A benefit of a roll-up is that you can use your entire bed without removing the cover. Easily tow a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer. FREE SHIPPING. GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Truck Bed. Simple installation this product clamps down to the bed rails for a perfect fit. The best tonneau cover will depend on what style you’re most interested in and your needs.Â. For more cleaning information check out this post on how to clean your tonneau properly. Here are 8 different great options to choose from based on your preference: According to a recent study from SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association).Â, Having a tonneau cover installed can improve gas mileage by up to 11.81%.Â, This equates to roughly 200 dollars saved per year in gas costs for the average pickup truck driver, Covering your truck bed has a wide range of benefits to it.Â, Tonneau covers protect the contents of your box from the weather.Â, While allowing you to transport things more effectively without worry of them flying out.Â. Place a side rail flush with the front of the bed rail, next to the cab. This truck bed tonneau cover is fantastic for pickup owners that want a high-end cover with luxury features.Â. Tonneau covers can roll-up, be hinged, or they can fold or snap. Tonneau Covers Buying Guide If you’re looking for the best way to cap off your truck’s bed, it’s hard to go wrong with a tonneau cover . The UnderCover Elite LX is a very strong and durable truck bed cover that’s proven to keep weather elements out.  We'll look at 5 of the best tonneau cover brands out there and look at the products they offer. It is great for the handy-man type that needs the toolbox inside of their truck bed. Ready to go straight from the delivery box to protecting your pickup truck. Lay the tonneau cover down on top of the truck bed and then all that’s left to do is to clamp down the four corners to the box. Truck box tonneau covers offer an added layer of security and protection to the gear in your truck bed. There are several styles and options available to suit your personal preference. You seem to be wanting a soft tonneau cover, here is one that will fit your 1972 Ford F250 with an 8 foot bed. While soap and water will clean your cover just fine, the vinyl cleaners also contain protectants which can prolong the life of your truck bed cover. TruXedo’s truck bed cover sits 1.5” above the truck bed with a sleek, stylish look that aids in a better fuel economy.Â, The product features a pre-set tension system integrated into dual latches to keep the cover tight.Â, With an attractive price tag, quality product, ease of use and a 5-year warranty.Â. . Place the tonneau cover over the truck bed and make sure that it fits … Snow can pile up and this cover still holds up under the weight without damage. 9 Reviews. SnugTop offers a wide range of truck caps and tonneau covers which are custom made and fitted precisely to truck families including Ford, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, and Chevy. Truck Bed Size: For any tonneau cover to really work—retractable, roll-up, or otherwise—it needs to actually fit the top of the bed. Where are you driving most often and can the material type handle the weather conditions?Â.  We have created the ultimate tonneau cover buying guide to help you through the process of selecting the tonneau cover that will perfectly fit your truck, that is in your price range and functions based on how you work. What's your budget for a tonneau cover?  The simple way to go about that is with a soft tonneau cover. This is a very durable and great quality product. Better … If you plan to be in and out of the box of your truck often it’s essential to choose a convenient tonneau cover.Â, Hard and soft tri-folding tonneau covers make accessing your truck bed easy.Â. Keep in mind if you have a back rack in the box of your truck, you are going to have to get adapters or get a back rack that is compatible with the cover you chose.  The tonneau will then fold up into three sections. With so many different bed covers on the market how your tonneau cover seals itself could vary from cover to cover. Extang offers a tri-fold cover for the bed of your truck tailored specifically for vehicle owners with a toolbox in the box.Â, This tonneau cover gets designed to fit a truck bed that has an 18-20 inch toolbox inside already.Â, Simple installation this product clamps down to the bed rails for a perfect fit.Â. Order Status. Leaving any equipment and gear in your truck box safe from damage. Toolbox too big? Truck, Jeep or SUV enthusiast that loves to drive the backroads?  Once it is folded-up, there are some latches to secure it. No matter what weather conditions, this product is weather-sealed. There are several things to consider to ensure you get the perfect tonneau cover for your needs. An installation guide for the Soft Tonneau Covers sold by Bosscoauto. You then simply roll-up the cover all the way to the front of the cab. All rights reserved. Also, using the protector helps keep your cover clean by repelling dirt and debris from sticking to the material. They have exceptional UV protection and are very sturdy preventing dents and dings. The Elite LX cover gets installed and removed within minutes without any tools. Tonneau covers not only look great, they can also improve your fuel economy and, in some cases, pay for themselves in as little as a year with the money you'll save on fuel through, Neither is better than the other, it just depends on what you require, Folding tonneau covers use multiple panels formed by stretching vinyl or canvas over metal framing, Allows for quick access to cargo by simply folding the panels on top of each other, Some folding tonneau covers allow for full access to the bed by folding in parallel with your rear windows, If you want to drive with the cover partially open, look for a folding tonneau cover with fastening straps, A roll-up tonneau is literally opened by rolling the cover from the tailgate, to the back of the cab, Extremely lightweight design won’t weigh your truck down as much as other covers, You can open a roll-up cover as little or as much as you like for fast bed access, Best for people who need the most inexpensive tonneau, full bed access and seamless styling, Hinged covers connect at the front of your bed nearest the cab and are opened by tilting the cover up and away from the top of the tailgate, Constructed of a large metal frame with either canvas or vinyl stretched over the top, Best for people who need an inexpensive tonneau that provides above-average security and seamless styling, The best of both worlds with both styles in one package, Lifts from the tailgate end of the bed providing quick access to cargo, Rolls all the way up to the rear window, providing you with full access to the truck bed, Best for people who can sacrifice security for flexible operation and convenience, Retracts into canister in the truck bed near cab, Best for those who have bigger trucks and struggle rolling or folding. If your truck is equipped with a standard 20-inch toolbox, a toolbox tonneau cover will fit your bed. Find the best off road pickup truck and SUV tires, reliable even on the harshest roads. Roll-up covers are very convenient for most pickup truck owners.Â. Tonneau covers have come a long way in the past 25 years. Delivered right to your door, ready to install straight out of the package.Â. Tonneau covers are very easy to clean using a tonneau cover cleaner. As of our top of the line pick Stehlen 733469490494 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover with Truck Bed LED Lights is a fine place to start, it offers the majority tonneau cover features with an exciting price only at Tonneau-cover… This tonneau cover includes a lanyard handy for reaching cargo in your box that’s out of reach. The fit guide is a great tool to use on our website, I used that to find a list of Tonneau Covers that will fit your 1972 Ford F-250. When making the choice of which aftermarket truck bed cover is right for you. While you may think you want a tonneau cover for your pickup, the main purpose for your tonneau can help determine the style you purchase. Tonneau covers are designed to be watertight. Will You Need to Access the Truck Bed Often? Hold it in place … Century Fiberglass, Inc., a member of the Truck Accessories Group, Inc. located in Elkhart, IN has been a leader in the sale of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps, truck toppers, camper shells, truck canopies, truck bed covers, and hard tonneau covers … Works great with Deuce, Lo Pro and many other truck bed covers. Do you want to have the tonneau on your truck 24/7 or only occasionally? Most tri-fold tonneau covers … The all black tonneau cover at an unbeatable price to give your truck better gas mileage, a sporty look and easy functionality. It features full cover functionality even with a top load in place.Â. But, they have the added advantage of locking security. Everything on truck bed camping from slide-in truck campers, popup truck campers, truck camper shells and more, Headache rack/pickup truck back rack are truck accessories that protect passengers and provide a ton of utility! Shop Hard Folding Covers       Shop Soft Folding Covers, Shop Hard Roll-Up Covers       Shop Soft Roll-Up Covers, Shop for Hinged & Roll Up Soft Tonneau Covers. The Elite LX is the lightest hardshell tonneau cover available for your pickup truck. This truck bed cover has stainless steel clamps that are very easy to snap in place to secure the cover to the truck bed. They roll-up to access the truck bed then secures into place when not needed. High impact plastic tonneau covers provide great security and protection to the bed of your pickup truck.Â. Copyright © 2021 SharpTruck. To Lower 48 States* 855-460-6801. An added benefit is the built-in cargo light which operates using your keyfob. Protect your floor with aftermarket floor mats, Upgrade your pickup with the top aftermarket running board options, Reinforce your truck with a heavy-duty bumper, Best Short Bed Campers for Small PickupsÂ, 2020 Best Off-Road Truck Tires | Complete Guide to Off-Road SUV Tires, The Complete 100% Guide To Getting Started Truck Camping, Complete Guide To Truck Back Racks | 2020 Best Headache Racks, TruXedo Sentry CT Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, Softcovers generally range from $100 to $600, Hardcovers generally range from $600 to $2000, Soak the cover to remove loose dirt particles, Scrub with a brush or rag until the dirt’s off, If the cover is heavily soiled let the cleaner soak for 15 – 20 minutes. 0 Tonneau Covers… When wondering what type of tonneau cover should I buy, most people will purchase their tonneau cover based on the opening style and hard/soft cover type. That’s what makes the addition of a truck bed tonneau cover so great. Easily access 100% of the truck bed under the cover. Patented design for backside cargo keeps everything secure on the ride. This keeps money in your pocket not having to re-buy stolen equipment or repairing your truck bed liner. TruXedo TruXport offers a quality soft roll-up style of the box cover at a great cost.Â, This cover is a great addition to any pickup at a great value, by no means does this company slack on the quality either.Â. GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Truck Bed …  In this tonneau cover buying guide we will tell you what to look for in a tonneau cover, tips on installation and how our tonneau covers will provide flexibility to your truck, pad your wallett and make you look sharp. In colder climates with snow and ice, the snaps have a hard time securing one another. This tonneau cover gets designed to fit a truck bed that has an 18-20 inch toolbox inside already. If you drive a tall or lifted truck a hard hinging or retractable tonneau cover is a better option. If you're looking for the best way to accessorize your truck, one of the best places to start is with a tonneau cover. Then, are layered over a retractable reinforcing frame. Engineered exclusively with …  If you are purchasing a snap-down cover, ensure you purchase one with adjustable snaps for the case the tonneau shrinks or expands. A roll-up cover will sit inside the rails. Cut off the excess foam tape with a box cutter. This cover gives great protection from all the elements inside of your box. Painted fiberglass lids weigh around 100lbs. Pickup truck bed covers save money in ways that would not cross most people’s minds. This is why many manufacturers create different … Tonneau covers, which are designed to cover … Soft roll-up covers are a great addition to protect the bed of your truck.Â, These truck bed covers are easy to install.Â. They are available in many different materials and have different function types. TruXedo TonneauMate Mounts under a truck bed cover for added security. How long does it take to install a tri-fold tonneau cover?  That being said, covers work the best when they are properly installed. The UnderCover Elite LX tonneau cover is a very high-end bed cover.Â, Featuring, a carpet lined underside and flawless paint matched topside.Â. But, without having a bed cover your equipment may get damaged or stolen. These materials range from vinyl, aluminum or polycarbonate. These tough bed tops look great, guard your gear from grabby … What is your main purpose of adding a tonneau to your pickup truck?  To work a typical roll-up cover, you will open your tail gate and unlatch a small slide-lock. The Sure Fit tonneau cover assembles and disassembles in a hurry and is one of the easiest soft tonneau covers … Click to find the perfect back rack for you,  (Specialty Equipment Market Association).Â, While allowing you to transport things more, 2020 Best Heavy-Duty Front Bumpers | Complete Guide to Truck Bumpers, 2020 Best Truck Running Boards | Complete Guide to Aftermarket Side Steps, 2020 Best Truck Tonneau Covers | Complete Guide to Tonneau Covers, Things to Consider Before Buying a Truck Bed Cover. Vinyl and leather tonneau covers get cleaned and protected with leather and vinyl cleaner. Strong Enough to Withstand Environmental Conditions, Painted Fiberglass Pickup Truck Tonneau Cover, 5 Great Aftermarket Truck Bed Tonneau Covers, TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, Extang Trifecta 2.0 Toolbox + Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover, UnderCover Elite LX Painted Tonneau Cover, Retrax PowertraxPRO XR Electric Retractable Tonneau Cover, PowertraxPRO XR retractable tonneau cover, Cleaning and Caring for Your Tonneau Cover, F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Tonneau Cover Questions. It prevents the tailgate from getting opened by unwanted guests. The soft tri-fold cover is another simple easy installation process. Sturdy Structure; This well-built tonneau cover …  Consider the height of your truck and how you will operate the tonnear. Sales & Support. Some owners of this product have used the same cover for the lifetime of many trucks. There are two different styles of installation for painted fiberglass lids.Â, Some models of fiberglass covers include a quick release system to remove the lid.Â.