Archived. The simplest way to learn Beta early is to equip an Elemental Materia in a linked slot with a Fire Materia to reduce Beta's damage to approximately 600, allowing a character with high enough HP to survive it. Honey Bee Member Original Poster 1 year ago. But seriously, just run from it. I didn't know how over-leveled I was, but at my level beating the Zolom isn't impossible, but would be an enormous pain in the ass. Beta can do upwards of 1.5k dmg to each party member. report. If they flee, they are transported back to the edge of the swamp. level 1. Yep! You can learn the enemy skill Beta from the Midgar Zolom. This doesn't always happen--if you happen to get the Zolom to 500 or less and it hasn't yet, use an antidote on it. Kai speaks for the first time. The world of Legaia lives in terror of a deadly Mist that appeared from no-where. Perhaps he should cast again. best. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Walkthrough (Disc 1) – … If Cloud is near maximum health, he should survive Beta. The Zolom will cast Beta every time his health drops below 50%. I checked online to see how to learn the Beta enemy skill early in the game. I was super excited the first time I got past him when I was a kid, but honestly it's no big deal and pretty simple to do. Midgar Zolom (HP 247579) ... (Note : i'll only speak about the "new rebalanced set" introduced with FFT (2nd Zetsumu) since i think the old one won't be used for GL at all). That usually leaves Cloud on his own to finish it off. shadow666 9 years ago #2. At 3,000 HP it will counter an attack by standing up, at 2,000 HP it will counter by kicking the attacker out of battle, at 1,500 HP it will … Walkthrough (Disc 1) – Midgar. The trick is that you have to outrun it to cross the marshes, and mounting a Chocobo allows that (although it's still possible to be catched, because she's still faster). As a reminder, Special Score has been changed for ALL Cardia Dungeons, you now need to KILL the boss to get the 3 stars, which means, Break strat doesn't work anymore to MASTER clear. Also easily achievable by anyone playing through for the first time. But if you really want to beat it--equip ESkill and use poison and Graviballs until it is @ about 2000HP, then use Aeris Planet Protector Limit Break to make the party invulnerable, thn damage it until it uses Beta. The rest of disc one and most of disc two is now going to be mind-numbingly easy. The Zolom will cast Beta every time his health drops below 50%. I forgot to get the elemental materia and can't beat the midgar Zolom should i start over. The Zolom will cast Beta every time his health drops below 50%. If he casts it, it will hit everyone. With its rich and deeply textu... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. So to initiate the attack, you simply have to knock his health down. Enemies won't cast helpful spells on the heroes, and some enemies need to be Sensed in order to find their levels. It uses Flame Thrower on the character with the highest current HP. 2. Another way to get past it is to use Barret, his Mindblow Limit Break dishes out 100 MP of damage, so use it four times to drain Zolom's MP so he can't cast Beta. I'm looking through some guides and wikis to get info on the best way to get Beta, and they all make it sound like it's hard to run past the Midgar Zolom to get the the Mythril Mines. When the battle starts cast sense, and constantly cast bio until Zolom is poisoned, while using Aerith to ensure the party stays healed. share. When Zolom eject one of our characters (Aerith, Tifa & Cloud). It's actually VERY easy to beat him, you just need to set up your party appropriately beforehand. When the Zolom uncoils start defending and healing until the Zolom is at about <1,200 hp. Basically, you want to poison Midgar Zolom so that it will gradually take it out. No. Technically Beta/Midgar Zolom is out of order because when you first run into him you most likely won't be able to get Beta from him. An easy, step by step guide on how to obtain one of the most powerful enemy skills in the game very early on. User Info: shadow666. My mistake. He stands and continues to dodge its attacks. Honey Bee Member Original Poster 1 year ago. You know the drill; put everybody in the back row, use Tranquilizers and equip Fire + Elemental Materia or the Fire Ring.