Test with a multimeter. Copyright © 2014-2021, PICKHVAC All Rights Reserved. Is gas coming out of the burners when turned on, but burners will not light? Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker? How to Avoid Being Ripped Off and Get a Fair Price. Just open your control box and locate it. Start the pilot with your assistant holding the gas control knob in place. The gas should feed through and the burner should light as usual. The alternative is to save yourself some money by trying to repair your furnace ignition problem yourself. Thans if you can shed some light on this problem. You would be surprised at just how often this is the culprit for a gas fireplace failing to start. A gas furnace burns a mixture of air and natural or LP gas. If it has a yellow-orange tint to it and looks small, it might be too weak to properly heat the thermocouple. If you suspect the smell is gas, and the pilot light is on, you may have a gas leak. You can hear a click but no woosh and no gas. Clear out clogs or blockages. What is the Best Temperature to Set Your Air Conditioner On? I’ve heard about furnace flash codes. It tells you where to find a new igniter and how to replace it. One of those instances is where the pilot light is on but still won’t light. If your gas fireplace isn’t starting, there could any number of possible issues contributing. For those uninitiated with gas fireplaces, it may sound confusing to hear that there are electronic components within. But the thing is that, even though the fuel source is gas, it still uses an electronic ignition to spark the pilot and start the fire in your fireplace. Is this something easy to fix or will it be an expensive call out for a Gas Safe engineer A faulty or dirty ignition or sensor is a relatively easy fix, so follow these steps, and you may be able to solve the problem yourself. The problem with the ignition when used with gas is that the automatic ignition does not stop sparking when a flame is established.. If the flame lights and only goes out after releasing the gas control knob, however, that’s a prime sign that your thermocouple is malfunctioning. Now, we can not only watch live television without the need for... Troubleshooting a Fireplace That Stops Working. Near the lights or on the inside of the cover, there should be a key showing you what the flash codes mean. These components will generally last a couple of years before they burn out and become ineffective; this is entirely due to regular wear and tear most of the time. If it shows about 120 volts, there is power to the igniter. Some but not all of the gas fireplaces out there will come with an electronic ignition. If you turn your heater on and then move the thermostat to a higher setting several things should happen that will make the furnace ignite. Debris in the spark gap could short out the electrode. It’s also a good idea to replace your furnace’s air filters at least once a year. New thermal coupling was put on, when I let the pilot button go the flame get really low, but stay’s light, when I turn on heat piot goes out. That, however, does not mean they are bulletproof and will always come on and work when you need them. If you hear a clicking coming from your stove and take a closer look, you may notice that it is also sparking continuously. The most common time to have your furnace fail to ignite is the first time you go to use it after it has not been used in a while. my truma 3002 gas fire wont light .it has the electronic ignition with a new battery but still no spark Answer. 3. Check the main gas valve. Unscrew the thermocouple from the gas valve and then set your multimeter to register millivolts. This will sometimes get rid of carbon that has built up around some sensitive ignition points and is keeping the system from coming on. If the spark electrode is defective, replace it. When this is the case, it can reduce the overall reliability of your fireplace as a whole. More often than not, the pilot light can simply be reset in order to get your gas fireplace working properly once again. If the pilot flame is not large enough when burning and all other conditions are good, the amount of gas coming out is insufficient. So if the gas valve is shut, the spark igniter has nothing to ignite and just keeps sparking. If the smell persists, check that your chimney is not obstructed and is cleaned. Turn power off,then repower. When it’s Time to Call an HVAC Technician? If it is getting power but won’t light, it is bad. If you smell gas near your furnace when you turn it on there is a good chance that your gas supply is not the problem. Many times they will catch small problems too and repair them before they become much bigger and more expensive furnace repairs. Check the pilot. A recently as a decade ago, we all had to use traditional cable methods. There’s a chance that you can bypass the electronic ignition entirely and perform a manual lighting. If the hobs are working fine, it means there's something wrong inside the oven itself; if the hobs won't ignite either, it's probably an issue with the gas supply. These error codes include a bad flame sensor or an electric ignition module. The first place to start when your pilot light is on but you’re still not getting a flame is with your breakers and fuses in a modern home. 3. Not only will it help you find the issue, but it will help you to become more accustomed to your gas fireplace. Another potential issue that can keep your gas fireplace from staying lit is that the thermopile may have gone bad. Another issue is that the pilot has gas coming out, but it won’t stay lit. Coleman RV Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide, 5 Quietest RV Air Conditioners Reviews and Buying Guide, Dometic RV Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide, Top 5 Best Small RV Air Conditioners Reviews and Buying Guide, 5 Most Common RV Air Conditioner Problems and How to Repair Them, 9 Best Pellet Stoves in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide), Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Wait one minute and try to turn it on again. This will NEVER affect our opinion of a product or service! It just started after cleaning the sensor. The boiler is fine, but the gas fire will not light. The process is relatively simple and can save you in a jam. Save yourself the cost of a gas fitter call out. Look under your furnace to see if it’s lit. I have a Nordyne gas furnace with no gas flow. 10 Answers. 1 decade ago. So check them if your gas furnace fails to ignite when you turn the system on. My gas fire may light but it will not stay alight. Pro Tip: Try to get a new furnace filter in the next 24-48 hours to prevent a lot of dust from coating the blower and other internal parts. These igniters are located in about the same position as where we described the pilot light as being. If the burner does not spark, see Gas Surface Burner Does Not Ignite. Take off the furnace door, and locate the igniter. That would be a pilot tube obstruction in most cases. If not, you can use a long match to try and carefully light it again. When the inducer motor comes on, use the leads on the meter, one on each igniter connection. While the igniter is connected, turn the furnace to On. Using a multimeter, you can check this for yourself but may need to have a helper to keep the pilot burning as you do so. If the gas valve has an electronic ignition, press the ignition button a few times -- with the gas valve off -- and verify that you see a spark. If this doesn't work give it a second try. None of the sounds we just described will take place because your broken thermostat did not communicate with your furnace that it’s time to come on. It’s so small it does not consume much gas. The current signals to the valve that it should stay open. Look under your furnace and see if your igniter glows when your furnace tries to start up. That project can be as simple or complicated as you like and one of the easiest ways to change things up is to change out the... How To Remove Channels From Roku (Step-by-Step Guide). Favourite answer. A fireplace can be a focal point to any room that it is in. Check for debris. If you look at the bottom of your furnace you will see a tray where the burners are. Hi, I have a Baxi Bermuda inset boiler with a coal-effect gas fire. Check the resistance of the igniter. Gas control button. When they’re getting power, they begin to glow, eventually becoming red-hot, hot enough to ignite gas. Unfortunately, when the thermopile goes bad, that’s a repair that has to be performed by a professional service. When he tries to light it there is no gas coming through to the pilot at all. Then, remove the front panel to find the ignitor or ignition sensor. Turn the burner on and then off if not lit after 10 seconds. Hi, my father has a Baxi Bermuda VP2 gas fire which has recently started having problems. If the filters are a little dirty and I want to determine if they are the problem, is it safe just to remove them and try to light the pilot? Great idea, in fact. Unscrew the thermocouple. Is there a way to check if a dirty filter is the problem when I don’t have a new one to replace it with? Baxi gas fire will not light? 1. If you can determine that the igniter isn’t bad, it is more likely that you have a worn-out thermocouple. They’re also called fault codes. If the pilot light starts to flicker and looks like it may light but then simply burns out, the thermopile is usually the problem. That service call is not going to be free for sure; this is especially true if it’s after normal business hours. It has no thermostat. Switch the meter to Ohms. After that, you will hear the swoosh sound of the gas igniting. This is true even if being out of LP gas was the only problem with your furnace. This furnace troubleshooting step will help you rule out whether the igniter is the cause of the gas furnace not igniting or starting. If that does not work then you have a bigger problem. I reckon it could be a faulty valve not letting the gas through now and then. This guide is mainly talking about furnace not igniting problems. Yes, you can. Again the best time to do this is a month before your areas cold season hits. One of the most common problems when a fireplace is not on a loan breaker is overloaded circuitry. A draft stopper may be necessary to prevent that draft from blowing out the pilot light. Here’s the full guide. Often times the reason air does not get to your furnace’s igniter is because it is restricted. Ducane Ng furnace, sometimes fails to light, but turn circuit off and back on always restores operation. 3. Ryan also loves hockey and a lifelong Buffalo sports fan. None of this will happen of course if your thermostat is not working properly. Oil from your hands will burn extra hot and might damage the igniter when it lights. Like anything else in this work, the thermocouple can wear down over time and stop working. The thermocouple achieves this thanks to the probe. The first thing that you should do is to check the main gas valve. How Do You Reset the Pilot Light on a Gas Fireplace? If the burner has been well cleaned and other gas stove repair has been done and the igniter still won’t light, then it could the one causing the problem. To help our readers avoid being ripped-off or scammed. In this case, consider that the potential cause is a blocked orifice. Of course, when your gas furnace fails to ignite you can pick up the phone and call your HVAC repair person. If you can clean it, you can replace it. First, you need to turn off the gas to the furnace. A gas furnace burns a mixture of air and natural or LP gas. bobweb. Extend the life of the thermopile and your gas fireplace in general by having regular maintenance performed, once a year at least. Are the burner knobs turned to the Ignite position? If igniter does not work the we would replace the igniter box. Make sure to hold down the pilot button for 20 seconds or so before releasing it to give the thermocouple the appropriate amount of time to heat up. Take the cover off your furnace and look for one or two lights. 2. Or it/they could be flashing in a series such one light flashing twice and the second light flashing once. 3 Common Causes, Furnace Repair: Top 12 Furnace Problems and Troubleshooting Guide. Gas Stove Sparking Continuously. If those items get really dusty, use a shop vacuum with a brush head to gently remove the dust. Before doing anything, look at the pilot flame. 2. If it’s not, maybe it just blew out. It’s OK to run a gas furnace for a little while without a filter in place. Also, is that the same thing as a hot surface igniter? With the ignitor in proper position, pressing the button should create a visible spark. Should you replace one of those components, turn the breaker off all the way and then back on again before trying it out. Check if the igniter is getting power. If the gas is open and you have a spark but the pilot won't light, the pilot tube may be blocked. The second time you turn it on the pilot lights the sensor gets hot, the gas valve then opens but there is no ignition at that time if you wait too long there is a great ignition, that scares us. Your grill should now heat normally. First and foremost, ensure that there aren’t any potential fuel issues keeping your fireplace from lighting. Read our How to Troubleshoot Top 12 Furnace Problems for more info. 4. Once you have done all of the above steps and your furnace still is not igniting you don’t want to try any other furnace troubleshooting unless you really know what you are doing with furnace heating systems. Replaced gas valve and operates perfectly. The spark electrode sends a spark to ignite the gas in the burner assembly. This is typically located near the burners. This may be caused by insufficient volume due to the setting of the valve BUT if it has been working fine in the past and if nobody has reduced the valve setting, then it is much likely to be the cause. Cleaning your hot surface igniter requires a small screwdriver and fine-grit sandpaper made for metal. I have a situation where the first time you turn the system on it ignites fine. The oldest way is by a pilot light and over the last 30 years or so these have been replaced by electronic ignition systems. Online editor - Angie's List. From time to time, the bathroom can use a little bit of a renovation. Common Causes and How to Fix Them, What is Furnace Limit Switch (Common Problems & Replacement Cost), How to Choose Furnace Ignition: Standing Pilot vs. Electric Ignition, Air Conditioner Common Problems and Troubleshooting Guide 2020, Air Conditioner Freezing Up? What are they, and could they help me solve an ignition problem? Relevance. Again, if the flame sensor thinks the flame isn't lit, the spark igniter sparks again and again until it gives up. Remove the two screws holding it in place, and gently pull it out with or without detaching the wires. Place lead connectors. If your igniter has stopped clicking the answer can be easier than you think. The experts in the article say that could be an issue with the thermocouple. If the power is fine, check the electronic ignition or possibly replace the fuse. When the pilot doesn’t light at all, it likely is not the thermocouple that is at fault. First, check to see if your pilot light is lit. It’s recommended that about 1 month before this cold season starts turn on your furnace to check and make sure its running right. I read somewhere on this forum some time ago that one side of the ignition circuit has to have a good "Ground" connection to the heater body and I have done this. If you are turning it on it probably means it got pretty cold outside and now you have no heat. As a result, the spark electrode will make a clicking sound when the burner is turned on, but the burner won't light. There will also be a gas pressure gauge. Try to reignite the pilot it by following the fireplace manufacturer’s instructions. When in doubt, check out your owner’s manual for specific instructions on lighting the electric ignition through a battery pack if yours has that function. Take it out and then go to your local HVAC supplier and have them match it up with a new thermostat. Unscrew it from the gas valve with a wrench, and clear it with compressed air from an aerosol can. You may have moisture in the burner ports from cleaning or a spill. Check the service instructions that come with your fireplace. The inducer fan will not shut off and igniter will not function without turning power off again? Consider watching YouTube videos on how to clean the orifice at the pilot light … It could be as simple as an issue with the gas regulator that is located at the tank or perhaps a stuck valve. First Things First – Check Your Gas Supply. 1. Light the grill. When working the clicks are well defined. Always start by checking out the breakers and fuses if you have a modern house. The first sounds you will hear are that of the system’s fan which brings air into it to start the burning process. I have a Truma S3002 gas/electric heater fitted in my Bailey Arizona. Gas heaters, whether they warm up air or water in a home, rely on a pilot light to trigger the flame of the actual heater. Doing so will ensure that the breaker won’t trip and that you won’t blow a fuse, either. Modern gas cookers use an electronic ignition system to light each burner – this system consists of a spark control module installed in the control panel, and an igniter on each individual hob. This resets the furnace. Lighting should take place after around 20 seconds - you press a button at the side of the fire unit for around three seconds: a constant tone is heard while there is a ticking noise from somewhere inside the fire. The igniter will only spark to ignite the gas when the knob is aligned to the Ignite position. Be careful NOT to touch the “stick” part of the igniter. The pilot light systems are actually the most common reason that gas fireplaces do not light, however.