Valamivel háromszázezer forint feletti árából adódóan (319 990 Ft/pár) a Monitor Audio Bronze 6 páros már túllép a belépő szinten, középkategóriás hangzást és kidolgozási minőséget vártunk el tőle. But that’s valve gear for you. The big news is that both drive units are new. Monitor Audio Bronze 6 are a popular option in the middle of the speakers price range. But gosh, the 6’s slight midrange warmth brought the track to life preserving much of its inner detail and moreover delivered the music and performers within and throughout a large soundstage. Všechny informace o produktu reproduktor Monitor Audio Bronze 6, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Monitor Audio Bronze 6. 6 : FOR SALE: Monitor Audio Bronze Series Center 2 Way Speaker - Black Oak: Hometheater Specific Speakers: $135.00: ON Dec 19, 2020: 7 : FOR SALE: Monitor Audio Bronze 5's: Floor Standing Speakers: $650.00: ON Oct 06, 2020 - 8 : FOR SALE: Monitor Audio Silver 200 Speakers: Floor Standing Speakers: $1500.00: BC Dec 22, 2020: 9 Leaving aside the fact that there are some real worthless bangers out there, today’s generation of speakers are more transparent, more dynamic, have better timing and are finished far better than similarly prices models sold in the past. Pleasant thanks to the 6’s generous tonal quality and even-handed frequency response, and a delightful sonic nature that makes them an enjoyable experience with a wide variety of music. These were smoothed over by the Bronze 6. Say hello to the new Monitor Audio bronze 6G series, the entry-level range of bookshelf and floor-standing speakers, including an all-new Dolby Atmos option. The collective expertise gained over the decades is still very much extant at Monitor Audio. Whilst the Bronze 6 simply doesn’t have reference class transparency, imaging, soundstaging, detail or tonal neutrality it has enough of these audiophile qualities to keep you listening long into the night. And yes, streaming was also used via some Sonos gear malingering around our place looking for a reason to be useful. So we’re more relaxed about our listening. The imaging via the ProAcs had sharper, more defined outer edges. Liking what I was hearing, I asked the consultant if the Bronze 6 didn’t sell itself? Compared to what’s out there at $1599 the Bronze 6 is a bit of a benchmark. From the start Monitor Audio employed some of the most talented audio designers. As the ultimate range-topper, the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 makes listening to your music and movies a truly physically experience. This product is now available to use with home theatre design software, The CEDIA Designer. Monitor Audio's Bronze 6 floorstanding speakers are equipped with a compelling mix of accuracy, scale and dynamics for the highest value home theatre audio. Stores are packed with rows and rows of bland sounding mid-tier models that are overwhelmingly boring. Power handling is 150 watts and the Bronze 6 is 1033 mm high, 235 mm deep and 350 mm deep measured with grill, terminals, plinths and spikes. And as with the forum mini reviewers, they’re not slow to point out the Bronze 6 pricing makes this model an outstanding bargain for its $1599 price point. The Bronze series Monitor Audio’s sixth generation give an astounding performance beyond their price points. As night follows day, speaker cones flex and add audible amounts of distortion. The Sophia was priced about seven times more than the Bronze 6 when Wilson released them more than a decade ago. Bocelli’s rendition of Bach’s Ave Maria is so sublime it has the power to defray if not enjoin the most ardent denier to believe in the great architect. Monitor Audio’s solution is to give the Bronze 6 C-CAM drivers with cones made from a material used in the aerospace industry. #1. Get details of Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) including specifications, features and more on Nově mg hoskins. Bass section - Front/rear bass reflex with HiVe II Port technology. It’s by far the most superior speaker cable I’ve auditioned at its price point of about $3200 for a 3-metre pair. Monitor has always had the ability to coax powerful and responsive bass out of a sleek floor-standing speaker. Monitor Audio Bronze 6 jsme měli možnost poslouchat v říčanském studiu Elektronet. Also novel is the mating of the speaker’s driver and voice coils with a mechanical configuration that is pliable called DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter). Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. © Sound Media Group. At the very same time they created a speaker with very open, full and exciting sound due to a combination of precision driver design and cabinet engineering. This makes them thin, light, very rigid and quite efficient. COVID-19: Please check retailer websites for opening hours and restrictions. And this shows in the overall design of the Bronze 6. Díky v této řadě největším, podlahovým reprosoustavám Bronze 6 si mohou fanoušci hudby i domácího kina vychutnat celopásmový zvuk, který čerpá plnými hrstmi z více než 40 let zkušeností naší firmy. Nor do we harbour a longing for the ultimate palpable midrange or the tightest most informative bass. The stores say that once auditioned, consumers generally snap up the Bronze 6s making them an easy and rewarding sale. This isn’t by all means just my solitary opinion. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6 2 1/2Way Floorstanding Speaker - Each - Black Oak at As Bocelli’s voice soars throughout the opening stanza, the Bronze 6 kept pace with it exhibiting nary a hint of breakup at what was quite a loud listening level. Also novel is the mating of the speaker’s driver and voice coils with a mechanical configuration that is pliable called DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter). Not so worthy was the 6’s rendition of the boys’ choir that starts the track and closes out its end. Here is Bronze in tooth and claw, alive to its ambitious audiophile design precedents and equipped with a compelling mix of accuracy, scale and dynamics for the highest value music and home theatre audio. It features high-quality crossovers, which deliver smooth frequency transition between its woofers, midrange driver, and tweeter. The Bronze 6 is a two and a half way model using dual C-CAM 6.5-inch woofers, one C-CAM 6.5 inch mid-bass driver and one 25 mm gold dome C-CAM tweeter per speaker. Easy thanks to the 6’s tonal quality and even-handed music making already alluded to, and rewarding in the satisfaction a sales consultant feels whenever a buyer takes a great sounding, value-for money audio product home for keeps. 1 x 61/2" C-CAM bass mid-range driver They’re also a reminder that all things being equal, speakers across the board are better now than they were even ten years ago. I bought it as a preloved mint condition unit from Len Wallis. The pinnacle of the Bronze series, the Bronze 500s have a larger cabinet housing a Monitor Audio 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter featuring a Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide, plus two new 8" drivers to power a bigger performance. Monitor Audio Bronze 6 - rosemah Výrobce: Monitor Audio 2,5 pásmová reprobedna z 1,8 cm silných MDF profilů, 2,5 cm tweeteru vyrobeného z typické konstrukce C-CAM (hliník / hořčík / keramika), bassreflexový port typu HiVe II, kónické membrány s obrácenými závěsy s průměrem 16,5 cm z … Enriched as it is with elements of Platinum, Gold and Silver, the brilliant Bronze series will transcend the expectations of its price class and eclipse even its venerated multi-award winning predecessor Bronze BX. The combination goes a lot louder than its modest 55 watts per channel would suggest. The result is dynamic, room-filling sound from a tower that doesn't hog a lot of space on your floor. Next. Sealed mid-range enclosure. The brand is still British owned but production is done at its own factory in China by a staff of about 350 people. Where the Bronze 6 treble was pushed to its outer limit by the boys’ voices during You Can’t Get What You Want, it sounded sweet, smooth and wonderfully detailed during Ave Maria’s ethereal harp introduction. But this track highlighted the Elektra gear’s neutrality and overall vice like grip on the Bronze 6 drivers. With a dynamic response way above what the price indicates, and an innate ability to communicate the core of the music’s message, what you have is a loudspeaker that has to be considered a red-hot bargain. This amount of money buys an eminently satisfying loudspeaker that has a huge midrange presence, plenty of feet tapping pace and a tonal quality that’s believable and what’s more, totally enjoyable. This item: Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6 2 1/2Way Floorstanding Speaker - Each - Black Oak $449.95. 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So I briefly powered them with my Elektra pre and power amp fed them Rolling Stones’ eponymous track You Can’t Always Get What You Want on vinyl and then on SACD. I first heard a pair while a potential buyer at a Melbourne audio store was auditioning them. After replaying the Winchester track I had an inkling that the Bronze 6 matches best with amplifiers that preserve music’s leading edges, and generate copious amounts of treble detail. With the track playing, the Bronze 6 immediately picked up the beat of the percussion on the left and right of the soundstage and preserved the solidity of Mitchell’s voice in the centre. Floorstanding loudspeakers comparisonDriven by McIntosh MA7900 integrated Amp#SoundSommelier#soundcomparison#MonitorAudio Sale Rank No. Amplification was a Conrad Johnson PV10B preamplifier and VS55 valve amplifier. £314.49. Buyers soon work that out and from there it’s a case of smiles all round. They still use Monitor Audio’s trademark C-CAM (ceramic-coated aluminium magnesium) diaphragms, but beyond that much has been revised. The bolt runs from the back of the driver and fixes to the inside rear of the speaker cabinet. Our publication is supported by its audience. The good news here is that the Bronze range also includes a matching centre channel, rear speakers, and a sub-woofer. The 16.5cm mid/bass now has a dished cone, without the traditional dustcap-covered hole in the centre, which not only helps rigidity b… Bronze 6, il più completo nuovo diffusore Bronze, gli amanti della musica e dell’home theater possono apprezzare il sapore completo del nostro patrimonio artistico quarantennale. One of the most-respected audio journalists in Australia, Peter brings his unparalleled experience and a unique story-telling ability to StereoNET. A cleverly designed speaker that manages to bring its best qualities to the fore, whilst keeping its price-constrained foibles fairly well hidden. The Bronze 6 Gold Dome C-CAM tweeters have metal domes that are aluminium magnesium but anodised and ceramic coated. monitor audio  Buy Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) online at best price in India. Gyártó: Monitor Audio Modell: Bronze 6 Leírás: A Bronze termékcsalád legújabb tagja, a több mint 40 éves szakmai tapasztalatunk széleskörű kamatoztatásával megalkotott Bronze 6 hangsugárzó az otthoni zenehallgatás és filmnézés valamennyi rajongóját elvarázsolja tökéletesen valósághű hangzásával. Auratech brings to you the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 floor standing speaker. The Bronze 6s, it’s fair to say deliver great sound driven by well chosen mid-fi amplifiers that are deemed to have less than stellar performance compared to the high-end heavy weights that set the amplification benchmark. The Bronze 6 kept most of the tracks elements separate but importantly preserved the unity of the composition. Bass wasn’t the tightest or the most informative, but it was fast and had real body. Surprisingly, it's the first speaker of its type that Monitor Audio has produced, and is designed to dimensionally match the 6in-driver speakers - so the Bronze 50 standmounter and Bronze 200 floorstander. This is admittedly a big accolade for what’s essentially a budget priced floorstander from an established and well credentialed company the calibre of Monitor Audio. Which is a hoot because the law of diminishing returns ensures the amount of satisfaction the mid-tiered models deliver for many music lovers, is only a bee’s wing removed from those models carrying a blistering price tag, subjectively experienced. Posted in: Hi-Fi Brass, harp, bass drum and the powerful interjecting male choir counterpointing Mitchell’s distressed lyrics, emerged from the Bronze 6 and into my modest listening room. 1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, 985 x 185 x 315 mm (383/4 x 75/16 x 123/8"), 1033 x 235 x 350 mm (4011/16 x 91/4 x 133/4"), Read issue 4 of our INSIDER magazine, featuring inspirational installs from around the world.…, Two and a half way configuration with differentially tuned acoustic system - higher efficiency and improved low frequency extension, All drivers feature single bolt-through driver systems, for increased overall bracing, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling, High quality crossovers with premium grade Polypropylene film capacitors used throughout, Rigid 18 mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity resulting in low cabinet coloration, Floor-level terminal panel for easy termination and neat cable access. Read … 2,471 Reviews Scanned. So when a nicely priced component the calibre of the Bronze 6 delivers a sound quality audibly above what its price point would suggest, surely that’s a cause for celebration. Iqbal sold the company more than a decade ago. His reply was that they did. The Elektra amps also confirmed my theory about the Bronze 6’s slightly rounded upper frequencies requiring amps that preserve music’s leading edges. In this way matching drivers tuned for different roles are able to develop a wonderfully uniform, tonally consistent sound-field involving seismic low bass and richly coherent mid-range detail, which rises in frequency to meet the illuminating resolution of our fabulous Bronze C-CAM tweeter. Point is, most of us don’t have oodles of cash to splash on top-shelf models. Not an unpleasant presentation though, and one that may pay dividends when used with mid-tier solid-state amplifiers that can generate a touch of shrillness that’s clearly audible from the upper midrange and throughout the treble. MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE 6G Monitor Audio představuje již šestou generaci reprosoustav řady Bronze. But I can tell you I spend loads of time trawling hi-fi stores and I haven’t yet found the Bronze 6’s rival. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Jbl Studio 580 or Jamo S 807. Almost every time they were played, the consumer bought a pair. With its true 3-way design the Bronze 6 takes your music to a whole new level. Tags: But this is where the Bronze 6 showed they are an all-rounder and voiced for most genres of music. The best Bronze so farIt's fair to say that the previous, multi-award-winning, ranges of Monitor Audio Bronze speakers have usually topped their class. While the model’s appearance has hardly changed from the last generation, pretty much everything else has. Monitor Audio's Bronze 6 floor-standing speaker is a fantastic choice for a home theater or stereo music system. We expect less from inexpensive equipment. Monitor Audio Bronze 200 jsme zkoušeli v pražském studiu Rodel Audio. Read more. Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Akční nabídka 2,5 - pásmová sloupová reprosoustava s bassreflexem. Sensitivity is 90 dB, nominal impedance is 8 ohm and the frequency response is stated as 34 Hz to 30 kHz. This single bolt-through system is used on all the Bronze 6 drivers. End of story. The Sophia and other speakers of this calibre are thin on the ground at anything less than $16,000 in today’s market so its worth keeping in focus what the Bronze 6 delivers at the modest price of just $1599. From the towering Bronze 6, the most complete new Bronze speaker, music and home theatre lovers can appreciate the full-range flavour of our forty year design heritage. So much so, until I hear a similarly priced speaker better the Bronze 6, I feel compelled to suggest this model is the leading candidate for StereoNET’s ‘Best in Class’ award for 2017. Special offers and product promotions. The latter is no mean feat given so many more expensive models perform better, but at the expense of requiring some serious equipment matching to dispel any level of anxiety about their sonic potential. But one any curious reader can easily and quickly suss out at a local specialist. 720p HD video doorbell that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device. Having managed two specialist hi-fi stores (George Hawthorn Hi-Fi and East Coast Audio) and after working in a total of four (Encel Stereo and Northern Electronics) many years hence, I can say products as good and as value laden as the Bronze 6 reinforce what an honest audio salesperson’s mission ought to be. But the midrange is almost monumental and tonally enjoyable so what you’ll get is a good approximation of Bocelli and the accompanying musicians and more importantly, most of the grandeur and pathos the track has to offer. Either way, the minimum power to feed the Bronze 6 is about 65 watts per channel if opting for a transistor amp, and about 35-watts for those with enough taste to choose valves. (Image credit: Monitor Audio) The new Atmos topper is an exciting addition. One of the more interesting innovations employed on the Bronze 6 is a single bolt-through driver fixing system that is an effective driver to baffle decoupling system and one that yields better bracing and overall rigidity. Speaker cables were Inakustik’s dazzling LS1603 and NF803 single ended and balanced interconnects. Winchester grew up in the Southern States of the US and this track has all the exile’s regret and longing for home. Either will have you enjoying your music collection a lot more than you thought possible because the Bronze 6 is a low anxiety model with loads of character. You can buy cheaper, of course. That’s the beauty of budget and mid-priced components that deliver a swathe of the sonic quantities typically the provenance of the high-end models. In many ways, Bronze has everything to gain from Monitor Audio’s dynamic forty-year design heritage. It demands to be heard on equipment that can communicate its subtleties without drawing attention to itself. We have no angst about the last bit of fine detail not emerging from a pair of budget tweeters. While the Bronze 6 is an easy sell for stereo systems thanks to its immediate and complete audio performance in the confines of an audio store demo room, stores report it also sells well as a home cinema front channel solution. To say I was smitten by this cable’s lack of colouration is to make a huge understatement. By clicking links on our site, we may earn affiliate commission, but our editorial remains entirely independent and unbiased. That is the sixth generation of the bronze series, building on a 20-year […] Monitor Audio has changed hands since the heady days when the colourful Mo Iqbal ran it from its inception in 1972. Which is not to say all mid-priced components exhibit the same level of musicality. The Bronze 6s confirm this theory straight out of the cartons and even without a burn in period, they provide oodles of listening pleasure and caboodles of fun. One of the veterans of the Australian HiFi industry, Peter was formerly the Audio-Video Editor of the Herald Sun for over two decades. Monitor Audio BRONZE 6 – Monitor Audio BRONZE 6 . The Bronze 6 cabinets are made from 18mm MDF and each speaker has a vinyl veneer finish. Bi-wire/ Bi-amp terminal configuration. This series is no mere revision but a complete redesign with Monitor Audio again setting the bar higher for home audio with an affordable range that will work brilliantly with your electronics whether for music or home theatre. The Sophias had superior imaging with performers occupying clearly defined positions in a cavernously sized soundstage. Kompletní balení - hroty, tlumivky, podložky. Two were Martin Colloms engineer and reviewer, and the other was Robin Marshall of Epos Loudspeaker fame. From the Stones to a Bach and Bocelli CD is all in a day’s work for most hi-fi journalists. Today we’ve got a selection of speakers from the all-new Monitor Audio bronze 6g series released in 2020. As for the flaws noted above, these only became crystal clear when I removed the ProAcs from my room and replaced them with my usual pair of Wilson Audio Series 1 Sophia speakers, powered by the Conrad Johnson valve gear. 2 x 61/2" C-CAM bass Not bad for $1599. Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) – 720p HD video, motion activated alerts, easy installation – Satin Nickel . With all the connections made it was time to hear the Bronze 6’s strut their stuff with some vinyl. Rivals still use a rigid coupling technique that Monitor Audio says is not as good at dampening any extra energy created by the driver. Trawl the Net and you’ll soon have ample numbers of testaments mainly from enthusiasts, informing you just how satisfying the Bronze 6 really is. This design gives Bronze a premium feel, allowing light to catch the distinctive gold tweeter dome behind the grille. Whenever I want to hear how deeply (or not), a review component pulls the emotional heartstrings, the late Jesse Winchester is one of my go-to singers. A feat that left me and several other listeners mightily impressed. Its deceptively compact cabinet supports two 61/2" C-CAM bass drivers operating in tandem with a further 61/2" mid-range unit housed in a dedicated chamber. I still find myself hanging out at Melbourne’s retail stores these days. These unsolicited reviews are gold. It’s light and resists bending stresses. StereoNET (Australia) is part of an international network of publications owned wholly by Sound Media Group (Australia). K dispozici jsme měli dvě různé sestavy, konkrétně jednu složenou z Cambridge Audio CXC, CNX v2 a CXA81, u druhé byl k ruce Marantz PM7000N, alternativně připojený k CXC. With the towering Bronze 6, which Monitor Audio calls its "most complete" loudspeaker in the new Bronze series, music and home theater lovers can appreciate the full-range flavor of the company's forty year design heritage. V kabinetech sloupových reproduktorů Monitor Audio Bronze 6 jsou ukryty dva 165 mm C-CAM basové měniče, které pracují v tandemu s 165 mm C-CAM středobasovým měničem, ubytovaných ve vyhrazených komorách. Just what can you expect from Monitor Audio's Bronze 6 loudspeakers for just $1599 pair? The answer is, I simply don’t know. But the Bronze 6 sailed through the subtleties of the track and whilst not completely disappearing in my room, were none the less satisfying. Stav nových reproduktorů !!!!! Speaking to several Monitor Audio stockists simply confirms that a conga line of happy buyers shares what I enjoy about these unobtrusive speakers. Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers Limited stock available. And lower frequencies that were a bit soft and mellow via the Bronze 6 emerged from the Sophia tautly and with immense speed. The reviews praise the ‘6s lively, entertaining and balanced audio performance. The soundstage had a solidity and size not matched by Monitor audio. When used in a near field position its speed of delivery and magical, transparent midrange are on full display. Poslouchalo se přes Primare I35, přehrávač Marantz CD6006 a hlavně také gramofon Technics SL-1200GR, propojeno bylo kabely AudioQuest základních řad. You really can’t ask for much more for $1599. Not when the overall musical presentation is so emotionally satisfying and dare we say it, so much fun. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Amazon Business: For business-exclusive pricing, quantity discounts and downloadable VAT invoices. It’s light and resists bending stresses. And that’s the Bronze 6 in the proverbial nutshell. Bronze 6G speakers are a true part of the prestigious Monitor Audio speaker family, as the hexagonal design also features on the award-winning Silver and Gold series. But you won’t get the poise and the musical magic the 6’s deliver on tap, and in spades. After months of reviewing expensive speakers, the arrival of Monitor Audio’s entry-level Bronze 6 floor-standers priced at $1599 provided a pleasant reality check. A difficult song for most mid-priced systems because they generally have a deal of trouble handling all the music’s disparate strands including a torturous boys’ choir that introduces the first few bars of music. The Conrad Johnson pre and power combo have the classic valve sound that is smooth, slightly warm and oh so tonally natural. Cheap speakers present the gentle emotional tension of the track in what appears to be a matter-of-fact way, courtesy of their lack of dynamics, transparency, and tonal veracity to say nothing about the lack of detail that’s a hallmark of every cheaply made loudspeaker. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. That’s the beauty of the audition process and of course, novices need the help of an experienced consultant to navigate through the dross to find the gold, or in this case, the Bronze. The Bronze 6 was used in a system comprising a Marantz SA15 SACD player, SME20/2 turntable with SME V tonearm and Garrott P77i cartridge. Though a lot more expensive, valve devotees can opt for amps from Prima Luna, Quad and others without totally breaking the bank. There are two per speaker. Monitor Audio’s new entry-level speaker range is the successor to the Bronze BX series and has been revamped with a raft of driver and cabinet upgrades. I’d bought the Inakustik LS1603 speaker cable from Len on his recommendation. A fact reinforced by long listening sessions using CD, SACD and vinyl as music sources. Monitor Audio’s solution is to give the Bronze 6 C-CAM drivers with cones made from a material used in the aerospace industry. What we’re after is a model or combination of models that delivers a hint of what’s on offer from the insanely priced gear. Nové reproduktory byly vylepšeny, pokud jde o kvalitu zvuku a provedení - to vše, aby milovníkům hudby poskytla nezapomenutelný zážitek. To be fair, it can’t be said the Bronze 6 conjured as intimate a soundstage as my smaller, twice as expensive, ProAc Response 1S delivers. BRONZE 6 It also helps that he Bronze 6 works with a large range of mid-tier solid state and valve amplifiers. As you would expect the same tracks played via the Sophia were more refined, had scads more detail and transparency than the Bronze 6 could muster. Truth is, mid to upper mid-fi components of real worth differ from the top shelf models only by degree. Vytaveno u nás na studiu, 100% stav bez oděrek, šmouh, plná záruka 5 let. And price. At the opening of the track the boys’ massed voices had an edge not present via the ProAcs and toward the end of the track these voices were really just a blur on vinyl and not much better via SACD. COVID-19: Please check retailer websites for opening hours and restrictions. Much larger than the ProAc’s which had much less height and width, as you’d expect comparing a well-designed large floorstander with a diminutive stand mount speaker. Srovnávali jsme s Cabasse MC40 Java a Klipsch RF-7 II. Monitor Audio Bronze 6 are $10.99 less … And here’s the thing, despite this $1599 speaker’s obvious limitations, what is delivered is so emotionally satisfying it leaves you wondering if there’s a more communicative floorstander at the price point. As for the urgency and frenetic pace and timing of You Can’t Get What you want, what can be said is the Bronze 6 boogied by exhibiting a fair degree of responsive speed. Its build quality and appearance punch above the asking price, while its exciting, dynamic sound makes every listening experience memorable. He wrote Wintery Feeling during his time in exile in Canada as a Vietnam War draft resistor in the 70s. Otherwise, read on. Either way, you won’t read a negative word about the Bronze 6 in any audio forum. Prefer the StereoNET Digital version, click below. As the music swelled and fell away, so did the Bronze 6’s drivers. This kind of sonic conjuring requires decent levels of drivers, crossover, cabinetry and most vitally, the experience accumulated only after years of canny loudspeaker design and manufacturing. Up the ante and head for an 80-120 watt solid-state amplifier or a 75-watt valve amplifier and the Bronze 6 will reach its potential. They won’t. Monitor Audio's "Most Complete" Bronze-Series Speaker. So human it’s as if you and Winchester were enjoying a little glass of wine together and enjoying each other’s company. Transistor models by Marantz, Denon, Rotel, Rega and Cambridge are the typical go-to brands. This is a really clever and efficient method to decouple the driver and increase the bracing of each speaker cabinet. All Rights Reserved. The SA15 was second top of the Marantz player range more than a decade ago. Ports used are HiVel types designed to increase airflow and minimise turbulence. Tonally a bit dry, but otherwise a sonic revelation thanks to its low distortion, natural tonality and an ability to drill deep, detail wise.