For many years the Buffet range of clarinets has been quite dominant in the upgrade and professional clarinet market. Recently I bought a Buffet E11 from Weiner Music, and was delighted at the quality of the intermediate level E11. 2114 Cherokee St. St. Louis, MO 63118 314-664-1234 Buffet E11 - Bb Clarinet BC2501-2-0. I understand that an E11 is a student model and and R13 is a professional model, but a lot more expensive. Now £1,483.00. I`ve only being playing for a few years and now want to upgrade from my awful plastic student clarinet to a `proper` wooden one. ***Please, only answer if you ACTUALLY play the clarinet*** Answer Save. It's in great shape, etc. Buffet R13 vs Buffet RC – Which to Choose 30th January 2014. Buffet has produced over 10 different R13 models since the instrument was developed in 1955. Buffet E11 - Eb Clarinet. An extremely fine Buffet R13 A clarinet. This West German-made Buffet E11 has black paint on the wood plus unusually dense grain, so I thought it was actually plastic. Now £748.00. 5.0 of 5 stars (5 Reviews) $2,868.00. In 2010, Buffet released a clarinet labeled as the “E11”. So I decided to indulge myself (having played clarinet for 40 years), and purchased the R13. Howarth. This coincided wth the polycylindrical bore introduction. 5.0 of ... 4x Point Rewards. Buffet #186756. my personal horns, the e11's require more maintenance than the r13's fwiw. R13 vs E13 vs E11 Buffet Clarinet? Buffet Divine with Rose Gold Plated Keys - Bb Clarinet. Buffet Serial Numbers. The Green LinE model is made from high-grade grenadilla wood powder combined with carbon fibers. Leblanc. e11 tone holes i think are plastic inserts into the wood ; r13's all wood. Buffet is an industry leader in the manufacturing of clarinets. Musical instruments in Italy are a complete rip-off, so I`ll be buying from the UK via the internet. If you are shopping for an R13, be sure the wooden Buffet clarinet you are buying does NOT say it was made in Germany. Buffet R13 with Backun Traditional Bell & Ringless Barrel -view-New Buffet R13 Bb clarinet with nickel plated keys. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. Is there anyway to tell? Around 1950 Buffet adopted a new model identification of “No1” or “NO1”. The Buffet E11 France vs. Buffet E11 Germany vs. Buffet E11 “Nickel” vs. Buffet E12F dean | November 17, 2011. This instrument has had careful use, the Silver plated key work is pristine throughout, with no wear. A potential buyer suggested that it wasn't an R13 but an E13 or E11 instead. Buffet R13 - Bb Clarinet. If the two keys are fused onto a single joint, your clarinet is not an R13. Now £6,385.00. After Buffet’s acquisition of the Schreiber-Keilwerth company in late 2010/early 2011, Buffet started to move back to the original German made E11 design (Schreiber was the original E11 manufacturer for Buffet). Buffet Divine - Bb Clarinet. Even though the R13 was officially introduced in 1955 some versions of it apparently existed beforehand, though 1955 was the por lo que te mostramos su mejor modelo para estudiantes, el Buffet E11. The Buffet R13 is a fine clarinet. This was simply the E11 France but with nickel-plated keys rather than silver plated keys and was put into a woodshell case vs the backpack case of the E11 … Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. I want to know what you would reccomend. Is it an “Evette”, or an “Evette-Schaeffer”, or a true “Buffet”. I`ve just seen some second-hand instruments for sale: an E11 for 550 pounds and R13 … A good condition Buffet E11 clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. Now £2,677.00. Now £5,260.00. This instrument has been professionally owned here in the UK by Joe Pacewicz, of the RSNO. Or $80 /month^ with 36 month financing* Limited Time. This acquisition gave Buffet time to double back on the new upper-end intermediate clarinet concept and eventually led to the E12F. Each model has slightly different features, tones, registers, and finishes. Buffet Crampon E11 B♭ Intermediate Wood Clarinet The Buffet Crampon E11 is another good choice for a student moving up from a beginner plastic model. Open quick view dialog for Buffet Crampon E11 Eb Clarinet. Buffet Crampon R13 A Clarinet with Silver Keys. The pre R13 I have needs some repadding and key work which was not included in the selling price, buffet Crampon Serial Numbers, and check the visual identification of your clarinet This is a full serial number range Your serial number is around 1948, ABOUT 3000 per year 1945. R13 with Backun MoBa Grenadilla BELL & BARREL SET (adds $494.00) -view- R13 with Backun MoBa Cocobolo BELL & BARREL SET (adds $494.00) -view-Retail $5,604.00 : Starting New at $3,363.00 : KesslerMusic Special! Check your clarinet's serial number, located on the case or on a small stamp on the back of the barrel. Eaton / Peter Eaton. bob's post said it all - if you cant afford an r13, an e11 is excellent. Information from The R13 Festival Clarinet is similar to the R13 Prestige with a modified upper bore and a register key that is slightly higher than on the standard R13. $3,655.00 Add to Cart. Serial Numbers breakdown. I would skip them all, and go for a used R13 (or other professional clarinet). for my money, spend the extra $400 and get an E12, they sound a bit better and seem to be a bit better constructed. Open quick view dialog for Buffet Crampon R13 A Clarinet with Silver Keys. My husband purchased an R13 Clarinet a decade ago, and we have decided to put in on Ebay for sale. Encuentra Clarinete Buffet R13 - Clarinetes en! Leblanc Cadenza. First, you have to identify the model of clarinet. Although it is also made of grenadilla wood with a similar a poly-cylindrical design, the E11 has design features to accommodate younger players as they develop breath support. So I have narrowed my choice from an E11 and an R13 Buffet Bb clarinet. Buffet Crampon R13 clarinet features. Details. R13 Bb Nickel plated keys $3,619 with pad upgrade $3,819 R13 A Nickel plated keys $4,393 with pad upgrade $4,593 Greenline R13 Bb Nickel plated keys $3,619 Now £2,505.00. Buffet E13 - A Clarinet. This is the standard version pitched in Bb. Wooden Clarinet Reviews‎ > ‎Buffet‎ > ‎ Buffet E11/BC1137. Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. And the difference between them is huge. It is also available pitched in A. Hanson. Then you have to identify the location of manufacturing. Clarinet Range The Clarinet; one of the oldest, and most popular single-reed woodwind instruments. Buffet R13 - A Clarinet. If it is made in Germany, it is an E11, NOT an R13. If the number is above 50,000, it is likely an R13. Buffet Crampon R13, solo para profesionales La elección legendaria de los profesionales, ese es el clarinete Buffet Crampon R13. Evette – If it is made in Germany then it is a Shreiber made clarinet. Buffet Crampon E11 vs E12F vs E13? It is the standard choice for many professional players. If you decide to keep playing even after college, it will serve you for life. The Tosca has gained many followers since its introduction this Century. With the E11 France also came a higher price. The Buffet Crampon R13 Prestige Clarinet has an added alternate left-hand E/A lever and is made from the best unstained wood by Buffet's most experienced and successful craftsmen. You can also look at the "A" and "A" flat keys near the top of the clarinet. The Legendary Choice of Professionals was created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is the most popular professional clarinet in the world. Subpage Listing. Tosca - Another example of recent artistic design collaboration by Buffet with Michel Arrignon the Tosca is an elegant styling based upon the R13 bore clarinet with innovations in keywork including a low F correction key and new design touch pieces. This example was manufactured in West Germany, modern E11/E12's have earned a poor reputation, due in part to Buffet moving production to France in the old Leblanc factory. The Buffet R13 is our most popular professional model clarinet. Buffet #186756. Originally evolved from the Chalumeau, modern Clarinets are manufactured using the finest woods and with always-reliable key work, giving performers the finest instruments to ply their trade. Buffet Crampon E11 Eb Clarinet. $1,520.00 $1,050.00 Add to Cart. BUFFET BC1131-2-0 R13 CLARINET BLADDER PADS SILVER-PLATED KEYWORK WITH CASE. The wood is in excellent condition, without cracks or damage. I didn't have to return it, it sounded wonderful. The Buffet traditional Bb Professional Clarinet features a new cylindrical bore that takes after the R13 series, as well as the RC, bore families while adding a new and distinct acoustic dimension to the Buffet Crampon clarinet catalogue. Buffet R13. Buffet Crampon Clarinets. Fue creado en 1955 por Robert Carrée y es el clarinete profesional más popular del mundo. Los clarinetes Buffet Crampon, se caracterizan por la excelencia, desde los modelos más económicos, hasta sus modelos top, es por ello que son ampliamente utilizados, por la mayoría de músicos profesionales en, filarmónicas , orquestas, bandas de jazz, etc. R13 The Buffet R13 has been an industry standard since its inception in 1955 and continues to be the most widely used clarinet worldwide by professionals and students alike. And if you decide to quit completely, you'll be able to sell it for pretty much what you paid for it. Gently Used Buffet E11 Bb Student Clarinet including Mouthpiece. Save $300. 5 … Holton Collegiate. Around 1978 the Evette and E&S models were dropped for the name change to B12, E11, etc. Brand new mouthpiece of the school's choice included; New Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet - Nickel-plated keys.