I would say all said and done, about $25/box. When the planter is in place, cut a couple large slits in the bottom of the plastic liner so excess water can drain into the soil below—unless you plan to install a self-watering system. Samantha Hanly is an organic vegetable gardener, greenhouse gardener and home canner. Outdoor miters look better than square-cut butt joints at first, but they inevitably develop ugly gaps as the wood absorbs and releases moisture. City dwellers often garden in containers or small raised beds because they don't have large yards and landscapes. Raised beds curtail creeping weeds and drifting seeds. Create stylish planters, complete … How to Build Window Boxes. Construct the Walls and Trellis. Project step-by-step (8) Step 1. Here’s how to install the planter: Set it into position, then slice into the soil around it, marking its footprint. Add views of gorgeous spring greenery inside and outside your windows with these simple window box planter tips. Filling this planter requires a lot of soil, almost a cubic yard. Start by cutting the parts according to the Cutting List. Redwood, cedar and cyprus woods are naturally resistant to fungus and pests, and may make a better choice for building a planter box. Top off the planter with a 2x6 rim. I would say all said and done, about $25/box. Next, check out our favorite flower bed ideas for full sun. Pingback: 18 DIY … Drill another hole 12 inches up from the center hole, and a third 12 inches down. Paper Bird House Box ~ This DIY box tutorial is in French so you’ll have to translate, but the paper house is so adorable and perfect for a small gift of candy, nuts or the sort. You guys, I can't tell you how simple this project is to build but what a statement piece this little beauty turned out to be in our very short hallway. This optional step helps you keep different crops in the planter box organized and separate. This simple DIY garden planter is designed for minimal waste and cost, and is easily customizable. Davis Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, many garden beds and other outdoor structures are built with pressure-treated wood. This is much easier than trying to drill screws directly into the wood. How to Build an Elevated Wooden Planter Box. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! A plastic liner helps to keep the wood dry and the soil moist. Powered By: Wayfair.com. Now here's a clever way to get even more use out of your wooden planter box. You can fill planters with top-quality soil for more productivity in a smaller space. You can also sign up for my email list below and get the latest post delivered to your inbox, plus exclusive access to my woodworking plans library ! Join the parts with screws as detailed in Figure A. Lay the lattice boards flat on top of each other and drill a hole through the middle. How to Build a Wooden Planter Box: 13 Steps (with Pictures) Every product is independently selected by our editors. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Another trick is to set plastic buckets in place upside down. We recommend our users to update the browser. For a planter box that will sit on the ground in your yard, you may need to level the ground before placing the box. Most of the DIY planter box ideas listed below only require straight cuts and simple joints, so all you'll need is a saw and a drill! Screw the panels to the frames, placing screws every 8 in. If you’re tempted to miter the corners of the rim, reconsider. Staple plastic sheeting to the inside of the box, then trim off the excess with a utility knife. Here’s the Best Time to Put Out Your Hummingbird Feeder, A Guide to Getting the Most From Your Air Compressor, Jobsite Etiquette Tips for Subcontractors, How to Build a Planter with String Light Pole, What Is a Moon Garden? Along the side edges, drive a screw at every second rib. DIY Planter Box Cut List. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. You could even build a DIY porch swing, plant stand, and an Adirondack chair to complete your outdoor makeover. You may wish to attach the weed block to the boards with a staple gun. The height discourages pests, especially rabbits. To make a lattice, you need six 4-foot ¼ x 1½ x 48-inch lattice boards, assuming your 2 by 6-inch boards are 4 feet long. Related To: Carpentry and Woodworking Woodworking. Take the time to select straight, good-looking lumber. We chose pressure-treated lumber that’s cedar tone rather than green, so they look like cedar raised garden beds. Attach the 2 x 6-inch boards at the corners with deck screws for durability. Add soil or deepen the trench to level the planter. Plus, a planter with a trellis allows you to grow climbing plants and flowers together for a stunning focal point that looks great in the front or backyard. However, they state that studies have shown that some amounts of arsenic, chromium and copper can leach out of the wood and into the soil with water. Description Quantity Length Width Thickness; Bottom Slats: 8: 12" 3 1/2" 1" Short Side Rails: 4: 13 1/2" 1 1/2" 1" Side Rails: 4: 28" 1 1/2" 1" Side Slats: 22: 11" 3 1/2" 1" Cut these on the miter saw with a stop block to speed up the process. To avoid assembly mix-ups, note that the rails fit between the stiles on the side frames. By building your own planter box, you can control the size and make it fit perfectly in your yard or on your porch. DIY Huntress This DIY planter box plan is made out of beautiful cedar boards that really elevate the simple design. When you get it home, cover it with plastic to slow its drying. Modern Cedar Planter. How to Grow Edibles in Window Boxes. DIY 2x4 Plant Stand with Build Plans. How to Build a Triangular DIY Planter Box. Lay out the lattice boards in a grid; there will be a hole at each cross. Arches can support screen or mesh to stop pests, or poly mesh sheeting to keep plants frost-free overnight. According to the U.C. You now have three holes in each lattice board. The segments still needed 30 degree bevelled edges to make a seamless triangular shape. Buy a 4-ft. x 25-ft. roll of fiberglass window screen here. North Caroline State University Extension: Strawberries in the Home Garden, Ohio State University: Container Gardening Fact Sheet, University of California, Davis Agriculture and Natural Resources: Using CCA Preservative–Treated Lumber in Gardens and Landscaping, University of Florida Extension: How to Build a Square Foot Garden, How to Build a Raised Garden Bed With Legs, How to Build a Compost Bin for Grass Clippings. Cut your leg boards and the shelf boards to size based on the plans. 28 Best DIY raised bed garden ideas: easy tutorials & designs to build raised beds or vegetable & flower garden box planters with inexpensive materials! If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. DIY is my MO. If you’re looking to build a planter box– we’ve assembled a list of 20 DIY plans below.. Scroll through this list and click the ‘View Plans’ to get the free plans. Sign Up. Use at least three deck screws at each corner. The list of reasons for switching to raised vegetable garden beds is long, but these are the main advantages: Tending raised plants is a lot easier on the back and knees. There are a bunch of cool designs- cheap designs, cedarwood builds, indoor options, stairway blueprints, floating types, and dead-simple plans. After seeing these beauties I need to get some cedar and build myself some tall planters! 5. Adding a DIY planter box to your porch or yard is a great way to add some curb appeal for just a little effort and money. Click on the button or image to go to the full tutorial. DIY Modern Outdoor Planter Box If you would like to keep up to date with my latest posts about outdoor projects , woodworking and more, you can follow me on Facebook , Pinterest , or Instagram . Line the bottom of the planter box with weed block. If you do, note that it will be much easier to apply before you install the metal panels. Reinforce light-gauge corrugated metal by screwing plywood over the metal. In case you missed part 1, here it is. Get tips for raising a harvest of herbs and vegetables in a window box. Pressure-treated lumber tends to warp badly as it dries; much better to let it dry after assembly when the parts are fastened together. Built with 3 sheets corrugated metal, 6 2x4's and 2 2x6's, I spent less than $100 at Lowes including paint. We didn’t use a finish on our planters. How to Make a Planter Out of 2 X 10s. Home centers typically carry light-gauge corrugated metal, which is fine for this metal raised garden beds project, as long as you reinforce it with plywood. Join the frames by driving screws through cleats at inside corners. Plus: Check out 10 easy vegetables every Midwest gardener should grow. 01 of 13. Step 2: Assemble Sides of Planter Box . Of note, the soil/manure mix was about $15 per box. Fasten the side frame parts with “toe screws” (screws driven at an angle). My local Home Depot doesn't even carry cedar 2x6's. Strawberries are an excellent choice if your box's location gets adequate sunlight. Be sure that the “show” sides of the frames are facing out. Sign up for our newsletter! You can fill planters with top-quality soil for more productivity in a smaller space. Complete DIY projects like a pro! Move the planter aside and dig a shallow perimeter trench, just a couple inches deep. When looking at gauges of metal, remember that a higher number means thinner material. Favor Box Template. Use an electric drill and drill bit to make the holes for screws. The list of reasons for switching to raised vegetable garden beds is long, but these are the main advantages: Everything you need is available at home centers for about $200 per planter. If you have back problems, garden beds can be the perfect solution. The box is positioned as you described (I think) but it is the only part of our backyard that does get more than 6 hours of sun since we have a large tree that blocks other parts of the yard. Build the walls and trellis on a big, flat work surface like your driveway. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. But the most crucial one is you can grow a garden even in a contained soil area. We may make from these links. A DIY planter box that features a trellis detail is a smart way to create even more space in your garden. Raised beds curtail creeping weeds and drifting seeds. Teachers at the University of Florida Extension suggest crafting a grid to lay on top of the planter box. Clamp the parts to a flat surface with the best-looking sides face up. But there are ways to fill the lower half of the planter with less effort and expense. Step 2. She grows a substantial portion of her family's food every year. along the top and bottom edges. About: Originally from Wisconsin, now living on the Best Coast. spade bit. Love this planter and plan to build one of my own, but question how this can be built for under $20. 7 Natural Ways to Keep Bees and Ants Away From Hummingbird Feeders, 8 Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Hummingbird Nectar. Level the Footings. Standard 26-in.-wide metal panels don’t require cutting to width. One common filler is plastic milk jugs (with caps screwed on tight). This planter box has a bit of an elegant design that will look great on any porch or patio. Hose Holder . Cheap Raised Garden Beds You Can DIY. The Ohio University Container Gardening Fact Sheet suggests more crops that do well in shallow containers, including salad greens, spinach, chard, bush varieties of beans and many kitchen herbs, depending on the season and your area's climate. On the end frames, the stiles fit between the rails. Continue Reading . Planting on raised garden beds brings many benefits compared to planting on the ground. Our metal is 30 gauge. DIY Cedar Planter Box Tutorial. Next Up. Set the plywood on 2x4 blocks to help position it. Jan 5, 2019 - 3 x8 diy above ground planter box. Family Handyman . She became a professional writer in 2000, writing curricula for use in classrooms and libraries. The bottom rails (C) require a 2-in.-deep countersink hole drilled with a 5/8-in. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/building-planter-box-2-x-6-boards-83535.html First, slip on gloves—those metal edges are sharp! Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Email; By: Dan Lipe. I’ll run you through the tutorial in this post showing you how to build this DIY 2×4 Plant Stand step by step. The shelf boards were cut a little longer than called for from a longer, much heavier board using a circular saw. If any of the screw heads don’t sink into the wood, drill a shallow countersink hole sized to match the screw head. Just like belairdirect simplifies your insurance, we simplify life at the cottage by building planter boxes out of fence boards. If necessary, add toe screws to the joints to hold parts flush. Mount the trellis on the back wall before moving it to the pond site. The main difference was the number of segments – I just needed three. See Figure A for details. Each of these DIY wooden planters includes plans, so you can make your own easily! She enjoys working on DIY remodeling projects to bring beauty to her homestead in her spare times. A planter box made with 2 x 6-inch boards will be about 6 inches high, so choose crops with naturally short or shallow roots. Wooden planter boxes are a good home project for hobby gardeners. Based on where we see the most sun in the yard, we agreed that it would be a perfect spot! Also, make sure all the screws you choose are rated for use with treated lumber. More About Few Bits » This is a tutorial for a 4'x4' raised garden bed on casters for use on a deck or patio. Sign up for our newsletter! Complete DIY projects like a pro! Simple to build DIY projects at Construct101. The triangular planter box was very similar in design to its hexagonal planter box cousin. And that my friends, is how you build your own custom planter box. DIY Planter Box with Trellis . That requires a watertight liner. I went with the paint colored called Peppery by Behr which helped to give the planter a metal look. Building your own planter can not only save you money, it can allow you to customize the size of the planter to fit your specific needs. It can be done in a day for under 100 bucks. Now your planter box is ready to be painted! HGTV Dream Home 2012: Make a Planter Box. It covers the important basics of building a productive raised bed, such as planning, material selections, designs and tips on how to fill your raised beds! Cedar Planter Box with Iron Edges. In the Los Angeles, CA area where I'm from, a single cedar 2x6 in 6' lengths will run you over $30. More stuff on my website, check it out! Tending raised plants is a lot easier on the back and knees. Cut shorter parts from your imperfect boards and save your straightest material for the long parts (E, G, M). Add some flowers to your view in five simple steps. 20. Free Printable Leftover Pie Labels and Box Template ~ Leftovers never looked so good! Print . DIY 2×4 Plant Stand Tutorial Step 1: Cut the boards. For instructions on crafting this planter box, take a look at this DIY guide via Anikas Diy Life. Don't use glues or adhesives. For details on how to add this feature to any raised planter, click here. (And How You Can Start One), 14 Charming Chicken Coops for Your Backyard, 10 Awesome Garden Arbor and Trellis Projects, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Parts of Your Home Prone to the Most Winter Weather Damage. You'll enjoy the look of vines. I applied it using our HomeRight Super Finish max for a smooth finish and it was easier to get the inside of the planter box. 14 Picnic Tables You Have to See to Believe! The knots in the wood grain look great, especially with the iron edges that hold this planter together. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Next, learn how to prep soil for your vegetable garden here. 2x4 planter box plans, plans includes a PDF download, shopping list, cutting list, and drawings. DIY Planter Box Designs. Fasten with nuts, washers and bolts, and finger tighten. Shop This Look. Set the planter in place again and check it for level in both directions. Then cut the panels to length with metal shears. After receiving her bachelor's degree, Hanly embarked on a career teaching dramatic arts, arts and crafts, and languages. Next, learn how to prep soil for your vegetable garden here. Family Handyman.