3. iPhone keyboard typing wrong letters. Iphone X, been having this problem since I’ve got it and it seems to be getting worse :/, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Reddit’s corner for iPhone lovers (or those who just mildly enjoy it...), Press J to jump to the feed. When backspace is pressed on a text field that appears empty, it will actually delete your space. This results in multiple letters getting typed and later getting erased entirely. The iPhone’s keyboard has made strides when it comes to improvements but can still have its issues. Making a mistake on iPhone Calculator app is common. is that possible? Not only is the backspace … Restore option can be done through either using iTunes or iCloud. My worst fears came true. You can also try the first tip before restoring iPhone… If you see On, switch to Off. Iphone 7+ , ios11 having the same problem. I got rid of my iphone 6 months ago in part due to they infuriating backspace bug. Then you can just reinsert the space. I am using the latest software and I am not jailbroken. I like to my emails remain on my Iphone as well as Outlook. Try setting the text field's text to a zero width space character \u200B. Here is a trick on how to use the backspace function on the iPhone Calculator. This may be a long shot but it could work. Today I discovered apple still hasn't fixed this issue with the updated OS. But deleting the whole input is a pain. If all the other Keyboards are not working, a potential solution is just to restart your iPhone. No matter which way you flip the orientation of the calculator, there isn’t a backspace button. I’m on iOS 11.2.6 and the bug has been here since the day I got my X. But, by tapping the backspace key, you’ll also be deleting all the text you’ve typed. You can keep tapping the backspace button on the iPhone keyboard to move the cursor backwards. iPhone X delete/backspace button issue I’m having an issue with the button as it doesn’t register the touch response right away and sometimes I have to click it more than once just to “activate” that button. 3) Your backspace key should work now.Check to see if it works. But something crucial seems to be missing from the iPhone’s calculator app. Then click Ease of Access keyboard settings. There are reports about lag and delays among other issues including keyboards freezing and keyboard shortcuts not working. By iMore Question in forum iTunes Replies: 4 Last Post: 02-08-2016, 07:26 PM. Pro 12 user here, purchased an unlocked 12 mini. 2) Make sure the status of Sticky Keys and Filter Keys are all set to Off. Another annoying bug that adds to the iPhone keyboard problems is typing the wrong letters. Similar Threads. If it still doesn't work then go for restoring your iPhone because there might be a system issue with your iPhone. May not work if the user manages to move the caret to the left of the space. From what the uses say on the other forums they cant apply a rhyme or reason … Solutions: Why can't I get iTunes on my phone? Follow these to turn off these two feature to get your backspace work again: 1) Type ease in the search box from Start. If you only want to go back and change one word, you may not want to delete all the rest of the words just to move your cursor. And also, to the iOS Beta guys, is this issue still present in iOS 11.3? 19-year-old Jazz Johnson has discovered a trick that lets iPhone users backspace when they make a mistake on their calculator. iPhone X users, anybody experiencing problem using the backspace button? My Iphone 6S backspace/delete button gets stuck. This problem occurs mainly due to the letter “P” and “Q” and in some cases due to the backspace.