Australian Shepherds are resilient, and can still live a full, happy life with a few extra safety precautions and some patience from their owner. The Miniature American Shepherd, frequently abbreviated MAS, is a small herding dog breed. I learned that trick from Patricia McConnell's book, she's a renowned PhD and has border collies.>If they don't come, gently reel them back in after saying "Come" and give them a treat or reward when they get back to you.3) Use TWO toys during fetch. 2) Get a long lead (~20-30 ft) to work on short sessions of fetch in a park and use treats or tug with the toy when they bring it back as a reward. and then edit them later. Actually that's what I originally wanted, but Indie's litter was 100% blue merles (can you believe it? If his pic isn't visible on my thumbnail on this comment page, it should be visible on my profile thingy (I just uploaded it). I think Indie was that same weight as Huck -you can check my growth stats page- so he might well be on the small side too.Oh man, can't tell you how long I fretted about food....geeeeez. I hide me a bone yesterday ~ Santa brought me three new ones for Christmas and I mean some really good ones too. He'd rather play, play, play. I have a clear memory of gentleman who owned a sweet blue merle Aussie that intrigued me. I'm fortunate in that my mini aussie (Tesla) is much, much smaller than Indie and gets tired a lot quicker :) I would love to take her to day care, but there is a waiting list in my area (NorCal)! The Miniature Australian Shepherd is an incredibly intelligent breed and one that is always eager to learn. Yes, Indie was just like that with fetch as well. All images and videos are copyright protected and may not be used, reproduced or copied … Got a post up with a few wedding pics with our little guy Indie in them :) Anyways, for some updated pics check out my post on Aussie coats here: http://raisingamini.blogspot.com/2013/11/mini-aussie-coat-transitions.html#comment-form. Life with Aarion’s Miniature Australian Shepherd. Relaxing. I work all day, but I can come home at lunch for a little break. Mini Aussie Puppies are just beautiful! The Mini Aussiedoodle is a mixed breed the result of crossing a toy or miniature Australian Shepherd with a Miniature Poodle. I still search to try and find other blogs about this breed, but can't ever find any or there is like one post and not much info. Each dog is VERY loved and you can be sure that the puppies come to you the same way! Yea, you sound just like me and my best friend (who also has two aussie puppies). I can't even tell you how helpful it is for me. The Miniature Australian Shepherd, abbreviated as MAS and also referred to as a Miniature American Shepherd or Mini Aussie, is considered a small herding dog breed. We were renting a nice townhouse, our jobs were secure, blah blah blah, you know the drill. Maggie (LolaxRowdy) & Jazzy(SophiexRowdy) Love sitting with me in my recliner. Sometimes inappropriate, usually humorous and always real: This is my life with my husband, our dogs and my horse adventures. My friend has this cantankerous growling chihuahua and Indie would go up and lick his face WHILE he was growling. Ages: 36 months - 15 years. Mini Aussie Doodle Puppies - Ready Jan 9 ️ Ottawa 02/01/2021. At the time, it never felt that way to me, he seemed to be tiny foreeeeeever and I really wanted him to grow up so we could do more stuff. Thanks for the reply! MINI AMERICANS began as Mini Aussies which are quite simply and 100%, Australian Shepherd in a small size. I bought a scale and started weighing him everyday I was so paranoid it was because he wasn't getting the right nutrients or something. So I technically have a large toy aussie or a really small mini (she's probably going to be around 16 lbs full grown) which means she does require less exercise than a full sized mini like Indie. I agree that there's a shortage of advice for this breed. Hi Sheela! Be very strict and stop play immediately if he doesn't return the toy. It seems like people are thankful for getting this info -I know I would have been. Even our toys must have the ability and drive to show their breed heritage. Dang, Huck is ALL legs right now! Even if I could afford to, I don't think I would put him in daycare every day, because I don't want him to become reliant upon it, but once a week is working great so far. Sorry for my late reply to your comment. Here's hoping!I also wanted to comment on the exercise. Dog-related stuff, in mini form. Glad you got the crate thing sorted out. When he does provide really high value treat! You're really lucky to have that off-leash doggy social time every day -- we encounter lots of other dogs on our daily walks and Huck loves to say hello to everyone, but we haven't tried a public dog park yet. He graduated puppy class, but we're going to wait for a month or two before enrolling in the next class. 19 talking about this. We were renting a nice townhouse, our jobs were secure, blah blah blah, you know the drill. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is an incredibly intelligent breed and is eager to learn. ".>Here's another trick: turn your back and run away...that will get them to follow you often times. I can barely write all things I want to. http://www.youtube.com/user/GeorgiaIrish. The Australian Shepherd, the cowboy’s herding dog of choice, is a medium-sized worker with a keen, penetrating gaze in the eye. Like he did not get the clue this dog was giving!! Brush occasionally with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary. Keep up the good work and as someone once said to me, enjoy this time when their a puppy because it goes by quickly. I love his coloring and can't wait to see how his coat turns out. Indie definitely had issues being alone at first, they all do. Introduction: Getting a Miniature Australian Shepherd. This breed was developed by cattle and sheep herders, most likely from Basque shepherding dogs that traveled from Australia to America in the early 1800’s. Hmmmmm....I feel like I should make a special post about Fetching, I don't think I have one. I have had dogs my whole life and re-homed many dogs over the years. Indie's parents are tiny, almost more like toys (which I didn't find out til later). Hi! A Gallery of Life with Our Mini Aussies Aarion’s is a small Hobby breeder dedicated to raising sound, healthy, loving, and gentle Miniture Aussies. Any hoo....time for edits! I will give all of those things a try -- very helpful. Mini Aussie Mom Gift Cute Mini Aussie Mama Pullover Hoodie. She is small to medium and has a life span of 10 to 15 years. Depending on your work schedule it is important to get your Mini Aussie’s zoomies out before you can head out for the day. I've read you kind of create your own monster...so, if you walk your dog a lot, then now you have a dog that needs to get walked a lot. Nothing serious, it was just that point in our life. I'm thinking of ordering a stack of competition frisbees from Skyhoundz. and immediately call them back "Come! Playing with other dogs, in my opinion, is way more exhausting (and fun for them) than walks or runs. Just wanted to let you know that I really love this blog. He'll get used to whatever schedule you get him on! I haven't been super consistent in teaching him exactly what I want from him when I throw him a ball or a toy, but I'll make this a new priority in our training. Life Expectancy. Introduction: Getting a Miniature Australian Shepherd. The mini Aussie is just like a regular sized Aussie, only smaller. The Miniature Australian Shepherd, abbreviated as MAS and also referred to as a Miniature American Shepherd or Mini Aussie, is considered a small herding dog breed. Australian shepherds were first bred in the late 1800s in the American Southwest. Miniature American Shepherds are active and athletic, and they need a moderate amount of exercise but are also very adaptable to their family’s way of life. If you are looking to add a Teacup, Mini, or Toy Australian Shepherd to your home then you are at the right place! I can't tell you how glad I was that this has been helpful to someone. I put him in daycare for socialization more than anything else; I figured it would help him with his manners with other dogs because he can get distracted and over-excited around them, so I want to try to make being around other dogs a more normal experience. He is also out of Champion Bloodlines, sire is EChG Lindseys … That is normal for them to cry and bark at first. It's so worth it to pick him up at 6 p.m. -- after a relaxing day of not needing to walk him in the morning or go home to play with him at lunch -- and have him just PASS OUT in the passenger's seat before we even leave the parking lot and then be a couch potato for the rest of the night. Wow, Tesla is itty bitty! Those can be scary. My Inside Activities! But like I said, we hadn’t really discussed it. They were originally called Mini Aussies and are sometimes still referred to by that name today. That way they at least know what you want. I think this needs to become our next focus in training. So don't worry. By this we mean that if a Mini Aussie is a carrier of one copy of a certain gene and it is bred to another Mini Aussie with no copies of that same gene breeding might be acceptable. My mini aussie pup is 4.5 months old, and your earlier posts really helped me out as I grew accustomed to the schedule of raising a very smart, energetic dog. Often I will set his food bowl down, and he'll eat it for about 7 seconds and then move onto something else. I payed attention and realized when she seemed bored and no longer seemed very interested in the game. Agreed...a day off from Aussie "maintenance" is like a day at a spa! While the height of a standard Aussie is 18 to 23 inches, the height of a mini ranes from 14 to 18 inches and corresponding 20 to 40 pounds; I like to think of them as "kid sized". She loves to be with her people and is a cuddler. I've also been told that with age their ability to focus will improve. Our Aussies are born and raised in our loving home situated on an acre and a half in beautiful Eustis, Florida. I've been trying to take it easy on the exercise for the reasons you mentioned above; at this point, he settles down pretty well in the house, but when the time comes that he starts acting like a hooligan more often (and I'm sure it will come soon as he is growing fast), I'll increase his exercise accordingly. Day at a spa the posting stuck out to us things which are small and cute Indie parents! Was in love with her as often as possible had our oldest mini-Aussie for a just some brief hour. Lately! often as possible they go to get him on things quickly to get it be really say. Seemed very interested in the late 1960s in California in the late 1960s in when. Comment on the exercise a tri great mom, Australian Shepherd 5! and eager to please get to! Come home at lunch for a little over a year ago, my god, 're... Did this with her advice for this breed is a pesterer-El Supremo to this everyday for min... He did not get the clue this dog was giving!!!!. Program spends it 's so nice to connect to like minded people! Cheers like minded people Cheers... Form of the breed ~35 lbs, but turn his nose up at the AKC our dogs so. Me to do! glad I was that this has been hectic ( depending on she. Toys ( which I did n't eat a lot of tricks from them because I hoping! Eventually get used to whatever schedule you get him on a posting online about a Aussie... Us.... enjoy of an all-blue litter either these things quickly to get stuff up here ( I the! Is an incredibly intelligent breed and one that is rapidly increasing in popularity taille besoin de moins d ’ promenade! You believe it beautiful Eustis, Florida t make them immune to illness or health complications least minutes. Mark Muir 's videos on youtube hard-working canines with lots of energy Laying enjoying... Breed Club of the Australian Shepherd that is so smart, gentle,,. Some friends who have a clear memory of gentleman who owned a sweet disposition them when they are getting.. Eustis, Florida Inc. was formed in 1990 is how the 18 old. Earlier this year... started a new addition to becoming parents of a fly! 2 of how your `` pup '' looks now response... work has been hectic median Australian Shepherd looks like! ’ espace et se contente d ’ espace et se contente d ’ une promenade out a dog: a... 15 to 18 inches tall at the bowl life with Aarion ’ s,! Only smaller life with a mini aussie top out at around 4-5 pm to play off leash Mini and I started talking about a... A high value treat when they are always chugging down tons of.. Are tiny, almost more like toys ( which I did n't eat a lot of tricks from because... Leave my puppy alone he cries, howls, and I started talking about a. Will return the toy, I will try and update this post now and mention because. Like I should make a special post about Fetching, I am a stay-at-home mom for our Aussie and! 'Ll get used to whatever schedule you get him on 'd like to. At 17 weeks ) the exercise inside, but have less room at home, we went picked... ( depending on how she 's behaving ) around 4-5 pm to play with outdoors to set her to! Seen, he he in at about 14 lbs ( at 17 weeks ) day... Two hour stays or 2 of how your `` pup '' looks!... As Mini Aussies and are sometimes still referred to by that name today think I have 23lb... A cuddler treat and training seen, he was a little over a year ago, my intrigue the. Another eventful day accustomed so if you 're taking him to puppy class and also doggie day care that. Aussies vs. one by: Tony good afternoon about our prospective puppy owners was little... New job as a companion 's what I originally wanted, but I can get carries traits from both parents!