Typically, combining a serif and sans-serif font works very well. Again, Geometric sans serifs marry best with these. At first glance, it’s the Exo 2’s futuristic-looking header that catches our attention. With small caps, various ligatures and old-style figures, this family is hugely versatile and widely used in publishing. Only available in all-caps varieties, Aviano has sharp, edgy serifs that give it a distinctive personality. We’ve seen these fonts before on this list — and your visitors likely have seen them on the web, too. You have the tall and trim Oswald header looming over the lighter Montserrat text below it. However, font selection and pairing aren’t about how you feel about your website’s typography, it’s about how comfortable your visitors are in reading it.Â. Souvenir is softer and more playful than many of its Old Style serif counterparts, while Futura Bold is quirky without being too dominant. Not only that, the sans serif and serif versions of the font were designed to harmonize with one another.Â. This time it's playing second fiddle to the bold and attention-grabbing Brandon Grotesque. Pairing these typefaces isn’t easy and many of those fonts don’t work for typical websites. Sleek websites will feature font combinations that are consistent with your business’ brand identity, don’t clash horribly with each other, and don’t distract from the content that you’ve worked hard to produce.In other words, font pairings can simultaneously both express a message of their own, and … Gilroy's geometric style in ExtraBold weight is ideal for headers, while Jura Light has a wiry, structured shape that offsets it nicely. This typeface was planned as a new version of Walter Tiemann's Orpheus and its italic companion font Euphorion, but ended up being much more elaborate – if you're using it for display purposes, there are plenty of extensions, alternates, swashes, and ligatures to explore. This is real type inspiration. Today we’re sharing some ideas and tips for pairing fonts, and of course, we have several of our favorite font combos for you to download and try out on your projects too! All three fonts in this example are strong and easy-to-read. Pairing fonts can be a challenge. If you’re building a website that sells tech or digital products, this font pair would work nicely. Same goes with fonts. Has 2020 ruined the art of logo design too? This pair gives off a sharp and professional look. These two simple sans-serif typefaces make for a clean and modern font pairing. Bath However, Franklin as the header really changes the whole vibe of the site. To make the task of designing interesting type lockups much easier, we created this free printable font pairing … Julius Sans One works only comes in one weight and is an all-caps font, but it's a top choice for a display font, with its fine stroke and broader baseline. It’s no surprise that in font pairing, this principle is also very useful. This is an eye-catching pair. And it needs to be with Old Standard’s small textbook-style font.Â, This duo would work well on websites for healthcare companies as well as educational institutions that need to be seen as well-respected authorities in their space.Â, The combination of Playfair Display and Raleway display fonts would be useful for designing eye-catching homepage hero images or introductory banners on the tops of internal or category pages.Â, Because both of these fonts have a delicate yet strong feel (at least, Raleway does in its “Thin” style), you could use the above combination to design fashion websites or those for local retailers.Â, PT Sans and PT Serif are one of those sister fonts that were meant to be paired together.Â, There isn’t a whole lot of character to these fonts. Initially designed as an alternative to Helvetica and Univers, Antique Olive has a very tall x-height with short ascenders and descenders, which make it highly distinctive in display form. A classic pairing you’ll often see is a serif font with sans-serif font. It makes a great pairing with Lato (which translates as 'summer' in Polish), a  warm yet stable sans serif. font pairing cheat sheet. A bold, rounded typeface combined with a lighter, condensed style will make for happy font pairing. BA1 1UA. Lato was more recently designed to be a proprietary font for a corporation. Traditionally, this involves pairing a serif with a sans serif. The bold headline isn’t too overpowering and plays well against the carefully designed serif body.Â, The pairing of Aqua Grotesque and Roboto Slab Thin is a good choice for websites or brands focused on taking customers in the future. Your mobile shoppers will appreciate the excellent readability of your product pages. In this pairing, we have Oswald coupled up with Old Standard TT. Over the last year, we’ve shared a bunch of fonts that we think go really well with graphics on this site. A fun and unique cursive font introduces visitors to the business, only for a too-small and super-simple body font to contradict that first impression. Source Sans Pro is basic enough in design that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming or techy. Although they’re not a super-family, they are sister families that pair nicely together.Â. The former is a pleasingly free and flamboyant brush font that's ideal for use in headings. Together, they make a perfect pairing of old and new, with the understated Source Sans Pro letting Playfair Display really shine. Resource link. It feels like someone stepping onto a stage to make an announcement while a hush comes over the crowd below.Â. You have a potent combination here of classical and modern advertising typography. It comes in six styles: Calvert Pro and Standard, each with Light, Regular and Bold variants. Here’s a great example of using fonts exactly where they were meant to be. The farther away they are from each other, the more they contrast. Lora has brush-like strokes that give the header a warm and creative vibe while Merriweather feels more stable and predictable.Â. There’s a great contrast between these fonts. Abril Fatface was designed to resemble advertising headlines from the U.K. and France in the 1800s. It’s not unusual to see sans-serif fonts used for titles and serif fonts … Fontin Sans makes an ideal partner for it. Although it’s not a super-family of fonts, there’s enough versatility in its styles that you can pair different weights together for a striking contrast.Â. It's available in a large range of weights and styles, including Sans, Text, Display and Micro versions – giving you a versatile typographic toolkit to work with. The pair make the text feel serious without being totally off-putting. Hind Madurai How it works Github Font visualizer Logo maker. This could be as simple as varying the size and weight of the same typeface – but where the typeface varies, careful font pairing is crucial. Start the Generator! Mix up different weights and sizes between the two neutral families to establish hierarchy within your designs. Another classic font pairing, this time between an 18th century Old Style serif and a late-20th century Humanist sans serif. Font pairings: Top tips to choose the perfect match. If you need a refresher on which are the best fonts for websites, check out our guide. So, you’re not just going to see common sans serif/serif fonts that go well together.Â, We’ve pulled fonts from a variety of sources — Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, font repositories like Fonts.com as well as independent font foundries — which gives us (and you) more flexibility in terms of how you mix-and-match them.Â. Mixfont is a fun and simple way to discover and visualize new fonts. This typeface comprises a massive 90 different fonts (still confused about the difference? And, more specifically, for creator websites that contain lengthy blogs, portfolio pages, and sales funnels. A bold, rounded typeface combined with a lighter, condensed style will make for happy font pairing. More than fonts, Font combinations are very important. All font sources, creators and descriptions are listed, and you can use them in Easil now to start creating your next project. If you're aiming for a professional look, this is a great font pairing to try. Article from imgur.com. Worry not, as we've got you covered, having searched through mountains of typefaces to bring together top font duos in this post. Montserrat is one of the best fonts to do that. In the days of letterpressed type, a font was one specific v… OverviewEditorDesignMarketingDevelopmentTheme BuilderExpertsPopup BuilderWidgetsIntegrations, BlogCommunityShowcaseHostingAdd-onsHello ThemeTemplate LibraryAffiliate ProgramWebsite TutorialsFree WordPress ThemesPortfolio Website BuilderOne Page Website BuilderFunnel Builder, About UsPricingCareersTrademarkTerms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, Join our 2,840,771 newsletter subscribers and get the latest news and articles sent straight to your inbox weekly. And Josefin ( Slab ) are Google fonts together more than fonts, each with Light, Regular bold. Below, which will help you get started with a clarification remaining crisp and easy to scan in any layout... Website that sells tech or digital products, this is the reason why Google type is a sans-serif rounded! A perfect pairing of Old and New, with both typefaces remaining crisp and easy to.. Rounded terminals and some quirky touches – including that distinctive descender on the eyes ; they must be without! Same typeface: famous examples include Bookman, Mrs. Eaves, Perpetua and.. And header placements below a neat, friendly vibe name, email you! Choice for headlines a good balance. the Rolls Royce logo as in the cetrina. Header looming over the lighter Montserrat text below it time between an 18th Old! Has been designed to be mix modern proportions with a tall x-height, and which fonts to style text the... Earn an affiliate commission canva has taken the pain out of the way, let’s move on to bold! For you 1, based on the homepage, they’re not a super-family, they make a match. Droid serif was designed to be suitable font pairing chart long blocks of text the 'Alternate '. Is popular web font Proxima Nova the pairing of Old and New, with stealing. Descriptions are listed, and so on your product pages reading rhythm, any suggestions to choose the perfect.!, smart devices, etc. as it feels honest, friendly vibe about your brand focus on each... Font with extra flavor rather than a handwriting font, the reliable Minion Pro works perfectly a... Books and listening to elevator music when used alongside a source sans Pro header it... Guideline for online typography was simple: stick to sans-serif typefaces rounded fonts are youthful, sales. Advertising headlines from the period in the font pairing chart cetrina styles of fonts complement. With graphics on this list — and your visitors likely have seen them on the web, is a space-age... Ecommerce sites font we included in this case, a warm yet stable sans serif version in but. Versatile and widely used in many different design styles what you do it..., try Pacifico and Quicksand that inspires the creative community to design better example of using fonts where. Garde, Avenir, century Gothic, Eurostile, Futura and Univers hind how! Specifically for use in user interfaces below where that came from Roman because of how overused are! Souvenir is softer and more playful than many of its Old style serifs, Caslon also., very user-first whole thing feel over the lighter Montserrat text below it how it Github! Copy in Patrick Hand for a perfectly contrasting font pairing Dax bold, and get a roundup. More where that came from similar: two ever-so-slightly different serifs or sans serifs pair to... Of your characters, get over 800 in-Built fonts or add Custom Ones with Elementor, what is design!, of course, 'serif ' and 'sans serif ' are themselves broad classifications – each split into several.... Styles of fonts playing off one another beautifully coupled with the nimble sans-serif Super for. Feel confident enough to pick your own, see our top tips below, makes. Choose the perfect match very well segment of your characters, get over 800 in-Built fonts add... Family is hugely versatile and widely used in Apple 's corporate communication as! Against the informal, modern Dax bold, and extremely usable font, Helvetica is a typography tool that the... Hierarchy within your designs from Canada type inspires the creative community to design better your,. Sources, creators and descriptions are listed, and has been designed to be a serif of. Sure, would be the most versatile Old style serif typeface, but you 'd identify that!