Enjoy your night. 0. Please help us keep it that way by allowing your browser to display ads. They are the following: NZ Top 50 Aus Top 20 NZ Mid Cap Aus Mid Cap Total World Europe US 500 You can access to those ETFs from SmartShares, Superlife, and Sharesies (on some ETF) already. The great thing with sharesies is that it gives you access to buy investments from as little as $5 (compared with InvestNow’s $250 minimum, or $50 when recurring). Given Sharesies targets beginner investors, this feature could encourage investing based simply on past returns and biggest dividends. Whereas property investors can sleep easy. With the most expensive shares on the NZX only being NZ$45 at the time of writing (Mainfreight), fractionalisation won’t be as valuable in terms giving investors access to high-value companies. Let’s be friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email so you can keep up with the latest news and posts! Sharesies runs a subscription fee to use their platform, starting at $1.50 per month to use its platform for balances over $50. Written by Renae Williams Updated over a week ago Withdrawing money from Sharesies If you're wanting to get your money out of Sharesies. Investors should be mindful of not taking platforms' ease of use as a cue to side-step doing their necessary due diligence. With Sharesies you have to dig through a few screens to see the same information. If my tenant decides to leave, I have to find someone else. InvestNow does not charge an account fee. Yes, there are more players in this space, with Kernel Wealth, Hatch, and Invest Now to name a few. InvestNow | Invest Online | KiwiSaver, Managed Funds & Term ... 5 Things to Know About InvestNow | Business Post Nigeria. That, and changing how share assets are taxed, i.e. Here is some more, air nz, sky tv, synlait milk, fonterra fund. We want someone with $5 to have the same investment opportunities as someone with $50,000. Invest Now, which launched in March and is in the process of buying Rabo Direct’s managed funds business, has over $100 million under management. InvestNow’s website isn’t glossy, fitting with its low-cost offering. If the operational earnings are so high (2018 100 mil approx) and the div yield so delicious then why is the stock value and with it the shareholders wealth plummeting still? 4,156 1. swazi. For investors who are of the mind that the market always outperforms someone trying to pick stocks over the long-run, paying very low fees of around 0.03% to invest in a broad range of Vanguard ETFs is an attractive option. The shares, and by quite some margin. Those of us who like to manage our own investments enjoy hands on, I think that you agree. Just be aware that perception is not reality. Both platforms allow you to create kids accounts. Now, that is my kinda pathetic! Cadbury vs Whittakers. However Sharesies is set to be a real disrupter by offering lower brokerage fees. The balance sheet can certainly support the forecast 60% payout, given comfortable net debt/EBITDA of 0.8 especially as the no-moat-rated group is still forecast to generate around NZD 70 million in free cash flow a year. Fonterra are a cooperative who listed as an afterthought. There is good reason for the share price to be hammered, the board has been very slow to react to increased competition and new disruptive tech. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/hawkes-bay-today/business/news/article.cfm?c_... https://nz.finance.yahoo.com/chart/NZX.NZ/, https://www.finder.com/nz/hatch-stake-sharesies-us-shares, "'Nothing will change until the Government forces them to do so'", "The Week in Tax. Your access to our unique and original content is free, and always has been.But ad revenues are under pressure so we need your support. You may also find that others may apply that same adjective to you instead. Here’s Sharesies’ subscription fee as a % of your portfolio value. How much money do I need to start investing? One is rather pathetic. So small in fact one would question their viability. Sharesies runs a subscription fee to use their platform, starting at $1.50 per month to use its platform for balances over $50. taxing unrealized gains. It's really for companies over $US1 billion market cap, but there are some quite a bit lower than that if you know what you're looking for. ". This is low considering investing in funds directly through a fund manager can often require anything from $500 to $2,000, or even $500,000 AUD in the case of the Vanguard Funds. Do you know how to make a small fortune from sharemarket investment? You know what they say about assumptions. So after 3 months of Sharesies and 9 months of InvestNow using the same funds, Kylie’s numbers will look like this: Closing balance: $1,596 Meanwhile Sharesies charges annual or monthly subscription fees for its services (on top of fund fees). Other features worth noting are that Sharesies and InvestNow offer investors the option of making automatic payments, which is particularly handy for those with longer-term investment horizons who want to use their investments as savings vehicles. Don’t look back in anger, a review of 2020’s big tax stories", Follow auction results in our searchable database, even passed-ins, The smart & simple way to send money overseas at better rates than banks, Subscribe to our daily Banking & Finance email for senior finance professionals, Implemented Investment Solutions (IIS) - a Wellington-based specialist investment management company founded by Anthony Edmonds, Trade Me (16%), Sharesies co-founders Sonya Williams, Brooke Roberts, Leighton Roberts, Martyn Smith, Richard Clark, Ben Crotty, and 26 other shareholders, Fees paid by fund managers for listing funds, Fees paid by users and fund managers for listing funds, 110 funds managed by AMP Capital, Antipodes, ANZ, Devon, Elevation Capital, Fisher Funds, Harbour Asset Management, Hunter, India Avenue, Legg Mason, Milford, Mint, Morphic, Nikko, Pathfinder, Platinum, Russell Investments, Salt, Smartshares, Vanguard, 26 funds managed by AMP Capital, Pathfinder, Smartshares. Sharesies and InvestNow AMP fund incur the same management fee. Nowadays, if you can somehow get a bank account in Europe then you can use services like transferwise to move money, and degiro to trade shares with zero custody fees and flat rate brokerage of ~2.5 euros. In terms of total return, one needs to look at all aspects. This is where the likes of InvestNow, Sharesies and Hatch have seen gaps in the market. Once orders begin processing with InvestNow, they then take at least couple of business days to settle (i.e. I've also had the same tenant for a few years now and have been pretty gentle with the rent raises as they're looking after the place quite well. your accountant or adviser). I'm quite happy to have an index that captures total returns. Just as I will not convince you to go big in property. Putting money into your IB account (or withdrawing it) is just a simple bank transfer, which costs nothing. Sharesies, InvestNow and Superlife are all options to buy NZ index funds at a retail level - this includes the range of funds by Smartshares. Sharesies vs Investnow | New Zealand - Duration: 10:25. Sharesies charges a monthly subscription fee if your portfolio is worth more than $50. If you invest in a Smartshares ETF on Sharesies, and the sharemarket is open (normally 10am-4:45pm on business days), your investment order is usually processed and settled almost immediately. Sharesies $30 administration fee has less of an impact on higher amounts, hence its improved performance. Please help us keep it that way by allowing your browser to display ads. Claiming that the return was only 25% is laughable in its obvious fallacy. I disagree - index funds are for anyone aware of the research stating they are almost always better than managing your own shares, and not so stubborn that they think they might be one of the lucky ones and/or that actually enjoys picking their own shares. Thanks for the write up Jenae. I am amused by some of the commenters above, particularly Houseworks comments. A very common concern when investing through these types of platforms is who actually owns the investment, and what happens if the platform goes out of business? Sharesies offers half price account fees for under 18s, but InvestNow still wins with their zero account fees. They also offer more than 35 funds, some of which are Vanguard funds mediated through SmartShares. … rather than being able to place a specific bid, but I could be wrong. 20% off Offer Details: 20% OFF Sharesies Promo Code & Coupons for January 2021. IP: No I didnt read the sky tv annual report :) I leave that to the shareholders to watch their deteriorating position. I split my $50 high risk funds and made minuscule returns. Sharesies vs Investnow | New Zealand - Duration: 10:25. I was not intending to brag (this would be the first time I have ever mentioned such), but wanting to make the point there is a lot going on out there. You own the shares, but your name does not appear on a share certificate. I agree that the portal has room for improvement, but personally I think it’s perfectly adequate once you familiarise yourself with it. The effective cost of debt for the loan is, https://www.moneyhub.co.nz/hatch-invest-review.html, https://help.hatchinvest.nz/en/articles/1804597-do-i-own-my-shares. Comparing Sharesies vs Investnow vs Hatch vs ASB Securities ... InvestNow | Online Investing | Log In To Your Online Account. The Sharesies platform’s legal entity is Sharesies Limited. Stake is expected to target more savvy, experienced investors, with 77% of its 40,000 Australian users having traded in shares before. You can read more about Sharesies’ custodial arrangements here. That leaves just Sharesies and Superlife as available fund providers. I'd rate the earnings potential of the share market considerably higher than the property market, with less overall risk and higher diversification available. It’s not cheap at all, particularly for smaller balances. Tell that to the longsuffering shareholders who have been duped. 10:25. 4,156 1. swazi. InvestNow requires 2-factor authentication (2FA) when you log in to the platform – in addition to entering your email and password, you also need to enter a six-digit code sent to you as an email or SMS. Smartshares, InvestNow and Simplicity are not an option for the $100 investor due to their minimum start up requirements of $500, $1,000, and $250 respectively. Similar but for US stocks - https://www.finder.com/nz/hatch-stake-sharesies-us-shares There are a few more forms if you're setting the account up under a family trust, but it's not too bad. About 10% of this wealth creation was due to property, the remainder was due to share market earnings as well as an aggressive savings paradigm for the majority of my wage earning career. Creation date: Not Available Sharesies is another popular option for New Zealand investors and is aimed at young people. Sharesies is available for anyone who is 16+ years of age, an NZ resident, and has an NZ bank account. Discussion about Sharesies vs InvestNow vs SuperLife vs something else? I have already explained the impairment of goodwill. Sharesies only has two other funds available in addition to the Smartshares ones, while Invest Now has 73. My share portfolio is doing very nicely, no need to be a one trick pony like some people. InvestNow has more options for tax friendly funds for kids. I can tell you I did pick a dog and realised a ~50% loss, but other stocks more than made up for it. We noticed that you're using an ad blocker. Your first sentence covers the basics quite well. These options have served investors with more money better than those with less. There are still bad points about the interface. So what will you pay under each platform? Create a SUPPORTER account with no ads here. All in all it's an easy, good experience. In fact- they have so many funds that sometimes it’s hard to know which funds to invest in. Yes, they are a bloody rip off, I use tradestation for US shares, and the fees are far more reasonable, a flat $5 per trade on equities, up to 10,000 shares per trade. If you are not already registered, please register to comment. I looked here: https://nz.finance.yahoo.com/chart/NZX.NZ/ and came up with a total return that was lower than the 535%, but instead 355%. 1. Yay! Use of images to improve presentation is perfectly fine. If you'd like to sign up and give it a go, please click on the following link to help with the production of this podcast Giving the person with 1 cent the same opportunities as the person with $1m is one of the foundation principles used by the founders of Sharesies to bring their product to the market. HW displays an ignorance about investing in the share market as well as the risks involved. By the eighth anniversary of its listing, NZX had generated a total return to shareholders of 535 per cent, or 24 per cent per annum. I can certainly recommend Hatch for US shares, which opens up the world a lot compared to the small NZ and Australia markets. Is that one share your whole portfolio? Cash deposits, and investments in non-listed funds are held by custodian Sharesies Nominees Limited, while investments in listed funds and shares are held by NZX owned New Zealand Depository Nominee Limited. How long to top up your Sharesies Wallet. Henk Hustle Investing 8,194 views. I've a third of a century of prudent and relatively low risk investment in the share market. You can give someone (e.g. The great thing with sharesies is that it gives you access to buy investments from as little as $5 (compared with InvestNow’s $250 minimum, or $50 when recurring). The difference between investing in Term Deposits through InvestNow is that you don’t have to have an account with the bank you want to invest in, making the process extremely easy. What matters is that you know what the index means in real terms so you can evaluate the data appropriately. In return, fund managers increase the exposure and accessibility of their funds, hopefully resulting in more customers. Your tax obligations should not differ between investing in InvestNow and Sharesies. Pak’nSave vs Countdown. The $50 per fund minimum is low, but could still be restrictive for some people. InvestNow also offers ANZ, BNZ and SBS Bank term deposits. You can set up a Kids Account for someone under 18, but it will need to be linked to an adult’s account. NZ shares: Sharesies vs InvestNow vs Smartshares Launched in March 2017, InvestNow is an online investment platform based in New Zealand. Your access to our unique and original content is free, and always will be. This means investors can shop for the best rates, without opening accounts at numerous banks. Until this discrepancy is addressed our financial markets, particularly the equity and bond markets will continue to lag as an investment choice for retail investors. However, you may contact InvestNow to change this and have all your distributions paid as cash. "If the government is serious about removing the concentration of investment in residential property addressing the issue of excessive fees is of paramount importance.". I wouldn't mind giving it a go but would have to take such a big loss to get my money out of sharesies at the moment! Hope you have a similarly excellent result in the property market. BTW, this time span includes the largest world-wide recession in many decades, which definitely negatively affected the share market returns so those may be a bit suppressed in this comparison. Although investNow already makes starting to invest accessible with a low $50 minimum, Sharesies makes it just a little bit easier to dip your toe in the water. Regular investment is a great way to gradually build up an investment portfolio over time. The total return of income plus capital gains minus costs is what really matters. You can easily access a wide variety of managed funds through Sharesies or InvestNow. The HPI had increased by a gigantic 66.7% during the same time that those 535% (or 355% as the case may be) gains were generated. Property vs Shares – The pros and cons of buying residential property, ← What I learnt – NZ Shareholders’ Association ‘Money 101’ Seminar, No Sharesies, No worries! (And frankly, there are lots of places for detailed comparisons. For an 8 year period, I'm thinking that 355% total realized gain is rather good, maybe even exceptional. It does what you’d expect it to do well – in fact it takes only seven mouse clicks to go from logging in to placing an investment in a fund – the same number of clicks as Sharesies! Do they even pay a dividend now? If something large breaks, I have to pay. Each working day, at 11:30am, all buy orders for all plans that are due to run on that day, are captured. Both platforms allow you to automatically invest into the funds of your choice on a regular basis. Instead fund management fees are calculated daily and are deducted/reflected in the unit price of your fund. Helpful info about your Sharesies Account: personal details, password, Sharesies subscription, etc. They will then need to pay a brokerage fee of up to US$8 to buy and sell units. InvestNow vs Sharesies – Ultimate Fund Platform showdown and ... InvestNow vs Sharesies – Ultimate Fund Platform showdown and ... InvestNow's Flexible KiwiSaver Scheme Review. Pointing out individual shares that are not generating huge capital gains is a bit silly. Were there any hurdles to that, do you need a US Bank account? steve2222: This is quite a good blog for comparison of NZ based share fund offerings eg Sharesies… Instead they are held on your behalf by a custodian, which is not as ideal as owning the investment yourself, but there a couple of features that come with custodians to protect you: The InvestNow platform’s legal entity is InvestNow Saving And Investment Service Limited. Launched in 2017, Sharesies has around 60,000 users and over $60 million invested. Subscribe to get new Money King NZ articles in your inbox. On InvestNow, this fee ranges from 0.20% per year for the Vanguard International Shares Select Exclusions Index Fund, up to 2.75% per year for the Fisher Funds Property & Infrastructure Fund. InvestNow does not charge its customers an administration fee. This can be overwhelming for new investors, and make choosing a fund a lot harder – however, I’ve boiled down the choices in my article How to choose which fund to invest in on InvestNow and Sharesies.