P lease call/email Audiology in the first instance on: 0131 536 1637 – open 10am to 1pm and 2 to 4pm Monday to Friday audiology@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk. A postal service is available at Furness General Hospital. audiology. If you run out and can’t get batteries like normal, you can buy them from chemists, shops that provide hearing aids or opticians. If you need new hearing aid batteries or tubing during the coronavirus outbreak, you may be able to get these from your hearing aid provider. NHS Hearing Aid Batteries Obtaining a hearing aid from the NHS is free of charge on a loan basis. People wearing hearing aids can now have their devices adjusted remotely, thanks to new technology rolled out by University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust. I get mine from Specsavers and they're closed but have a phoneline and will post them to you. If you can not get hold of them and need them urgently, please contact Deaf Action. 2. Need hearing aid batteries during lockdown? Hearing Aid batteries can be collected from various locations across the County, depending on which hospital issued your hearing aids. There are great video resources online to help with your hearing aids during this period. If you are unable to get replacement batteries from your medical practice, we are able … The audiology team will try to repair hearing aids on the day they receive them and will post the back the same day via first class post. For repairs, post the faulty hearing aid to the department • telephone 01382 596965 • email audiology.tayside2@nhs.net. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, several battery pick up locations have temporarily closed or changed, so please call us or your Audiology appointment or the Hearing Help Team to check if your nearest venue is open for battery collection. Another point, getting new batteries during lockdown. When removing a new battery from the packaging, you should wait 2 minutes before putting it into your hearing aid. 1. You should contact your hearing aid provider to […] Postal service from your provider Most NHS audiology departments and private clinics have a postal service for hearing aid batteries and tubing. There is no need to make an appointment; please just bring your yellow audiology record book. In addition, the NHS provides you with a selection of free batteries as well. Get in touch with your audiologist to let them know you need batteries. You can now collect batteries for your NHS hearing aid at the following locations in West Lothian: Staff can give you a three month supply of batteries free of charge and without needing to make an appointment with . Hearing aid batteries usually last between 7 to 10 days. Patients with NHS hearing aids can still access batteries and repairs during the coronavirus pandemic. At least here they will. NHS hearing aids and batteries present an alternative resource to assist the hard of hearing. Edinburgh & Lothian’s. In this blog post, we highlight which batteries we supply to support an NHS hearing aid. Simply follow this link through to their website and click on the image that looks similar to your type of hearing aid to get started. Topics covered include how to insert your hearing aids, clean them, telephone placement etc. Broken and Lost Hearing Aids How to get your NHS Hearing aid batteries in Derby and Derbyshire April 3, 2020 Simonderby1971 With the country in lockdown and many people unable to leave their homes we felt that it would be a good time to contact each of the providers to determine how patients can get support with the provision of batteries. What do I need to bring? though of course don't expect them to give you back the acute hearing of your youth. Hearing aids Hearing aid prices Buy hearing aid batteries NHS funded hearing aids Great offers Information What happens in a hearing test All about earwax All about ear health Hearing loss Home visits Home visits; Home eye tests About home visits Eligibility Request a home visit Eye tests in care homes FAQs Offers Offers; Glasses Over 190 adults have signed up to this service since infection control measures were implemented at Derriford during lockdown. Please note that no batteries will be issued to anyone attending the department. A: The NHS has told us there are lots of batteries and no problems ordering new ones. They will post them to you. I've also been quite pleased with my NHS aids.