Cirque de Glace brings to life the story of the creation of our planet, man’s evolution, and a journey to the … Given that there are almost 2000 seats in the theatre, not all seats offer a great view. Since Dubai Opera never remains the same, the seating plan can change depending on the type of show you’re watching. Terms and Conditions: Special rate for kids 12 years old and younger and each ticket includes a complimentary popcorn . 3.7. These sections are usually marked as Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. Lookout for these seats when booking your tickets. The 60,000 sq. 30 minutes before the curtain time, the entrance to the audience finally starts! The auditorium is organised in an arena format with two massive balconies at the back and four galleries on either side. Or are they cutting costs and cutting staff …? If you wish to sit in the royal circle section, rows D and E have decent seats in the middle. This time, we will reserve a seat at Stalls and enter from the foyer on the 1st floor. Try this contemporary Jordanian cafe, part of a small chain, serving regional dishes plus pizzas and burgers. Event ended. Watching "Vienna State Opera" from yesterday! Although it is a common content, it is full of comedy elements, so I think you can enjoy it even if you don’t understand the language. About Dubai Opera Located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the radiant centre of culture and arts in Dubai and the shining pearl of The Opera District. Another great thing about online ticket booking is that it allows you to plan your day better and choose a timing that's convenient for you. Is this what the music director wants? I am a piano composer and travel writer who graduated from a graduate school of music. It was developed by Emaar Properties to host a variety of performances and events including theatre, … The Dubai Opera foyer is divided into three levels, with the main floor at the bottom. In the middle of the pack is the Dubai Opera royal circle. Although Dubai Opera is a relatively new entity in the Dubai cultural scene, having opened only two years back in 2016, there's tremendous demand for the shows and events being hosted there. Per. CUVILLIERS THEATRE, is the Beautiful Munchner Residenz Opera House! With a performance programme to rival Manhattan's Broadway and London's West End, Dubai has found its footing on the world stage in the form of this cutting edge multi-format venue in the new The Opera District in Downtown Dubai. If you’re watching a concert, seats in the grand circle section aren’t half-bad for the price you’ll be paying for them. Given that Dubai Opera has upwards to 1900 seats, there’s something for every price point here. The foyer was quiet in the beginning, but gradually the number of people increased and it became a lively place for the first time! Disillusioned with Amazingly Bad Music and Dance …. Also, alcohol such as wine is sold at another counter. For tickets Visit Dubai. Also, there are not many chairs overall, so if you want to relax during the break, it might be better to stay in the audience seats. Downtown Dubai's cultural landmark, Dubai Opera, is open for tours. Dubai Opera can only replace lost, stolen or damaged tickets if the authenticity of the ticket can be verified, including proof of purchase, subject to replacement fee. The overall interior is simple, but gold decorations are used here and there to create a bourgeois feel. Follow the road and take the first exit on the right on to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd. No waiting in line! Vietnam HANOI OPERA HOUSE Ticket Purchase from This Site! on the Stage of Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Philharmonic New Year Concert, think about the ticket arrangement, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Tickets and Access to Esplanade Concert Hall, Watch Report! Considering these factors, it's easy to see why you should be booking your Dubai Opera tickets in advance. Report the Golden Hall in detail! Since the position is not fixed, it is convenient to avoid the head of the person sitting in the front seat, but the seat seems not to be comfortable …。. If you’re looking for value for money seats that allow you to watch the event from a good seat without paying too much, we have some options you can consider. As can be seen, the Stalls, the Royal Circle and the Grand Circle are divided into VIP, Platinum, Gold and Silver sections. Then check the Bar! Since the year launch, the Dubai Opera has hosted an inspired selection of events and performers including, The Pearl Fishes, a three-act opera, Impossible, an illusionist show, Sara Baras, Spain’s biggest Flamenco superstar, and many others! Find out more about the building's architecture and cutting-edge technology. This section houses seats closest to the main stage, which is why the price tag is the heftiest out of all the sections. These sections are differentiated based on the price of the seat, with the VIP seats being the most expensice and the Silver seats the cheapest. This section offers a wide variety of seating options from normal central aisle seats and box seats, to VIP seats in the last row. All RIGHTS RESERVED. There are three main seating areas: the Stalls, which are at floor level, the Royal Circle, which is elevated and slightly further back than the stalls, and the Grand Circle, which is the furthest and highest seating area. With its unique 2000-seat multi-format theatre, Dubai Opera is a definitive international destination for performing arts … Best Seats in the Theatre: While Opera Bastille is designed in a way which allows every seat to offer decent views of the stage, there are certain seats that classify as being premium. If you’re carrying any such equipment with you, be prepared to cloak the items with one of the ushers. Dubai Opera can only replace lost, stolen or damaged tickets if the authenticity of the ticket can be verified, including proof of purchase, subject to replacement fee. When you purchase your Dubai Opera show tickets online, you will most likely see a seatmap that has the sections further divided according to their price. • Best views of the stage STALLS SECTION - the centre seats in rows CC to B are at a perfect distance from the stage. Bolshoi Theater New Stage Viewing Report! Your bags/luggage will be checked by the security team at the entrance. Seating Capacity: 2000 Opened: 31 August,2016 Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Get Google Map Directions. There’ a lot to see both inside the main building and around it so plan your day and leave some room before or after your show to ensure that you experience everything that’s on offer. That said in my experience the Opera House is extremely well designed to give people in any seat a really good view and … Beautiful Foyer and Japanese Language Support, Gran Teatro del Liceu Viewing Report! In the parterre section, the center section houses the best seats in the house, offering clear views of the stage. This place is higher than the front, so the view is excellent! In Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, there are many western b... International high-speed train collection, How to make reservations and spend time on the train, Visa Arrangements and How to Walk the City. Gipsy Kings At Dubai Opera. Under 2 years are not permitted into the auditorium Children over 2 years must have their own seat and would require a ticket to attend the event. . 19:30 Thu 12 Mar 2020. There are a lot of food and drinks options inside the venue for you to choose from. ABOUT US … Given the general interest level, we would recommend getting a head start of at least one month. Many of these events occur concurrently and tickets are available both online and at the venue. Teatro Nacional de São Carlos Reports on the Beautiful Interior! The innovative design has enabled this level of flexibility. I still have a lot of time until the show starts, so I would like to order a light sandwich here. Bid farewell to 2020 with Dubai Opera's Dj Said Mrad, DJ Saif & Sound and Carrie Gibson’s Nuvo Soul band on New Year's Eve, 31 Dec 2020. 900 out of the 1901 seats can be relocated with the help of hydraulic lifts and seating wagons, changing the interiors of the venue completely depending on the type of event that’s been organised. WIENER MUSIKVEREIN Barenboim & Algerich’s Appreciation! As for the Dubai Opera, which I told you about twice, most of the visitors are Westerners even though it is in Asia. Live chat with local experts anywhere, anytime. The Dubai Opera is built to seat 1901 people. The singing of the main cast is good, but I am curious about the slightly mysterious point that the harmony gets disturbed as soon as the chorus enters. Another great advantage of booking your Dubai Opera tickets at Headout is that you can avail some great discounts and cashback offers on your booking. It is connected to the foyer on the upper floor by wiping, and there is a big chandelier on the ceiling! Copyright 2015 Fuel Themes. First Class, Business Class, Airport Lounge, and Opera House around the world ! go straight and follow the Dubai Opera signage. But this lemonade tastes like fanta and it’s not a juice that even tastes like 40 dH (≠ 1,200 yen). I have visited over 40 cities around the world, mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia, and have toured opera houses, concert halls, and airport lounges in various cities. Concert in Vienna KURSALON! Here's our curation of the best restaurants around Dubai Opera House that you could try out! This is especially true if you’re watching a play and would want to watch all the action happening in the stage from as close as possible. Well, that's reason number one. The chameleon-like venue can be transformed into something different each time to visit it. These levels are the Stalls (ground level and closest to the stage), the Royal Circle (1st level above the Stalls) and the Grand Circle (2nd level above the Stalls and the Royal Circle). On the way there’s the Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and Burj Khalifa.. There’s a taxi drop-off zone near the venue. While there’s no prescribed dress code for Dubai Opera, you’re expected to dress formally and modestly. If you prefer watching events from a height, the royal circle seats in rows (A-C) will appeal to your sensibilities. Make it a point to reach the venue at least 30 minutes before your show starts. Following the last time, Dubai opera appreciation report in UAE! Visit this smart but cosy venue for Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese dishes, with outdoor terrace. Venue Details: Theatres inside Sydney Opera House. If you’re on getting your tickets online, you can purchase them directly at the box office, which is located on the Opera Plaza on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The balcony has two levels and each has four seats in a box. Plan your visit accordingly. If you’re planning on visiting this marvel of an event space, our Dubai Opera Seating Plan Guide has all the information you’d need to make your experience as seamless and exciting as possible! ♪Click here for a List of articles on “Opera House & Concert Hall around the world“. A cold hamburger is also a problem, but …。. The box office from at 10 AM and closes at 9 PM everyday. Professional cameras and videoing equipment are not allowed inside the auditorium. This is my report on the Dubai Opera! It’s a little far from the stage, but you can still see the whole thing, so it’s good! Dubai Opera. Of the two venues that serve as the home of Paris National Opera, Opera Bastille is much bigger with a total seating capacity of 2,745. Also in traditional opera house style, the seats are a luxurious crimson … mt. I’ve been watching it for a while, and I wonder this will sell! Take Exit 50 toward Burj Khalifa/ Financial Center Road (Lower level). Headout is building the future of how we experience our cities. It is near the entrance that’s why going in and out is easy. There is only wine on the first floor, so if you want to drink, go to the second floor! The Box Office is located on the Opera Plaza on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The first to know about trending destinations, travel deals, tips and all things travel. • If money were no matter STALLS SECTION - Any seats in the middle rows. Since the Dubai Opera is a multi-event performance arts venue, there’s no fixed seating or price structure. If you’re attending a conference or a musical and would like to be close to the main stage, the Dubai Opera stalls section is perfect for you. With its unique 2000-seat multi-format theatre, Dubai Opera is a definitive international destination for performing arts … Please note that while these seats can be considered the best in the house, they are also the most expensive, which brings us to the next question. If you prefer watching events from a height, the royal circle has seats that’ll appeal to your sensibilities. Dubai: Construction of the new 2,000 seat Dubai Opera is in its final stages as managers prepare for the official opening of the new performing-arts facility later this year. Also, the grand circle has some reasonable value for money seats you can opt for, including the middle seats in the first couple of rows (B to D). We did 85 DH (≠ 2,550 yen) but for that the sandwich is in a box and the drinks are in a plastic cup completely fast food …。. There were many people who took pictures of this. Ticket Purchase and Entrance, Wiener Philharmoniker’s Regular Performance Report! It is a story of love and money by rich people set in the legation in Paris. "PIANO and AIRPLANE" Luxury Trip for Lovers. Cirque de Glace Dubai Opera, Dubai United Arab Emirates: View Tickets: Sat 26 Dec 2020 20:00: Cirque de Glace Dubai Opera, Dubai United Arab Emirates: View Tickets: Thu 31 Dec 2020 20:00: New Year's Eve Dubai Opera, Dubai United Arab Emirates: View Tickets: Thu 18 Feb 2021 20:00 • Best Legroom Front rows and corner seats. All seats have a clear and unobstructed view of the stage and allow you to hear the show. Restaurants near Dubai Opera: (0.00 mi) Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera (0.01 mi) The Loft at Dubai Opera (0.02 mi) M'oishi (0.12 mi) The Burj Club (0.05 mi) Kohantei Japanese Beef Kaiseki Restaurant; View all restaurants near Dubai Opera on Tripadvisor $ Here's a look at each of these sections in detail. Tickets are available for purchase online at or from the Box Office. About Dubai Opera Located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the radiant centre of culture and arts in Dubai and the shining pearl of The Opera District. It sounds like an Islamic country that alcohol is different. If you look at the alcohol menu, you’ll notice that the champagne comes in Moeccian yellow and rose, and the wine comes in Italian and Australian brands, but at a surprising price. Last article on booking tickets for the Dubai Opera. Important ticketing info: • Buying tickets online is highly recommended. A glass of champagne costs 95 DH (≠ 2,850 yen), and red and white wine costs 55 DH (≠ 1,650 yen) at a super bourgeois price! All kids need tickets and kids under the age of two are not recommended to attend the show . If you've any doubts about the booking process, you can always reach out to Headout’s 24/7 customer support for help. The seats are covered in red leather, so it’s comfortable to sit on. Dubai Opera doesn’t allow outside food or drinks inside the venue. The Dubai Opera foyer is divided into three levels, with the main floor at the bottom. Dubai Opera House Seating Plan Spread over three levels, the Dubai Opera House has a seating capactiy of 2,000 guests. The venue was designed by Janus Rostock of Atkins and conceptualized by Theatre Projects Consultants. There are alcohol counters on both the first and second floor foyers, but there are more kinds on the second floor. What makes the Dubai Opera unique is that it can transform from its conventional theatre mode to a flat floor plan and even into a concert hall. In its horseshoe-shaped theatre mode, the Dubai opera seating plan accomodates over 2,000 people at … photo source: Dubai Opera. This Arabic restaurant offers an outdoor terrace with Burj Khalifa views and also serves breakfast. Royal Opera House Announces Programming For Second Live From Covent Garden Concert Official London Theatre. The 2016 Dubai Opera Line-Up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dubai Opera is a 2,000-seat, multi-format, performing arts centre, which is located within The Opera District in Downtown Dubai. If you're planning on watching a performance at the venue, our Sydney Opera House seating plan has all the info you would need. Save AED 20 on your first booking with Headout when you use promo code GODUBAI. There are numerous events, ranging from musicals to concerts, organised regularly at the Dubai Opera. The choreography, interpretation, and stand-out … Well, this operetta is “The Merry Widow”. The Dubai Opera, shaped like a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel, is often described as a spectacular showcase of contemporary design, and rightfully so! SEATING PLAN This seatmap is a guide only and provides an indication of the current venue layout for this event. It’s completely pre-made and cold, but the buns are moist and the ingredients are fairly juicy, so the taste is not bad. Another reason for the growing popularity of Dubai Opera is the type of name talent that's performing there. Have a question? Check out other things to do near Dubai Opera House. This floor is connected to the audience seats of Hiradoma, but there is an information counter and a bar where drinks and light meals are sold. It does not have the formality of classical opera, and the music is composed in harmony. There’ll be certain seats marked as restricted view. How Dubai Opera Will Boost UAE Economy . The seating is divided into three main areas – Stalls, Royal Circle and Grand Circle. With a total of 1901 seats, Dubai Opera is one of the biggest performing arts venue in the City of Gold and hosts quality entertainment productions and performances on a daily basis. The closest Metro station is Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall.It’s a fair distance (0.4 miles) from the station but the walk is pleasant and interesting. Happy New Year! I’ve never seen it so expensive even in the West. You can also avail discounts and cashback offers ig you book tickets online since most online ticket selling platforms would be running some sort of offer. Given that there are two additional seating areas within this section, the main aisle has only 7 rows starting from A and ending with G. There are 8 box seat booths, 4 on each side and 9 VIP booths in the last couple of rows.