Don't worry, we have more fun candy science activities you can make below. And here in Canada, we get to enjoy one quintessential Canadian experience — eating the oh-so-delicious taffy on snow. Maple taffy (tire d’érable) is a French-Canadian tradition we think everyone should try. Fill a large shallow container (baking sheet with a lip, lasagna pan, etc.) For perfect taffy, it should read 115 C (238 F). Making maple candy or maple taffy this way is a … You’ll need to stir it often to regulate the temperature. Taffy without Corn Syrup Recipes 82 Recipes Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe? To make it, you boil maple syrup, and then pour it on clean, packed snow. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, articles, and more. It’s available in the following grades: Maple taffy is a sugar candy. You'll need 100% pure real maple syrup, preferably dark maple syrup, as opposed to mass produced pancake syrup that … . Each bite is sinfully delicious and ordinary confections blush in embarrassment when compared. All Rights Reserved. How to Make Maple Taffy Using Snow! While many people swear they know which grade is best, it depends on preference and for what purpose you’re using it. Leave it outside or place in the freezer while you boil the syrup in a saucepan. Ever since I was a kid, we just do open uh pan maple syrup boiling, and it was always sort of a right of passage to spring for my family. Maple taffy (sometimes maple toffee in English-speaking Canada, tire d'érable or tire sur la neige in French-speaking Canada; also sugar on snow or candy on the snow in the United States) is a sugar candy made by boiling maple sap past the point where it would form maple syrup, but not so long that it becomes maple butter or maple sugar. It is part of traditional culture in Québec, Eastern Ontario, New Brunswick and northern New England. We receive groups ALL YEAR-ROUND; it’s a rendezvous when you want to sweeten your tooth! Nothing else is added, (except a touch of butter to prevent the syrup from boiling over in the pan) and it has a creamy almost peanut butter like texture. Between February and April, manufacturers extract maple sap (a sweet, water-like liquid) from maple trees, and then carefully craft it into something special. Pages Businesses Travel & Transportation Travel Company Culture Trip Videos Maple Syrup Snow Taffy Once the liquid reaches seven degrees Fahrenheit above the boiling point of water, a gorgeous golden colored delicacy is born. Pour faire de la tire sur la neige , vous devez utiliser du sirop d'érable pur. Although this all-natural sweetener is full of health benefits, it still holds a high sugar content, which can lead to health problems. Once it’s collected, the sap goes through a boiling process that evaporates the water. It is best to use a candy thermometer. Maple taffy is also made in the Canadian province of Manitoba using syrup from the Manitoba maple tree (also known as a box elder). Emilee Unterkoefler is a freelance food writer, hiking enthusiast, and mama with over ten years of experience working in the food industry. According to Acadian Maple, these benefits include the following: Like most things, you should consume maple syrup in moderation, but it’s definitely worth replacing the faux corn syrup stuff you’ve got hanging around in your pantry (sorry, Aunt Jemima). All pure maple syrup is processed and created in the same way. Photo: Casey Barber For me, the most inspiring aspect of Brown Eggs and Jam Jars is its encouragement to use what you got, then get out and enjoy it in nature as often as possible. Since it is made in the snow, this recipe is sure to be a hit with the kids. Where Does Your Favorite Sofa Style Rank? If you haven’t yet enjoyed sticky-sweet maple taffy, there’s no better time than now. Maple Syrup Taffy - Sugar on Snow: An incredible treat by many names with one ingredient. : This video is a tutorial on how to make delicious maple taffy using snow and maple syrup. The sun is finally shining again in our corner of the world, but there’s still a thick blanket of snow on the ground. You don’t want the maple syrup to fill more than 1/3 of the pot. Pour the maple syrup into a large saucepan, bring it to a boil, and cook over medium-low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, until a candy thermometer reads between 235 and 245 F (112 to 118 C), or a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water forms a firm ball. Maple taffy! When you get new maple syrup, it is just yummy and the kids love to do this. Not all maple syrups are created equal. Not in Maine or a similarly maple-syrup-rich area? Drizzle over several pans of fresh, clean snow. Maple taffy in the snow is an age-old Québec tradition. You never know when you’ll need to drizzle it on pancakes or perform North America’s favourite party trick: pouring it on fresh snow to make maple taffy. There's even a bit of interesting science behind how this simple maple snow candy is made and how snow helps that process along too. Freeze until ready to serve. To create "snow" indoors, pulse ice in a food processor. Sugar houses bring it in and store it in ice chests so they can have it ready for tourists. The thick liquid may be kept hot over a very low flame or in a pan of hot water, but should not be stirred as it will form grainy crystals. The sugar will harden quickly into firm pieces of taffy. However, we don’t recommend you douse pancakes with it every single morning—self-control is vital once you indulge in this sweet syrup. Along with snow ice cream, you can also learn how to make maple syrup snow candy. Known as maple taffy, maple toffee, tire d'érable, or sugar on snow, it is delicious and easy no matter where in the Find fun new ways to explore science all year long including winter right here. While dozens of recipes to make this snow candy exist on the Internet (like Maine Maple Snow Candy or Maple Syrup Taffy ), what it all boils down to is pouring molten maple syrup onto snow and letting it cool. Canadian Maple Syrup Taffy Candy: Pouring the Syrup on the Snow WARNING: This syrup is dangerously hot and can remove skin off your body as it will burn you very badly should there be a mishap. "Seven sweet choices for cabanes à sucre around Montreal", "Sugar on Snow: Maple Syrup on Snow Snack in Vermont", "Manitoba maple syrup is oh so sweet | CBC News",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Maple taffee, tire d'érable, sugar on snow, This page was last edited on 24 March 2020, at 12:34. As the water boils off, the maple syrup reaches a concentration level, which helps turn the fluid into a syrupy consistency. To create "snow" indoors, pulse ice in a food processor. It’s true, as it is with all Québec maple products! with lightly compacted snow. If you're making taffy without a candy thermometer, then keep stirring the syrup at a boil for roughly 10 minutes. Maple syrup is boiled, poured into rows on a snow-lined tray, and rolled onto sticks to make this chewy, irresistible candy. Wait till it hardens, which is almost immediately, and then you pick it up with a spoon or eat it like a lollypop. 5 Easy and Efficient Stretches You Can Do While Watching TV, Suffering Through Heat-Induced Swelling? It's so simple, even a … Media: Maple taffy Maple taffy (sometimes maple toffee in English-speaking Canada , tire d'érable or tire sur la neige in French-speaking Canada; also sugar on snow or candy on the snow in the United States ) is a sugar candy made by boiling maple sap past the point where it would form maple syrup , but not so long that it becomes maple butter or maple sugar . Boil maple syrup for about ten minutes. Maple Taffy Instructions On medium heat, bring maple syrup and butter to a boil while stirring constantly. But did you know you can get taffy all year round? It sure is a treat. The majority of the world’s maple syrup is produced in the glorious “maple belt,” which runs through the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, as well as some areas of United States. About 10 seconds after you pour it on the snow, take a popsicle stick, and then pull the taffy up and roll it around the stick. No snow? Bite with caution, though, as maple taffy will definitely get caught in your teeth. Alternatively, you can blend several ice cubes to make your own “snow,” and then pack them in a container. Replacing refined sugar with 100 percent pure maple is undoubtedly the healthier option, though. However, we don’t recommend you let children help you make maple taffy as the syrup will reach seriously high heat. With a recipe from the cookbook Brown Eggs and Jam Jars, it's easy to make maple snow taffy—a fun project for kids of all ages. Aside from its traditional serving on the snow, taffy Wait 30 seconds Roll your maple syrup taffy around a popsicle stick. The syrup and taffy produced from a Manitoba maple are generally darker and have a mustier flavour than that made from sugar maples.[4]. Pour the maple syrup in a line on your snow. Maple taffy (tire d’érable) is a French-Canadian tradition we think everyone should try. The cold snow instantly stops the syrup from cooking, and cools it to the consistency of taffy in seconds. To make it, you boil maple syrup, and then pour it on clean, packed snow. From Nutrients and vitamins to antioxidant compounds, each spoonful provides an abundance of health benefits. Cheddar and Sour Cream Goldfish Are Coming, 7 Ways to Sneak in More Story Time with Your Kids. Once sufficiently hardened, the candy can be picked up and eaten. A great across-the-generations activity, making Maple Taffy on Snow is perfect after sledding, skating and snow angels. It is most often prepared and eaten alongside the making of maple syrup at a sugar shack, or cabane à sucre. Usually, a meal at the sugar shack is served at lunchtime and is followed by a series of outdoor activities, like a maple taffy on snow tasting event. Try These Tips. At that precise temperature, remove the pan from the heat and make a test on the snow to check for consistency. To get started, you’ll need to gather the following tools and one ingredient: To get started, pack some clean snow in a large container, and then smooth out the surface, so it’s flat. Sometimes we forget how much fun snow can be when we're inundated with it during the wintertime. If you leave the taffy on too long, it will be too hard and won’t roll. During this month's Nature Tots program we wanted to remind people the joys of snow, and to conclude the event we even made some maple syrup snow taffy. If … If it is too hard, add a little water and stir to combine. Maple syrup. The practice in Quebec is conducted in a "cabane à sucre" (literally, "sugar cabin," the rustic, outdoor structure where maple sap is boiled down to syrup and sugar) and the taffy is served with traditional Québécois dishes, including many savory ones that feature maple sugar as a glaze or flavoring element. With a pastry bag fitted with a plain or fluted tip, frost the cupcakes with buttercream and top with a taffy stick. Once the maple syrup reaches 115 C (238 F), remove the pan from the heat and make a test on the snow to check for consistency. Ask about our opening hours and pick up your ticket inside. [2] In New England, the practice is sometimes called a sugar on snow party, and the soft candy is traditionally served with donuts, sour dill pickles, and coffee. If the syrup runs, rather than hardens, when it is poured on the snow, then it has not yet been boiled long enough to make the soft maple candy. As warmer weather approaches, maple trees turn stored starch into sugar, which is what creates that subtly sweet sap. What is Maple Snow Candy? Continue to boil until the candy thermometer reaches somewhere between 235 to 238 degrees Fahrenheit. In these regions, it is poured onto the snow, then lifted either with a small wooden stick, such as a popsicle stick, or a metal dinner fork. Freeze until ready to serve. Step 3 After the syrup has boiled to "soft ball" stage (235ËšF), have a grown-up transfer the syrup into a Pyrex measuring cup for pouring. Wrap about 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of maple taffy on each stick and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Add candies and bring the magic inside! … The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support LifeSavvy. [1] The higher a temperature one boils the initial syrup, the thicker the final result will be. Maple syrup is a sense of pride for many Canadians and rightly so. People drill holes in the trunk of a maple tree to tap it. Today, though, many sugar farmers excrete maple sap through tubing systems and collection tanks. No worries! If using a candy thermometer, it should … The taffy will harden slightly, looking like this. On those days, maple syrup producers open their doors and show off their process. One time, two times, three times, etc. Feb 16, 2016 - If you can't get to the sugar bush, sweeten up your winter by making your very own maple taffy on snow. Place approximately one cup of maple syrup in a small saucepan on medium-high heat and bring it to a boil. Boil uncovered on medium high heat until the syrup reaches 250 - 260 degrees. Now, gather up the family and enjoy every irresistible lick. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They then attach a spout and bucket, which catches all that liquid gold. Molten syrup being poured on clean white snow to create the soft maple candy. Gently boil the four ingredient syrup mixture for 5 minutes, stirring. Seriously, each is graded by quality, color, and flavor profile. Whether you’re looking for tips on organization, travel, parenting, fitness, relationships, school, or your career, our team of expert writers is here to help. Bring in some fresh, clean snow from outside. As it is popularly eaten soft, it is usually served fresh. Along with recipes for maple butternut fudge and “maple sauce for ice cream,” we included instructions for making maple syrup on snow candy, also referred to as “maple wax.” If you’ve never tried maple syrup on snow candy (also known as “sugar on snow” or “maple syrup taffy”) or it’s been awhile, this winter is the perfect time to make a batch. Should you find yourself in the maple syrup regions of Maine the fourth Sunday in March, you can partake in the wholesome fun of Maple Sunday. If using a candy thermometer, remove maple taffy from heat when the mercury reaches anywhere from 235ºF to 245ºF. Maple syrup snow candy is candy in its simplest form. If you don’t have any fresh snow available, you can blend ice cubes to make some. Image of america, acacopy, cabane - 55768503 If you don't have snow, vanilla ice cream will work fine. It is pure maple syrup over lightly packed, clean snow. Take the pot off the heat and wait for the bubbles to subside. To make your own maple taffy on snow, pure maple syrup must be used, instead of a store-bought maple-flavored syrup. Don’t leave the stove as maple syrup tends to bubble over. If you don’t have any fresh snow available, you can blend ice cubes to make some. This liquid is then poured in a molten state upon clean snow, whereupon the cold causes it to rapidly thicken. The one-of-a-kind sugar shack treat synonymous with springtime. It’s made by pouring boiling maple syrup on a clean bed of snow. Do not stir. Once they do, carefully pour a few tablespoons of the taffy syrup on top of the snow or ice. The candy is made by boiling maple syrup to about 112 °C (234 °F). Add maple syrup & butter to saucepan. Now you can use the snow for more than just snowmen or Instagram pictures – put it to use in the kitchen by making maple candy. Voila! 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Maple taffy is a sugar candy. Maple Cream, or Maple Butter, is basically spreadable maple syrup. You’ve got maple syrup. LifeSavvy is where you learn new skills for a better life. You’re waiting for it to form into a “soft ball” or blob of maple taffy on contact with the snow. However, as springtime passes and things warm up, the sap from the trees gets darker and builds a stronger flavored maple syrup. This Maple Cream is pure unadulterated maple flavor in creamy buttery form. If you use two cups of maple syrup, you’ll need a medium-sized saucepan; for three cups or more, use a larger size. Let’s learn all about how this sweet stuff is traditionally made, and how you can create your very own maple taffy at home. [3] The pickles and coffee serve to counter the intense sweetness of the candy. Chewy and rich, maple taffy's texture and flavor are a real treat. It is possible to visit us to enjoy all-you-can-eat maple taffy on snow. We produce 85 percent of the maple syrup that the world enjoys on their pancakes , waffles and crêpes . So, break out some popsicle sticks, and gather the little ones around to enjoy this sweet treat. If, instead, the taffy … Photo about Maple taffy on snow during sugar shack period. Remove from heat immediately and pour small strips of hot syrup on snow until pot is empty.